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  1. Her Balefire does nuclear amounts of damage. Its primary function isn't to apply CC, it's to obliterate whatever you point it at. The new augment makes it basically cost no shields (or regen your shields, with a splash of efficiency) if you hit direct hits with it. I didn't even realize her 3 affected the enemies raised by Nekros, that's terrible. Definitely an easy win for the devs to fix that. It would be nice if her 2 gave her a small amount of shields for each enemy hit, regardless of if it drained anything from them. That would at least have it do something in Infested missions. Between that and the rampant Toxin damage, she's really quite useless against the Infested.
  2. I feel like Hildryn is clunky AF. We have Gauss, whose abilities are clean as a whistle and they all interact with each other, while other frames don't have that level of Quality of Life. Smoothness of gameplay should be the ideal for every frame, including the tanky ones. For Hildryn specifically, there's two main things I really want to see: 1: Make her Balefire Charger (1) turn on automatically when you cast Aegis Storm (4) While you use Hildryn's Aegis Storm, you can't use your normal weapons, only your Balefire Charger. However, when you activate her 4, you don't automatically equip the only weapon you can use, meaning you need to do another cast time to even do damage. A big improvement would be to make her Balefire Charger active immediately when you cast her 4. If you don't want to spend extra shields or do damage during Aegis Storm, you can just choose not to click the shoot button. Having her damage available at all times would go a long way towards improving her quality of life. Ideally, it would be smart about swapping it: if you didn't have the Charger equipped when you activated the ability, it would deactivate and put you back on the weapon you were wielding previously (not your secondary, which is what it does now). If you already had it active when you deactivated your 4, it would stay active after. In a perfect world, she'd actually dual-wield the Chargers during Aegis Storm, possibly able to charge/fire the second one with alt-fire. If that's not balanced, I'm fine with that, but it would be badass. 2: Let Hildryn use Pillage (2) to cancel Aegis Storm (4) The only ability Hildryn can't use while Aegis Storm is active is Pillage. It makes sense - that much shield regen and armor stripping while you're already stunning everybody around you would probably be busted. I don't think she should be able to use her 2 during her 4; I want to be able to use her 2 to cancel her 4. Right now, when you cancel her Aegis Storm by recasting, you do this cool slam animation, but odds are you'll be low on shields and surrounded by the enemies you were stunning, so you naturally want to Pillage right after. This change would let you bundle those actions together. If you are watching your shields and have enough to cast her 2, you would first cancel the 4 and slam the ground as normal, but release the shield-stealing wave as you hit the ground. It's a small thing, but it would make her abilities so much smoother and save her that cast time when she's at her most vulnerable.
  3. I'm curious what happens if you die while the ability is up. Will you just die, ability canceled, or will you rewind back to life once the duration expires? I hope it's the latter.
  4. Are you satisfied with the state of Limbo after his many changes? He still feels like a support frame that most people would rather be played solo. Will we see any Operator changes in the coming year? It feels like their only purpose is to hunt Eidolons, cheese Spy missions, and create energy with Zenurik.
  5. Operator gameplay is heavily restricted due to the limitations of the Void damage type, and there really seems to be only one viable choice of Focus school outside of Eidolon hunts (Zenurik, for energy regen). Any chance that Operator gameplay and progression could see some love? I'd really love for the Operator to be another tool in our toolbox, rather than necessary for a few bits of content and virtually useless everywhere else. Operator melee weapons, starchart-focused upgrades to our abilities, and a rework to Void damage/status would all be great directions to look into.
  6. Yes, I meant logarithmic, like armor. My mistake, thanks for catching it. I would want to make a good damage resist fairly achievable, but a ludicrous amount of shields (e.g. Hildryn) could only ever approach 100% damage resist, never reach it.
  7. Agreed, though I think Hildryn needs some love regardless. She'd benefit the most out of any Warframe from shield improvements, but her kit overall is pretty clunky.
  8. Shields start as a valuable part of the game, but quickly fall off before you even make it through the star chart. DE talks a lot about improving the new player experience, and here’s a good place to start: Make the basics continue to apply as you advance. Shields should be relevant at all stages of the game, especially when you have Warframes that are all about shields, and a large part of the roster doesn't have enough armor/health to take advantage of Adaptation or modding for defenses. Squishy frames need something to be relevant in late-game content. The Corpus are also considered to be one of the easiest enemies to beat. They don’t have the sheer effective health pools of the Grineer nor the numbers and team buffs of the Infested. They just die to your weapons that are modded for Grineer, only faster. Magnetic damage is widely considered to be a garbage damage type, even against the Corpus. Yes, it’s great to chew through hefty shields, but you gotta kill the armored health beneath those shields afterward, and your magnetic weapon will suddenly putter out as soon as those shields go away. So let’s kill three birds with one stone. Make shields good, for both you AND the enemies that have them (i.e., the Corpus), and make the damage type that interacts with shields a good option for dealing with those enemies. The problem with shields is that they are brittle. Sure, they regen, but in a game like Warframe where you are constantly getting peppered with damage, you aren’t really going to spend a whole lot of time regenerating shields. The regen is only really useful when you don’t have any methods of healing, like in early missions. Shields are made of paper and you lose them very quickly. Here’s my idea: Shields have damage resistance proportional to your current shields. If you have a lot of shields, you resist a lot of damage, but as enemies chip away at your shields, that damage resistance goes down. This rewards you for keeping your shields high by actively avoiding damage, while still giving you a chance to survive a stray rocket that would otherwise one-shot you. Mathematically, I’m thinking something like this: Adding a new defensive stat into the game specifically for shields opens up greater diversity and allows shields to be on-par with health and armor. A resilience mod like Steel Fiber could be implemented, as well as other mods that interact with shields taking damage. Having two different types of survivability (armor doesn’t change as your health goes down, while the damage resistance from resilience can be more potent, but quickly goes down as you lose shields) lets players mod for their playstyle and gives squishier frames a viable defensive build so they can survive in late game content. For shielded enemies, take away virtually all of their armor, and put that power budget towards resilience. Getting under those shields with toxin and gas damage would still be effective, and brute forcing your way through the shields would be possible, just more difficult than modding appropriately. This would encourage people to actually tune their build and weapons to the mission at hand. Like armor, resilience would scale with enemy level, so early enemies wouldn't be terribly tanky, but late game Corpus would be quite beefy. Magnetic damage would cut the target’s max shields, current shields, and resilience in half. This would make it similar to corrosive damage in the sense of dealing enemies with heavy damage resistance. One is for Corpus, the other is for Grineer. A change this big would obviously require a lot of tuning, but I believe it would be healthier for the game as a whole. Corpus enemies would likely need to get their HP values adjusted to keep their effective health pools in check, and all Warframes would probably need to get their base stats adjusted as well. However, the result would be that building for shields would be a viable defensive alternative to health and armor, and more enemies, weapons, and mods would be relevant parts of the game.
  9. If an Archweapon was just as strong as a Railjack turret, that still wouldn't make Archwings just as strong as a gunner. Gunners are protected by the Railjack. Archwings are not. Even with the accuracy changes described here, Archwings would be significantly easier to take down than the Railjack. The devs also said, explicitly, that they envision solo players needing to abandon their Railjack out of harm's way while they deal with enemy crew ships. Getting out of the Railjack is an important part of the mission. It's the primary way players take out crew ships. On the same token, sometimes staying in the Railjack is not the best move. Sometimes your pilot is terrible and isn't keeping you where you need to be to reach the action. Sometimes every station is full and you aren't providing anything by staying on the ship. Having people both on the Railjack and on the away team is the optimal way to play. The people on the away team deserve to be able to use their Archwings as more than just getting around.
  10. To put things bluntly, Archwings suck in Railjack missions. You die nearly instantly, and your weapons do virtually no damage. This necessitates putting a bunch of Intrinsics into Gunner so you can use the Slingshot to get into the action safely so you can actually get to enemy ships to take them out. Overall, Archwings need to be harder to hit and Archweapons need to pack a bigger punch. The near-perfect accuracy and heavy damage of enemy fighters makes sense when they're shooting at a Railjack. It's a giant target with over 2k hitpoints and 1k armor. For Archwings, this level of accuracy is not appropriate. They are tiny, agile targets that should be much harder to hit, but they aren't. They get annihilated the moment they peek out of the ship. I propose a "lock-on" system where enemy ships have heavily reduced accuracy against an Archwing target (~75% to start), where they have a large chance to miss. This means that the shots you do take still hurt, but you take far less of them. As they continue to shoot at you, their accuracy penalty decreases, so the longer you stay in their sights, the more damage you take. When you leave their view, the penalty regenerates, and whenever you perform maneuvers like rolls, blinks, and sudden direction changes, the penalty goes back up. At the very least, this would give Archwings a buffer before they get destroyed as the enemy finds locks on their tiny targets. With clever flying, you could stay in the thick of it for an extended period of time as the enemies struggle to hit you. Archweapons need to be comparable to the turrets on a Railjack. Visually, they're roughly the same size, and you don't have the protection of the Railjack while you're out in Archwing mode. There needs to be a reward for the risks you take on the away team. Buff the base damage of the weapons, increase projectile speed, and give us mods that add on the new Railjack damage types to our Archweapons so they can actually deal with enemy fighters. Archweapons should feel powerful. Also, buff Furor. 10% attack speed is a joke. We need Archwing combat to be powerful. When you don't have a squad, you need to be able to leave the ship behind and do things. Hopefully, by the new modular Archwings come out, we will get a balance pass on Archwings in general so that all four of the current ones are viable and fun, and Archwing combat feels fluid and useful. It shouldn't just be a way to get from point A to point B. It should be an optional tool in our toolbelt.
  11. I'm gonna make a separate post about this going into details, but my major feedback is how absolutely terrible Archwings feel in Railjack missions. You get blown to bits almost instantly, even in the low-level missions. It doesn't feel like you're even given a chance to fly around outside the ship. Combine that with the nerfs to Archwing weapons, and there's virtually no point in exiting the ship unless you use the Slingshot to enter the enemy ship, kill it or hijack it ,then teleport back to your ship. I would like to see Archwings get at least 50% evasion. I'd honestly push it to 75%. The near-perfect accuracy of enemies in Railjack missions is appropriate for shooting at a giant Railjack with well over 2k hit points and 1k armor, but Archwings are tiny targets with far less survivability. They should be harder to hit, but take a beating if they do get hit. Even better, have a "lock-on" mechanic where enemy ships have significantly less accuracy shooting at an Archwing (like you would expect them to), but the longer they're shooting at an Archwing, their accuracy goes up. It's your job to stay evasive and drop their locks using fancy maneuvers and clever piloting. If you just fly around in straight lines, you'll get hosed, but you would actually have the opportunity to get out and fight in your Archwing when the ship's guns aren't cutting it or you're just trying to help your team on the way to the enemy ships. That's another thing: Archwing weapons need some oomph in space. There is/was a bug that let you use your standard weapons in space if you use the Slingshot, and they are so much more effective than the giant Archwing weapons. I would have no problem with making them projectiles if the reward for landing your shots was actually worth it, but you have a peashooter that's difficult to aim. Archwing weapons should be comparable to the Railjack's turrets. They're about the same size, and you're not protected by the ship out in space. Otherwise, the Railjack expansion is a knockout. Sure, there are a lot of bugs and crashes to iron out, but the core gameplay experience is amazingly smooth and fun. You feel like a badass doing backflips through space as you gun down enemy fighters. Once it gets completed, Empyrean will be an incredible accomplishment. Just improve Archwings. That's all I ask.
  12. Twice now, I've been able to use my normal weapon loadout in space (primary, secondary, AND melee), if I exit the Railjack using the Slingshot. Both times, it has been on someone else's ship (so I'm not the host). Seemed pretty easy to replicate. Simply slingshot out of a ship in a public match. (As a side note, my normal weapons were far more effective than the Archweapons at dealing with enemies. Kinda sad, really.)
  13. Much like Empyrean feels in-game, the devs are currently running around putting out fires trying to debug this massive update. The game is still crashing fairly regularly, and they're still tuning the reward loop. Archwing balance is likely on their mind, but ultimately further down on the list than making sure the game is stable and functioning. Ideally, once this update is squared away, they'll resume work on shipping the next phase of Empyrean, which is set to include modular Archwings and the Command Intrinsic. It's possible that they're going to rebalance Archwings as a whole when they are looking at shipping new ones, or at the very least, the new Archwings will actually be worth using.
  14. Gauss is really great for running around and doing different jobs around the ship. His 3 lets him easily CC and kill boarding parties, and his sheer speed lets him quickly and easily put out fires, seal hull breaches, load the forges, and get back on the guns.
  15. I'm all for challenging missions, but the rewards should match the challenge. Have Sortie missions get progressively and significantly more difficult, with one chance to do the mission. When you complete all three missions or fail one of them, you get your drop, with a different drop table depending on how many you do. Alternatively, have little extra side quests that let you tack on difficulty to amp up the rewards. Did you complete the insanely difficult daily challenge? Awesome, the drop table has way better stuff. Did you fail? No worries, you still get a drop, but there will be some junk in the mix. There's nothing wrong with content being hard, the problem is when there's no incentive to do the things that are difficult and/or fun when grinding is more rewarding.
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