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  1. Would prefer it nested in some way, ie. Tab to show such 'potential' mod effects rather than taken into the main screen's display.
  2. I was in Q&A for several hours tonight. People were getting kicked from Region and moved to Q&A to ask why. I gave answer to why, and was "Kicked from |Channel| this is not a subject for our Space Ninja Game!" Like... I get it. Systems are catch-alls. But at least advise those kicked from Region or myself kicked from Q&A as to which message triggered it. I know it's a meme in Region Chat that the game is "Rated M for Mature, but no naughty words or you get soap in your mouth," but I've been here since April 8, 2013 and have yet to see the effects of improvement to the aut
  3. The worst part about this: can no longer skip dialogue in Vaults.
  4. Check the actual numbers of your resources between fish cuts. Not the display.
  5. One day out till release and I am still actively de-incentivised from interacting with the system. Neat.
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