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  1. I doubt anyone was using that over Sure Footed or Handspring anyways.
  2. Enemies. It would help the flow of missions if fighters had a chance to drop reactant, but I understand why you wouldn't want to do so for sake of Skrimish missions existing. The community will adjust and take down crewships w/ Archwing in response. It'll be a gripe, but not requiring adjustment. Just preferring. Rewards. I have a 30-40% chance for useless rewards on all Void Storm missions. Why are the new Pistol and Sevagoth pieces permanent holds in the drop table? It encourages me to NOT do these long term. I don't want 87 Sevagoth Neuroptics in a few months. It discourages me
  3. From 2 people whom just completed their Archwing Quests and one person whom retook it, this fix did not work. They cannot mod their Plexus.
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