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  1. Well that one's easy, at least. The Queens called us Dreamers because we were asleep; the Second Dream (whatever the first one was) is clearly known about by people that have survived from the Orokin era, like Teshin and the Entrati. So the phrase 'The Dreamers are awake' was literally the first thing we heard from the Worm Queen, and in context it makes perfect sense for her to keep calling us that.
  2. Indeed, this is also a good take ^^ I wouldn't say 'tied in'. The things we've seen of Duviri all indicate that it's separate from our current situation and also something we kind of happen upon by accident. But, that doesn't mean that it can't be the direct lead-in to Duviri as a consequence, the same way that The Second Dream leads to The War Within. Yes, the Ten-0 was recovered. Buuuuuut... The way the trailer is done, it's heavily implied that whatever setup is there for the quest plays with time. Even the simple idea of 'planes' can just imply an alternate reality where things went differently.
  3. Hmmm... 'Apples and Oranges' is my thought here. You're comparing the Reaper Prime to the Ankyros Prime, a Mastery 10 weapon and a Mastery 8 weapon. The Reaper has 200 base damage per hit, weighted 70% towards Slash, a 35% Crit Chance and 2.5x Crit Multiplier, and the Heavy Attack from Scythes has a 6x Damage multiplier with a Guaranteed Bleed and Guaranteed Knockdown. The Ankyros has 128 base damage per hit, weighted 70% towards Impact, a 28% Crit Chance and a 2.4x Crit Multiplier, and the Heavy Attack from Fists has a 5x Damage multiplier with a Guaranteed Knockdown only. (That's not even touching the Destreza, which is also Mastery 10, and also has Guaranteed Bleeds on Heavy Attack...) It may not seem like much, but the simple fact is that the Mastery rank of weapons is based on their relative power. 2 ranks may not seem like much, but it's the difference between the base Boar and the base Hek. It's the difference between the Panthera Prime and the Tenet Flux Rifle. Those ranks actually matter. I mean, for example? Your Reaper with only those two mods on was hitting for far less base damage than the Ankyros, but was doing between 1500 and 4000 for the Bleeds. Because the Ankyros couldn't inflict those, of course it couldn't do as well. Even dis-regarding the base stat difference due to Mastery Rank, that's where the test is not comparing like to like. You compare those numbers on anything, where one generates a guaranteed damage tick over time and the other doesn't? Of course they aren't going to apply as well. Especially not when the tick of damage ignores armour, and is calculated as if the base damage ignored it too, meaning Bleeds can be higher than the actual damage number that appears on your screen when you proc them. A weapon to better try comparing the Ankyros Prime to might be the Scindo Prime, also a Mastery 8 weapon, I'll admit, though, even that's not the same due to the difference in weapon type and base stats. The Scindo has 250 base damage per hit, 80% weighted towards Slash, a 26% Crit Chance and a 2.4x Crit Multiplier, and the Heavy Attack from Heavy Blades has a 6x Damage multiplier with a guaranteed Lift (and Knockdown on second hit). I went into the Simulacrum, spawned the same level 120 Heavy Gunners and did the same tests as you with the Heavy Attack, modded identically. It did almost as badly as the Ankyros, because it does not have guaranteed Bleeds on the Heavy Attack. When it actually proc'ed a Bleed due to basic Status, it did better, but because there's not a Guarantee, the average numbers were similar enough that you can see clearly why they're in the same Mastery region. However that damage Weighting does come into play if you use light attacks for Combo, where the damage of the Bleed procs, which are able to actually come up more often on the Scindo due to base weighting, coupled with an element like Viral to ensure that the Bleeds do even more damage... That's where the imbalance comes into play more. The point I'll make, however, is simply that the balance is already there for weapons. They're ranked based on Mastery and there's a good reason for it. What you want to actually balance is something that hasn't been balanced for a long time: The Status system. Impact and Puncture are joke statuses compared to Slash having Bleed. I mean, what? Reducing enemy damage? Doesn't matter since the enemies scale up to ignore it. Impact making them stagger a little and maybe triggering the Mercy Kill sooner? Neat, but not even close to armour-bypassing damage over time that even ticks so high on Corpus that it can handle their shields better than Impact can. Cold has CC, Toxin has some DoT and bypasses Shield, Electric has pretty amazing DoT when you group enemies, and Heat has this weird function of potentially infinite DoT due to how it calculates and applies its damage on top of how it also reduces Armour... Spot the unbalanced one. Radiation has CC, Corrosive reduces Armour, Viral boosts damage against Health (which also affects Armour because Armour isn't an over-shield kind of function, it's just a damage reduction function, meaning Viral works just fine there up to the silly levels of play) while Magnetic boosts damage against shields (way more relevant now with Sisters and Hounds in the game), Gas has niche scaling Dot and... Blast... is a kind of sad, soggy child compared to those. So unbalanced that the weapons that have anything but weighting for Bleed DoT at base are just not up to par. That's why your testing showed that the Reaper did so much better, even beyond that base stat difference due to the base Mastery Rank of the weapon. tl;dr I don't think your comparison was fair. The two comparison weapons there were the Reaper and the Destreza, and the Ankyros is genuinely not supposed to be the same as them, as witnessed by where it's placed on the Mastery ladder. The Kronen is Mastery 13, the Nikana is Mastery 12, and the Redeemer is Mastery 10. All of these weapons out-do the Ankyros at base because they're literally supposed to. And that's not even counting the Bo, which doesn't even have Slash damage on it to allow anything like the damage of the rest, hence why it's waaaayyy down at Mastery 5.
  4. Believe them ^^ There's a build currently for a max-strength Hildryn that self-sustains with the two Augments (Blazing Pillage and Balefire Surge). By modding for that, both her Balefire and Pillage will restore Shields in the extreme values and even restores them from enemies that don't have Armour and Shields (meaning Infestation), permanently keeping her in Overshields (meaning Toxin can't kill her either). It also seems to have something a little crazy with the damage... (If you've ever heard of the 'heat inherit' damage format, I think that the Blazing Pillage acts like a 100% Heat Damage mod for the ability, meaning that even though it doesn't crit, it boosts damage incredibly quickly with the beam damage.) People like the 'unkillable' version of her that uses energy restore to exploit her shield gate, but I genuinely like the actual Tank version of her that can't die because her abilities are built that strong. Also her Balefire can 'pop' Nullifier bubbles, which is incredible quality-of-life for any frame's abilities.
  5. Right, this is a half-decade old debate now. There are two paths for this that we can go down (after all of these debates), and nobody really likes either of them. DE have made the current rules that, if the ability is actually changed by an Augment, in tangible terms like range, damage, additional effects or anything else, it has to cost a mod slot. If it does none of those things and only affects Warframe or the Ability's movement, then it's an Exilus. Doesn't matter how good it is, how bad it is, what else it does. But why is that the case? It's because, with very few exceptions, DE have created Augments solely based on using that one ability. There are virtually none that actually interact with the rest of the frame's kit. Hildryn's Blazing Pillage or Nova's Molecular Fission come to mind there, but those are the exceptions to this. This means almost no builds for an Augment actually make the frame, overall, better. They only bias or directly buff one ability, and it's either good enough to use... or it's not. Kind of a stupid situation, really... Also, separating off yet another slot on the frame would just up the Forma cost again. A frame that can, typically, support a double-Umbral build without Umbral Forma would actually need one to make that possible. Or just a frame that likes using the Primed mods. We have that problem right now (and have had it since the slot was implemented) with Primary and Secondary Exilus mods, where there's no way to increase Mod Points, so the average number of points per mod slot is less than 7, and with a Serration, Split Chamber and Riven, you're already reducing the average points for the rest of the slots to exactly 6. It forces players to over-Forma guns in order to get on an 'optimal' build. Unlike melee and Warframes. If a separate slot was put on... it would absolutely need to be something that would be worth that extra cost, not just 'Snowglobe now freezes enemies 50% of the time'. So, as I mentioned the debate, this led to a lot of discussion about what would need to change for DE to stop doing this, and if they did fix it, would they maybe make all Augments entirely worth the mod slot, or maybe instead they would give us a dedicated Augment slot. Option 1. Make all Augment mods worth the mod slot. This is as straight-forward as it comes, with a massive 'but' on the end of it. All you do is go over each Augment in turn and make it a qualitative buff to the ability it affects so that if a player sacrifices one, or multiple, Mod Slots to the Augments, they do not suffer for it. Maybe this involves changes like Mag's 2, where it passively boosts the range of the ability so you can get the benefits of a Range mod for that ability, as well as the base effects, making it possible to sacrifice a Range mod in favour of this one. Maybe it involves each Augment offering an effect and then a mechanically new function to the ability, like Nyx's 4, where you can now move around and use weapons while protected by Absorb. Your allies also can't 'pop' your bubble by stacking it full of damage. And here's the 'but'. It also relies on the abilities themselves being worth casting. A lot of Augments are straight buffs to their respective abilities. Those abilities are often just bad in themselves. Why use Ice Wave Impedence to slow enemies when Avalanche will just freeze them, reduce Armour, and deal more damage than Ice Wave? Why use Pool of Life when Blessing exists at base? Why would you ever, outside of a meme build where you one-shot a boss with a Fishing Spear, would you use Ballistic Battery in the first place, let alone with Ballistic Bullseye, which has the most useless effect on non-projectile weapons in the game? Meaning... you're also going to wait on reworks for the abilities, not just to the Augments. Option 2. Make all the Augments actually something that affects the entire Warframe, concentrating their kit on the ability in question to change up how you actually play the game. This is the only way that most people can see DE giving us a dedicated Augment slot on the frame. Specifically where there are mechanical nerfs and buffs to each ability so that the kit shifts to become based on the ability you're augmenting, which produces an actual change in play style for the frame beyond simply 'this now hits a little harder'. For example, Smite Infusion for Oberon. As you can see, that kind of change would completely alter Oberon's kit, massively buffing him overall, but at the same time it would be conditional. Just like the mods that trigger better damage from conditional effects, the Augment would make the frame better, conditional to him casting his 1 more. And that, from the discussions, was theoretically the kind of change that would be needed to gain a dedicated Augment slot. In either case... It's work. Work that DE is currently just... not going to put in, because they're struggling to get their actual content out, like War Within and Duviri. So... tl;dr Yea, we know. But there's no way that DE are going to do anything about it, either way. Put it to the back of your mind, it'll come up again. And again. And again.
  6. If that were what they were worried about, then the builds wouldn't exist in the first place. No, what DE are worried about, when it comes to Nerfs of stupidly powerful builds is, and always has been, that these come at the expense of playing other things. DE have come out and stated that they are in favour of unbalanced things within reason, where the ability to (for example) one-shot nodes on Eidolons is absolutely fine. What they are against, and have pointed this out before, is when something is the 'only' way or 'if you're not using this, you're doing it wrong' mentality that comes with it. Thus, nerfs specifically tend to happen when their internal data shows that something is being used to the exclusion of other things. Take the Kuva Nukor as an example of this. DE came out and said that, at certain levels of the game, such as the players at the higher MR, the Kuva Nukor was being used more than 50% of the time in general game play. This means that one secondary weapon was being equipped by people so much that it completely out-performed the other 150+ secondary weapons. That's the kind of balance DE doesn't like. That's the kind of un-balanced 'meta' play that DE are avoiding. And as every solid developer knows, buffing up 150+ items to meet the power of 1 is stupid. Because it's not possible mechanically. So they nerfed 1 item. And the same happens on other things over time. Generically, though, DE are, in fact, buffing Abilities, Warframes, and Weapons over time. That's why we've seen such solid power creep.
  7. No, this is incorrect. Erra is speaking about us, the Tenno, commonly referred to by the Orokin as 'void devils' and similar terminology. In the mythos of Warframe's history, from the Orokin's point of view, we are the evil ones. We survived the Zariman Ten-0 incident, we have freaky magical powers, at least one of us is responsible for burning Margulis with energy... It's no wonder that they think that way. Hunhow is a Sentient, and by virtue of Erra being Natah's brother, that indicates that Hunhow is also Erra's father. So, no. The line in question is probably being spoken to an ally of the Tenno, like Teshin for example, who was on the Sentient ships in the trailer (in a prime position to be monologued at by Erra), about summoning one of us. In this case, they're completely separate as far as we can hypothesise on it. The Duviri Paradox Trailer shows a world with multiple strange things that you access after going through a Void disturbance of some kind (the Trailer on Youtube doesn't include the section that happened before it at TennoCon, where a Warframe piloting the Railjack is hit by this disturbance and the Tenno is literally knocked free of their Warframe). These strange things include gigantic Orokin constructs, a mechanical Dax riding a mechanical horse, and even a beached ship that looks remarkably like the Zariman Ten-0 from the blueprints we saw in The Sacrifice. It's also the 'Planes' of Duviri, not the 'Plains', which implies that this is a dimensional shift of some kind. What this allows? It allows for any number of weird things. That faction of people previewed to us? They might be Orokin. They might be the survivors of the Zariman crash that have formed some chaotic form of society here in this different Plane. We don't actually know. All we know is that the Planes of Duviri is completely separate, currently, from The New War.
  8. Nidus using Stacks is much like Baruuk using his Restraint: It bypasses Energy. You can get procs that remove energy, whether that's Status or Aura or anything else, but Nidus when he's up on Stacks can still use his Passive, his Survivability and his team Healing. It's like having those guns with the Battery charge instead of the ammo count. It can lead to slower reload speeds, but it removes ammo pickups as a consideration.
  9. Eh, I think we'll agree to disagree on this. See, the game contains some missions that genuinely don't need you to kill enemies to succeed, or where locking down enemies completely is more desirable overall. And when they do introduce a need to kill, like an invasion, and I have the more relaxed attitude that simply says 'if somebody else wants to play the game for me, then I don't mind letting them'. Interception, Mobile Defense, Survival, Defense, Excavation, Defection, Infested Salvage, Spy, Rescue... all mission types where Limbo is genuinely helpful when built right and when you aren't worried about trying to kill enemies yourself. Kills on the board mean absolutely nothing to me, besides the rare times I'm trying to prove a point. Completing a mission and getting the rewards, or getting the resources from a farm, that's all I'm worried about. So I don't see a Limbo, or his abilities, as toxic unless the player makes them that way.
  10. Oh, one more thing I forgot. As a returning player, you might know this already, but the Affinity (for levelling) should be explained a little. This will help you level things up faster, if you don't know it already. When you kill something, the Affinity you gain is apportioned one of two ways 1. Kill with a Warframe Ability, 100% of the Affinity goes to your Warframe. 2. Kill with a weapon, then 50% of the Affinity goes to the Weapon, 50% goes to your Warframe. Note; when you kill things, your Companion gains nothing from that. When your Companion kills something, it gains the Affinity, you do not. Either 100% goes to the Companion or, if it has a Weapon, it is split 50/50 with the Weapon and the Companion. When another player kills something, or when anyone completes an Objective (like a Spy Vault), there is a bias. At base, this apportions 25% of the Affinity from that kill (equal to your own kills) to your Warframe, to your Primary, to your Secondary and to your Melee. Any companion you have gains Affinity separately and does not detract from you. This, however is not even; if you do not equip one of your weapons, your Warframe still only gets 25% of the Affinity. Meaning that the 75% remaining is split between your two weapons. If you only equip one weapon total, it gains 75% of the Affinity you would gain. What this means is that you can choose a levelling method to suit what you're levelling. If you want to level a Weapon quickly, you go into a mission with only that weapon equipped and support your Squad while they kill things, funnelling 75% Affinity to the weapon and levelling it up fastest. This is also true for Companions, as they gain Affinity as a separate entity from other players' kills, but you do not lose out if another player is doing the killing. If you are levelling a Warframe, you can go into missions with a more Solo attitude in mind, killing specifically with your weapons and Warframe abilities. Leaning heavily on the Abilities if you have that option (note that even 1st abilities on many frames can kill, which gives them a boost on initial levelling. And there is one more function that you may find very useful: The Stealth Multiplier. If you have a Warframe capable of Stealth, like Loki, Ash, Ivara, and Octavia, or a Warframe capable of putting enemies into an Unaware state, like Ivara, Khora, Baruuk and Equinox, you can trigger Stealth Kills far more reliably than you could just by trying to sneak up on enemies. Stealth kills will stack up to a 500% multiplier on Affinity gain, meaning that if you take a frame like Ivara who can both Stealth and Sleep enemies, you can level weapons from Stealth at 5x the speed of normal. This effect stacks with any Affinity Boost you might be getting from either buying a booster, having a 'Double Affinity' weekend, or by visiting a Relay and being 'Blessed' by an MR30 player. Hopefully that's not entirely complicated. Short of it is: You kill stuff, you gain affinity. Others killing things, you gain affinity differently. Balance which one you want to use, based on what you're levelling up.
  11. There's some sound advice here already, so allow me to re-iterate on it a little, with some more on top. If you're coming back after years away, and only have a few max-ranked items, then this is the perfect point to treat the game as a 'New Game +' situation. Your priorities are as follows: 1. Complete the Star Chart in regular order. 2. Get the mods you need. 3. Get your Arsenal cooking. 4. Forma. 5. Learn about the new systems. So here we go! Priority 1. Complete the Star Chart. This is at once simple, and at the same time an actual journey. The Star Chart has been reworked so you have an actual path of progression through it. Completing missions unlocks new ones, completing objectives allows you to complete Junction missions and unlock planets that you might not have before. Quests are on the way, with many Junctions giving you the key to start a Quest, and the next Junction requiring you to have finished it. All of the Quests in the Star Chart progression are essential and will unlock newer (to you) functions, like companions, Archwing, the Open Landscapes and so on through. An important note: If you do not have the mods, gear and frames for it, the Open Landscapes of The Plains of Eidolon, The Orb Vallis and The Cambion Drift (Earth, Venus and Deimos, respectively) will not be easy for you and will not actually give you the decent rewards. Complete the introduction missions on them and progress through the Star Chart for more essential things. Then come back to these places later to grind out the actual content. I would suggest coming back to Cetus, the Plains of Eidolon, after completing the quest The War Within, because it will unlock a new Syndicate and something that is very useful in the later Quests (like The Chains of Harrow), and I genuinely advise grinding that new thing up a bit in order to make those quests a heck of a lot easier. To round this part out, any Warframe with a half-decent build on it, with any weapon that has the similar basic mods, will complete the Star Chart, it is not designed to be punishing or all that difficult. That's why I say to get it done first. Priority 2. Getting the mods. On your journey you'll have unlocked a lot of areas to grind mods. Completing all the nodes on a planet unlocks Nightmare missions (one is present on every planet and cycles every 8 hours (meaning you can do one per planet per game session). Grind these, level them up, they are almost always useful. On Deimos (what used to be the Derelict) the mission nodes will all have hidden Vaults in them, craft Dragon Keys (you get the blueprints from the Dojo in the Orokin Lab, the blueprints are infinite and you can craft as many as you like if you have resources), use them to unlock the Vaults for Corrupted Mods. These are incredible for min-maxing and plenty of builds use at least one of them. Once you have completed the Star Chart you will unlock the Arbitration game mode, this also has very useful mods, and is also a great source of the resource you use to rank up mods, Endo, so grind that when you can. For any mod you see in a player's build that you don't have, look to the Wiki for where it drops and go find it. While many mods are niche and generally not worth picking over others, the core ones are important. And, failing all that, you can actually buy many of the core mods in the Market now as dedicated packs. Base damage, Elemental Damage and so on. Priority 3. Expanding your Arsenal. The bosses along the Star Chart drop some pretty good frames. Some Quests have them. Your Dojo has discount frames that are very, very useful. For a new starter the frames to look for include Rhino (from the Venus boss) the tanky boi, Volt from the Dojo for a versatile boi, Nezha from the Dojo for a faster tanky boi with some great team support, Zephyr from the Dojo for a combo of area denial and damage... You'll pick up Nekros from the boss on Deimos (not the open landscape) for farming parts, Mag comes from the Sargeant on Phobos, Frost from Ceres, Valkyr from Jupiter, Nova from Europa, Ember from Saturn, Equinox is one of the annoying grinds from Uranus, Chroma will have been gained in quests by now, Loki from Neptune, Trinity from Pluto, Saryn from Sedna and finally Atlas from Eris. Quests you get along the way will give you Limbo, Mirage, Revenant, Harrow, Inaros, Titania, Octavia, Protea and Mesa. That's a lot to take in, but those frames will genuinely set you up for nearly everything you encounter in the game. Find them, level them. There are more, but they'll come from things like the syndicates you find in Cetus, Fortuna and the Necralisk. They'll take you a while, and you don't need them over anything else, but they are nice to have. Weapons can be grabbed in the same way, some bosses drop parts, the Dojo has literally dozens, some you can just get the Blueprints from the Market for Credits. Primes are a huge thing, there are now 33 Prime Warframes in the game, with an average of two Prime Weapons each, and a much easier way to get them than originally, because you can go in public for short runs (or longer ones if you like that format) and get more rolls of the dice at the outcome. Just be sure to pay attention to the Relics you pick up over the course of completing the Star Chart. It may take a little while, but finding some friends for dedicated farming sessions will make this a lot easier. You can also get weapons from Syndicates, pay attention to them as they include some very good upgrades to ones you might already like. Melee weapons are incredibly powerful under the current system, and some good modding of those will see you a long, long way in the game. It's time to grind things to trade for Platinum, though, because without Plat you can't unlock the Arsenal Slots to store your growing stable and have space for all those guns and swords. Priority 4. Forma. I wish, I wish, I wish that somebody had told me how much of this I was going to use over time. I would guess that I average 3 per Weapon, and 4 per Warframe. That adds up over time. With some weapons and Forma-applicable items even having to use 5 Forma just to get the maximum Mastery Points unlocked from them. Think about that. At 4 Forma per Warframe, we have 47 base Warframes and 33 Primes, meaning that a complete collection for Mastery Ranking will use an average of 320 Forma. You can now build one Forma in the Foundry over 23 hours (so that you can play at the same time every day and claim them). Meaning 1 per day. That's nearly a year just to fill out your Frames. Let alone the literal 300+ Weapons. Use the Relics you've found to get Prime Parts, but build every single Forma you unlock from those. Get Forma from every Alert you can see. Use Events like the current Plague Star (which you're under-equipped for, best wait for next time) to gain Forma quickly. Anything. Even trade some of your excess Prime Parts for Platinum and buy it in Bundles of 3 for 35p (way better value than 1 for 20p, which is the base). Forma is essential. Get it at every opportunity. Priority 5. Learn the new Systems. Now this? This I'm not equipped to go through, I haven't the time to explain them all. I may not be able to write them all out. But... here's a sample. The basic Modding system, what interacts with what, how mods affect Warframes and Weapons based on the raw stats, and how they interact with the current damage system. The current Damage System. This has undergone changes, with Elemental damage and Status effects, even Critical Hits having undergone some updates over time. Mods that make use of all of these, weapons that have special interactions with the damage they deal... There are tutorials, or a lot of reading, but it's something important to how you mod, how you play, and what gear/frames/weapons you take to the different missions. New Mission types that have arrived since you left. Endo replacing Mod Fusion. Clear goals to work towards. Relics replacing Void Keys. In this one, try to avoid bias from the people talking, try to stick to the facts only, it's divisive. Arcanes for Warframes and Weapons. The introduction of Railjack in the Empyrean system. How Open Landscape Bounties and Syndicates work. The Syndicates themselves. Unique modding that comes from higher level content, such as the Steel Path giving you Arcanes, or Arbitrations giving you Galvanised Mods. Literal Spoiler-laden systems I can't give away until you unlock them... The list just keeps going. But remember, the Wiki is your friend. Players are always updating it, giving you the tutorials there that you might not get anywhere else. Youtube has plenty of players who will give guides for everything from beginners to the hardcore build-crafters. Just ask here again if there's something you really, really can't understand, too. To sum up... Yeah, priorities are there. Some are more essential to getting yourself prepped for the higher level content, some are more essential to basic quality of life. The more you have, in Warframe, the better equipped you are to handle anything they throw at you. But honestly? Have fun. Just play the game, keeping in mind those basic goals, and you're going to have a pretty good time of it.
  12. So, the the way I see this is that you're not really against the frame, you're against the player. It's the player that brings a troll Limbo, it's a player that decides to take the nuke frame, and in all honesty... the builds are in the game, people are going to play them. What you really want is a player 'blacklist' where you can, after a game with that particular player, go to your Communication section and look at recent players, then put a mark on them to not play with them again for a given duration, or infinitely. This way, when matchmaking, it's not the warframe you're choosing against (because, who knows, you could ban a frame that's suddenly the most useful thing in an Event, the way Limbo was for Scarlet Spear, and never realise it because you don't look at a lot of guides online), it's the specific player that you can't get into a squad with and that specific player who can't join squads you're already in. The limitation of having to play with them first is so that you can't pre-emptively ban specific players from your squads, you can't know what they're like in mission until the mission itself. But it does mean that you can just extract when you find a troll and not have to deal with them again.
  13. It is a theory, I'll grant you that. And no, I started an account in the Beta, played for a few hours and then gave up, when I came back I wanted to see the new player experience, so I started a brand new account. So I technically have two accounts, but I'm not the kind of person to risk getting my wrists slapped for operating two accounts at once. But it means I completely missed my chance to get the Founder's pack. Anyroadup, moving on. Here's a little more insight on this for you, though, and it's about the cost of anything and everything in Warframe. The money paid in is already gone from your wallet, you are not giving DE anything more by actually using Platinum. What DE are trying to do is ensure that the most Platinum is drained from the system in the quickest intervals possible. It's an entropic system where players pay in, then they coast down on the currency they've bought and have to pay in again after they run out. Both the actual cosmetics and the in-game trading for Platinum drains the pockets of players who pay, and while the cosmetics and slots are finite at any one point, trading is not. Thus what DE are going to keep doing is introducing items that players will 'need' in game, like tradeable mods, resources, arcanes, even Ayatans for Endo, everything they can to actually keep the in-game economy going. Dribs and drabs, as they say, of platinum constantly flowing to players that want Cosmetics, but don't want to pay real money. Forcing the players that are willing to pay money to pay again in shorter intervals. Why do I bring this up? Because, especially at an increased price, a system for more slots might simply not be something that players buy into. This is considering that players already don't buy into it at the current, lower price. The points about Slots (from DE) were raised as answers to questions during DevStreams, where they took questions from Chat. Digging those out, especially from so many years back, is very difficult, but they were definitely since 2015, because that's when I started watching the DevStreams. In those comments, they stated several times (because Rebecca likes to repeat herself on points) that slots were for 'favourites' not something they ever planned to make excessive, and on the topic of buying them for Plat, the statement was that not enough people are actually buying them. Given that the system has never actually changed over time, the cost of data access has only gone up as more info is stored in a Loadout, and all that's happened is that the player base has increased... we can presume that the interest still hasn't actually increased in proportion to the player base. I mean, as popular as the customisation in Warframe is, you have to consider that there are players like me that have bought almost all of the cosmetics, but absolutely no Loadout slots, no extra customisation panels, and have no real reason to do so because they change their builds, weapons and gear on a whim. I've put money into Warframe, but I've acted more as a siphon for other players' Plat than anything else. And while I'm sure that my actions have made more players go back to buy more Plat from the store, my actual contributions to the game at MR 31 are kind of minimal. Even if there was one of me for every one of you, and that meant a dead 50/50 split on the fan-base, the strategy for getting more revenue is not really going to be to introduce a few more Loadouts that you can buy, but instead to introduce more things that people will actually trade for. Because that's how they get the people to pay more often, funding the game. Finite cosmetics are fine, for the brief spikes as people see them and pick them up, but they aren't sustaining the system.
  14. Ah, see, we definitely are on different wavelengths. The whole process I was leading you down is that, because DE won't go for a 'just block this thing I don't want', especially when it removes something as important to them as Healing, the idea is to get what you want from a change of method. What you said you wanted: To not lose her Passive due to Healing. What I gave you: an Augment that can grant you the exact equivalent of her Passive by getting Healed (by yourself or others) with a specific bias for those times when you have constant healing over time, preventing you from going low on Health. If you're going to change the goal on me here with a new caveat; 'I like playing at minimum Health', then that's something I can't suggest a fix for. So, glad we had the discussion, but I guess that's all I can say on it. Catch you next time ^^
  15. Look, I know where you're coming from, that's why I won't just point you at my second comment and be rude about it. Statistically speaking, bringing up MR 3 is Elitist, because the an incredible proportion of new players don't play past the 2 hour mark on many platforms. That's just a fact. The minor point of this discussion is that the suggestion of saving mid-access doesn't affect Data usage, because DE already do save and load your loadouts on entry and exit from the Arsenal, even if you have a separate button to 'save' the changes to the loadout, the game still has to load in all of your potential loadouts when you access the Arsenal, and confirm your current loadout on exit, meaning that all the same data is exchanged regardless of whether you save and load mid-access. In point of fact, making the save state manual while accessing is a fine change, since you are viewing your Arsenal on your own computer, not the Server (the server has sent you the data so you can actually use it), you change precisely no data usage for DE by putting it in. The server still opens and saves the same amount of data when it sends it to you, you change it, and you save it back to the Server. And there's therefore no reason not to add that and I approve. The more important point is the bit I mentioned about how DE want to dole these out: They dole out a certain amount to players who pay, they dole the rest out to players who actually play. Notably, they dole out more overall to players who actually stick with the game and grind the content out to reach the high MR than they do for people who just buy into the game. And that isn't some un-thought-out decision they've made, it's completely deliberate. If I had to make a guess it's because a large enough portion of players don't interact with Loadouts enough to warrant increasing that for the presumed fewer players that interact with it as much as you and OP do. Giving more than they do is almost certainly balanced against the cost of that data usage, where having those that actually pay for it is worth (on average across all the players that do pay for it) up to 20 bonus slots, versus the ones that play to the full MR 30 having given enough money to the game (on average across all the players that do get there) up to 40. Whether you want to pay for it or not is 100% part of the consideration, true. What's the tipping point is DE being in business, just like you said. Just like going to a restaurant makes the cost of food go up because you're paying for the service far more than the food itself, DE have to consider that cost of supplying you what you want. You may want to pay for an item, but if what you (and the many others who are like you) can pay is not enough to cover the cost of supply, then it simply won't be available. Your own argument about business is why the product you want to buy is not available to purchase. Currently. DE may do more over time, but only when whatever internal metrics they have of players interacting with the system reaches a threshold where they will increase supply to meet demand. No amount of campaigning on the forums will change the numbers on their screen, only re-iterate them. That all said, I'm so sorry that you found my tone dismissive. It was meant to be neutral, neither positive or negative, maybe a little questioning. When I say 'go play the game' I literally mean: This is how you get what you want, it's there, you can go and claim that thing you want by doing what you want to do (obviously players want to play the game). You, specifically, were not the person I was referring to, and have now introduced a new aspect to the discussion: You are a player who currently has all of the available slots and wants more, not for the reason of making a slot for every Warframe, which is understandable at base even if I don't personally agree with it, but for an even further goal of having slots that can literally hold every build you want. In which case, that question has already been answered, not by me, but by DE (I'm just the messenger from the time before you started playing). It may not be six seconds in the Arsenal for you, because of how in-depth you want to go, and you may want to create a hundred different builds for specific topics. But that's specifically the kind of thing that DE has stated the Loadouts are not for. They're for your favourites. For the specific few that you want to keep over all others. At the expense of all others. And finally... Please consider that, while you have played the game for a year and have only made 27 posts, all that indicates is that you haven't felt strongly enough about the individual topics here on the Forums to make comments. You could have been on the Reddit instead, or discussed on Discord. It's kind of a meaningless thing to measure yourself and others by in terms of 'go play the game'. I've played for 7 years now and got heavily into the topics that do crop up continually on the forums, rather than the ones on other sites. I enjoy discussions of New Warframes, Reworks and Builds, so I came here to actually talk to people and discuss ideas. That's how I've averaged 1000 posts per year. Admittedly that's more than you, and roughly 3 per day allowing for holidays, but when you find people to talk to and discuss things with... you do tend to make a few posts in a day. And that, just like yours, is kind of a meaningless stat to measure anything by. Especially in terms of 'go play the game'. If you're going to try judging people for actually participating, maybe consider that you not thinking it's worth participating is just the other side of the coin in this judgement. Again, 'go play the game' is aimed at the OP in the specific light of them asking to have more slots to be able to make a Loadout for every Frame in the game. And the game now, after all these years, having enough slots to do that. So the answer to their topic is literally 'it's in the game, go play and get what you want'.
  16. It is silly to think that. However, there it is. It's what DE want. On the other hand, there is a very, very good reason why DE reserve the majority of Loadout Slots for players that either pay or for players that are clearly dedicated to the game: File access data usage. I'm not even kidding. Do you know how many times the average player accesses their Arsenal in a single game session? And how much data is stored in a single Loadout Slot? The data itself is not huge, with the simple consideration that, even an unused and un-customised Loadout Slot registers to the player's account and Arsenal as being there, but empty. So a fully customised loadout slot is not really all that much more data than an empty one, but in either case there is a line of data for every single option in there, from your Frame, every single visual customisation you've put on it, weapons, parazon, Gear, Vehicles and Companions, every customisation for each of those... Even if the line reads '0' for what those customisations are, that's still a line of data. Players accessing it over and over and over again, every single time, is a lot of cumulative data over time. And that's what server costs are charged by, not the actual storage, but the access of it, the transfer of it. So yeah, there is an actual reason that you can't get all the slots you want, and that reason is because DE are reserving the majority of data usage for the players who pay, or the players who have actually shown dedication over time. Or both.
  17. So, with the 1 year Nekro, and the 2 year Nekro before that, a lot has actually changed. But I will preface this with the standard points: DE have literally said that Loadout Slots are for your Favourites, not for building a second Arsenal. You might want to build a Loadout very, very specifically for every single Warframe, but that's not what they're for. It's for dedicated customisation of a few, not all, of your frames for fashion or for function. A quick-access for specifics, like an Eidolon Hunter Volt build, not a way to bypass having to take six seconds out of your day to change weapons or frames in the main Arsenal screen. DE have, in fact, expanded the Loadout Slots over time, but... you have to actually earn them. By MR 29 you can own, currently, up to 35 slots. That's 15 for ranking up that far, and a further 20 for Platinum Purchases. But you know something? At MR 30? You get 15 Loadout slots for free. Bringing your total up to 50. And we currently only have 47 unique Warframes. So... Wish granted? Have fun? Go play the game.
  18. Eh, considering that there's enough Nidus players out there generally, I can see a small up-tick in the Cyst spread... But I do agree that a Primed Cyst would be kind of cool.
  19. After the new Galvanised mods and Arcanes were released... I'm going to say it's an argument between the Quartakk and the Hind. The Hind is a three-mode weapon, which has the versatility and can be modded for more bias on the Status or more bias on the Crit, depending on what Riven you get. It works well with Primary Merciless, as the kill potential is with the Status and DoT stacks to kill plenty of enemies quickly. However... I've been using the Quartakk a lot. And I mean a lot. The new Galvanised multi-shot and gun-dition overload mods on that, coupled with Primary Deadhead, make it something a little scary. The thing about the max-rank Deadhead is it gives you the Headshot damage. And with the fully ramped up multi-shot and bonus damage on there, an Aimed shot will hit so hard that normal enemies die to proc the Arcane, and then with Bosses a headshot means the Damage Reduction calculations don't even know what to do with the numbers. That, and you have similar build flexibility on it to swap Elements, so you can either kill Grineer with the Viral Slash (get a Cold damage bonus for a single Toxin mod to make Viral and let you use a full build and Hunter Munitions), or you can swap to Magnetic Toxin and bypass Shield Gating with the aimed headshots on Corpus. I haven't used the Hind nearly as much, but the Quartakk is my go-to Nemesis hunter.
  20. No, but I have noted that a lot of times the enemies do seem to be preternaturally aware when they're 'Alert'. I've personally seen grineer get on a turret and shoot at me when I'm not only invisible, but also on the other side of a physical wall. Techs on the new Corpus Ship tiles shoot at my Loki before I enter the room sometimes. But this is specifically when they're in the 'Alert' state. No passive enemies ever look directly at me. There may be a bug going on in the current system where Alert enemies have a way to bypass their 'detection' range, and even 'line of sight', which would negate invisibility effects. And it's definitely not intended. What is intended would be that, after Will-o-wisp passes out of range, enemies go into 'search' mode and try to find the real you.
  21. I think this might be just a base part of how the ability works. Will-o-Wisp is a Decoy, much like Loki's and Saryn's. It's supposed to draw fire and so on. If enemies are turning to look at you, there's two reasons why this can be: 1. The range on the Will-o-Wisp's Decoy draw is not very large, and you may be running lower Range for better Duration on her kit. Even if Range is not a stat that affects the ability's Decoy draw, it does have a Range, and after a certain amount of time enemies will stop being drawn to it because it's now too far away to Decoy them. 2. If you attack, you are only Invisible, not Hushed (even when you are Hushed as well as Invisible, shooting enemies makes them look at you, because they wonder where the shot came from), and this means that enemies can hear you and will turn towards the gunfire if it is more 'aggro' than the Decoy function of the Will-o-Wisp. The ability is a distraction tactic, just like the other distraction tactics that other invisible frames have. It's not a complete CC, or a complete Stealth, but a hybrid of both.
  22. Not to be completely dismissive, because I'm just the messenger: Yes and? It's what DE did. It isn't fair, it isn't enough. But they did it. And they'll sit there and say that they did it and claim it's enough until they get another year into the system and decide to maybe, possibly, consider it again.
  23. If it were only supposed to deal damage, and nothing else, you would have a point there. There are other abilities that we're talking about in the discussion right now, those are a way more applicable point to chase if you want to keep chasing the Abilities being worse than Guns angle. But so. many. guns. are so much worse than abilities. And you absolutely have to take those abilities as part of a Warframe overall, because they're not even 1/4th of what the Warframe does. Arguing that some abilities are worse than some guns can be so easily flipped to say that some abilities are way better than even those top ranking guns. It's a matter of perspective.
  24. Well, yes, it is. The difference being that you'd then be benefiting from the healing, even if not for the potential full amount and you're still buffing the team when you're public. The consideration here is that Garuda currently has calculations built in that increase her damage based on Health points lost, the same equation can be used for Health points gained, and it would be a really, really simple way to apply that. The suggestion you had would be a new function DE would have to add that could introduce bugs as healing abilities get updated over the game. Here's a trick though, which might make it worth actually going with a healing team; the amount converted from being healed is instead based on Duration, not on Percentage, with a functional cap of 100% to match her Passive. Why would this help? Because after casting, Garuda's own ability heals faster for when you're low on Health than it does for high health, so repeated casts of Blood Letting would allow you to get the total buff faster. And in teams with over-active healers, you can reliably recast Bloodletting to actually make use of the fast healing for capping out. This way you would more actively benefit from the team health buffs while being able to operate at full health for the survivability. Heck, with Wisp's mote adding Health to you as well, this means that you could reliably hit the 100% whether you hit max health or not. Would that work?
  25. Well, here's what they did: They added a 'confront Lich' item. You can now earn an item that immediately taunts your Nemesis into appearing, instead of waiting for it. They also provided a 'universal' Requiem so you don't have to farm all of the murmurs, or even have every single Requiem in order to complete the chain. Whether this provides anything successful or not is on you, though. Because that's about it for getting rid of a Lich.
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