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  1. Great! I'm glad to see that you're taking community feedback to heart and not just nerfing it and leaving it there. Can we start going back and buffing the things that are useless before we dive into the next new thing?
  2. The update is appreciated, but you're really going to leave the Void status proc untouched? It prevents you from headshotting enemies, lowering your damage output. It would be better to disable it while a long-term fix (i.e., rework) is implemented than to leave it in the game as-is.
  3. I assume it would work as a capped stacking mechanic, similar to other status procs. For example, the first proc would bring enemy level down by 12%, and every proc after that increases that by 2%, capping at 10 stacks for a 30% level reduction. So you could bring a level 100 enemy to level 70, but no lower. Quite a significant reduction in HP/armor/damage output, but not ludicrous. It could be tuned to be comparable to the value you get from other status procs, it just needs to be something that doesn't actually prevent you from landing headshots.
  4. In what universe is there an internal argument with a side in favor of a status proc lowering your damage output???
  5. DE tends to take their time, but when they act they usually try to address something in its entirety before they put it down. I can't imagine someone at DE will let it slide that the Void proc prevents you from headshotting enemies and doesn't stack like the rest of them.
  6. Is the Void status proc being updated along with its resistances? It's the only status proc that can't stack, and it's an active detriment to your damage output (you can't headshot the targets).
  7. The devs are buffing Void damage, making it neutral to all health types - awesome, that's fantastic news. It's been needing it for a long time. Hopefully, when they make this pass on Void damage, they also update its status proc. Not only did it not get updated with the previous round of status changes (i.e., it can't stack), it's actually detrimental to your damage output. The Void proc makes it impossible to land headshots on enemies that are affected by it. They just get sucked into the bubble and count as bodyshots. Moreover, it redirects damage to enemies you have already damage
  8. Buff Void Damage! It's why Xaku feels weak. It's an outdated damage type whose function doesn't fit it's theme. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1218545
  9. Void damage needs a buff/rework. Its only purpose is to strip the defenses of Eidolons and Sentient enemies; outside of those situations, it pales in comparison to what the other damage types do. First, a quick rundown on why it's subpar: 1) It's heavily resisted. A quick glance at the wiki page shows that Void Damage has a massive 50% damage penalty against Cloned Flesh and Fossilized health types. It's neutral everywhere else. Every other damage type has a bonus against at least one health type, but Void Damage is only resisted, and by some important health types at that. Ever
  10. I'm so glad Gauss is getting a Tennogen skin. His base look is frustrating to color.
  11. I'm not sure if I did log in on Tennocon day. I spent most of the day watching the stream. Do the people who did not watch the stream, but logged in, deserve the drops more than the people who watched the stream, but didn't log in?
  12. The Chrysalis system is a new and exciting thing coming with the Heart of Deimos, but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I already sold my old frames and useless frame parts. There was no reason to keep them before. The logical thing was to sell them to free up the slots and get a bit of credits back. When they were useless, it seemed like a fair deal at the time, but now that there's something amazing you can do with them, it feels like they're punishing old players that already got rid of them and forcing people to re-grind. I wouldn't have sold these things had I known there would actually
  13. Never have I said that integrating her augments would make Nyx "awesome", just better. Adding in the QoL benefits of her augments to her baseline kit without needing to spend mod slots on them would improve her. There's no denying that. It wouldn't be everything she needs to be relevant or "meta", but it would certainly be a step in the right direction in terms of power level. And no, Chaos Sphere is not a "side-grade" it's an upgrade. It does everything the normal Chaos ability does, PLUS an extra thing, with no downsides. The idea of this thread, which you seem to be missing, is to thro
  14. It isn't about need. You don't NEED to use any particular frame or weapon, Frames and weapons are personal choice. Nyx doesn't slow things down. Stripping enemy defenses and making them sometimes choose enemies to hit that aren't you doesn't slow down gameplay. Others could most definitely do it faster, but Nyx doesn't make it slower. Chaos Sphere is an objective buff to the ability. It doesn't screw anything or anybody over. It makes the area persist, so more enemies get affected. I'm not sure what makes you think it would make her "more useless", but I'm starting to think it's your
  15. With the addition of the Steel Path, I'd argue that CC is a lot stronger (and by extension, Nyx is a lot stronger). Being able to completely strip enemy armor, turn them against each other, and absorb all incoming damage is certainly viable in a mode where the enemies are actually tough to kill and can reasonably kill you. Integrating her Mind Freak augment would help her in the damage department, further multiplying the damage her controlled enemy does. Integrating Chaos Sphere would make her CC even more potent, especially on defense-oriented missions, so new enemies that run in ar
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