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  1. Belum bisa di invite ke clan karena masih terdaftar di clan lain bang. Silahkan leave clan lamanya dulu supaya bisa di invite 😄
  2. I thought the 5th tenno would be [DE]Steve (because it happened sometimes) but this one looks very different 😯
  3. Another version of lunaro is coming to the dojo, alright!
  4. I assume the glyph is not ready yet in the forum.
  5. Just realized that the body turned to a more "matte" look. But looks like the head part stay as it is. Overall still a dope skin though.
  6. Soma is a decent weapon, i think you need to reconfigure the mods for better damage output. Otherwise, you can try use carrier and put the Ammo Case mod for extra ammo from the loot conversion.
  7. Looks like caused by hardware problem. Have you try using different mouse?
  8. This is what it says in the user management page
  9. I want to hear the development of melee 3.0 😄
  10. Sudah di invite ya, selamat datang di Indonesia Warframe 😄 Ga bisa di invite karna id nya masih terdaftar di clan lain bang 😄
  11. Sudah di invite yaa Selamat datang di Indonesia Warframe 😄
  12. Belum bisa di invite karena statusnya "user in clan" broo Sudah di invite yaa, Selamat datang di Indonesia Warframe 😄
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