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  1. I've only been here 6 years, I can't fix things yet.
  2. LUNARO! As for @Gabbynaru's worry about "Oh yeah, I can ignore it, but then guess what, I lose out on standing, which means I may not get the high rank rewards" I add to this suggestion that a daily/weekly can have two completion possibilities when including Conclave opportunities. Example: You gain 3,000 standing for 15 Lunaro Scores OR 8 Bounties on Orb Vallis. Make it one reward with two paths to complete it.
  3. I appreciate the civility of this, not dev-bashing. As the user above states, so much time in a day and the balancing act of putting work towards fixing a bug vs. producing new content is one that DE has to stay centered on. We, the oldest, have seen it go too far both ways. I believe this bit where Rebecca talks on the subject is most powerful in getting this across. In regards to " If users aren't making a big noise, we can move on from it " I would say it's a "If it's a big issue it needs to be fixed now, if it's a small issue, we have higher priorities atm but will try to get to it". This video shows Rebecca's opinions on Bugs vs. New Content and Steve's opinion and facts on improving new player experience. My own point being, don't believe they are being neglectful of you or the community, they continue to maintain and build this for us as well as their own livelihoods. Never attribute to malice what could be attributed to any other factor. Edit: Additionally, please please do not draw this as Players vs. DE, as that is not what this is.
  4. You can. When in the Rift you can Roll. Single button press than can be done at any point, returns you to normal world. Bullets still move in rift, that mechanic of Stasis was changed months ago. It only freezes the enemies themselves. You don't have to melee them. You can shoot them if you are in same plane of existence. Your Warframe abilities will effect them regardless of plane of existence. Stop hijacking other people's threads. Control. Limbo is a Control Warframe. Similar to Vauban or Loki but on mass scale. Enemies don't function in areas Limbo decides they shouldn't function. He excels at mission types that have Timewalls. Mobile Defense, Interception, Defection. Time periods where killing enemies doesn't matter. He also has support benefits for DPS Warframes. Specifically Exhalted Weapons. I prefer to be banished with most frames that have a direct damage ability for the security of knowing I cannot be damaged and additional energy regen. Understanding Limbo's mechanics is the first step to understanding his role and capabilities. Sometimes the Limbo Player is still learning on his end. You can assist them in learning their kit if that is the case; I recommend researching them yourself. Fair RNG to you.
  5. We welcome you back to the offices and hope you enjoyed your break. I am greatly thankful for many of the fixes noted, especially Magus Repair on Clients... A minor issue, animations regarding lever-action rifles don't always function. Specifically the Lever Action pull on the rifle (Sybaris, Grinlok, etc.) sometimes does not play in typical situations. I do not know if I am doing some setup necessary to recreate this bug in day-to-day gameplay, but it is a minor aesthetic issue. ❤️
  6. 'm an old Warframe Player. Closed Beta old with few Hiatus's. Throughout the latter half of that time, I've put many hours into Chatframe; simply answering questions within Region when I don't have a current goal to work towards. I've learned both the easy and hard way many of the bot-triggering phrases/terms and attempt to avoid them when I can. I am overall positive within Region and typically take anything that could be construed as an argument in any terms to PMs rather than cluttering the Region chat, thus providing a poor impression of the good Warframe community to new players. I aim to pay it forward similar to those who helped me along in my Loki-starter days on Mercury did. It's something I intend to do for many in future by answering questions, assisting when asked, and not playing the game for them while showing them the path to their goals. It is hard to do this when I get suspended in Region Chat. I'd like to abide by Region Chats rules, continue assisting new players, conversing with old ones, and avoid terms/topics you'd rather I did not use, but I find that hard to do when I get Days of Suspension without notice of what portion of my message offended the bot. I understand the lack of warnings, even if I disagree with the notion. You're trying to moderate an international game with realistic amount of human chat supervision. Being told "This is not an appropriate topic" while removing the message in question before I can review it and banning my ability to assist or converse with players in the means I prefer (as Relays still exist but are not where players typically go to ask questions) locks me out of my ability to positively influence the game and its community without knowing how to stop the punishment from occuuring again. I understand that I triggered some bot-moderator parameters. I understand the reasons for such bots to exist. I'd like to know what the parameters are so I can avoid the topics in question and continue assisting the game. I'd like to recieve a warning, as even my near 6 years with the game I still trip new items that I didn't know were disallowed in Region. I know Moderation is a topic currently under works and I hope these thoughts make it to whomevers ears it may concern. Addition: It occured to me after posting, even the suspension itself lacks transparency. It simply notes your access has been suspended without an inkling to the length of the suspension. I'd like to know if it were a day, 3 days, or a week; though I'd prefer no suspension if it were an option. TL;DR: Transparency. Warnings. Please and Thank You
  7. I believe I have the opposite opinion of you in most of that and I feel like a contrarian.... I do Arbitrations for the rewards, the endo is very enjoyable for me as I don't enjoy the endo farm in Sedna Arena. I enjoyed Eidolon hunts. I agree that rewards for Orbmothers is OOF-bad, but that will get better with time and constructive criticism. No argument, just stance-stating. ❤️
  8. I love Sanctuary Onslaught. It was likely deleted due to the lack of constructive criticism.
  9. "Go faster, test how far you can go!" *Restricts how far you can go, outside of enemy scaling. Nerfs ability to gain efficiency at any reasonable rate.*
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