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  1. Nice! Any chance we can get confirmation on Baruuk's Serene Storm waves being unaffected by Healing Return/Life Strike (Excalibur's 4 waves do proc these mods). Is it a bug, an oversight, or a balance decision?
  2. Baruuk's 4 does not interact with Life Strike/Healing Return in the same way that Excalubur's 4 does. The Serene Storm waves don't proc them, while the Exalted Blade waves do. Is this an oversight, a balance decision, or a bug? Any thoughts about adjusting the damage type of Baruuk's 4? Impact makes him woefully ineffective against the Grineer. As his only damage tool, it really needs to be useful in most missions. Any plans for buffing shields? Corpus units are paper, and health is seen by the community as objectively better. Shield gating, similar to Hildryn's passive, in some form for everybody (even a partial gate, like "gates additional damage up to maximum shield value, and halves the rest") is something the community has been begging for. Similar to the issues of player choice involving the Iztal, does Scott have anything to say on the prevalence/mandatory status of Corrosive Projection or the Zenurik focus school for energy regen?
  3. And that's greatly appreciated. We have good devs who listen to the community. However, giving away Nitain drops between Nightwave series is just a band-aid fix for the problem. Creating a series that is light on resources to go between the main series would be a more permanent solution.
  4. You can get some from watching Prime Time tonight as a Twitch drop
  5. Nice. Can't get it from Nightwave since it's down, so the Nitain is much appreciated.
  6. We are currently between series 1 and series 2 of Nightwave, meaning there is no Cred shop, and no way to reliably get certain things like Nitain. Lots of people have noticed and complained. Now, I love Nightwave. I think it's a great addition to the game. It adds lore, it's not as random as previous Alerts, and it overall makes the game more rewarding to play. I get that they probably need a bit of time between series to get everything in order, but having Nightwave be totally unavailable between doesn't feel good on our end. What we need is a recurring "filler" series of Nightwave. It would be a bit lighter on the lore aspect of things, but it would have its own shop and missions that would come back between every series. No exclusives or awesome rewards, just something to fill the gap between one series and the next. Maybe even have creds at the end of the previous series convert to the creds of the filler series, so people don't lose what they earn. You'd need to use it before the filler series ends or else you wouldn't be able to spend them until the next filler series. This would be a lot more forgiving and user-friendly. Right now, if we want Nitain, we need to either grind through Caches with an abysmal drop rate, or wait for the next Nightwave.
  7. Caches and Ghoul Puges. No reliable way to get it until the next Nightwave kicks off. Hoplefully, DE recognizes this flaw with their new system. Nightwave is overall a great change, but this gap in between is horrendous. They need to either start a new Nightwave right as the one before it ends, or put something between to fill the space, either by letting us continue to go through the missions of the one that is over, or creating a recurring "filler episode" that comes up in between.
  8. You can absolutely earn Platinum through everyday tasks... later on. Prime parts and Rivens can totally be found during normal gameplay and sold for a substantial amount of platinum. You just need to get to that point. The higher level stuff is gated for a reason. Most people who have been playing the game normally should have no trouble with mastery tests, but a trade/farming bot needs a real player to invest a lot of time grinding through the ranks and completing the test. I also have autism, and I passed the test just fine. There is no "we" here, it's still just you. Don't use your autism as an excuse or a shield. It's deplorable.
  9. Fun is subjective. Just because you are too stubborn to do the test appropriately doesn't mean that they aren't fun. You failed the test, but instead of asking for assistance, like the community has been happy to give, despite your attitude, all you want is the option to skip something that most players don't have a problem with. You are the problem here. Not the controller, not the mastery tests, not DE. You. You have failed at something intended to be easy, but you insist on beating your head against the wall and whining that the devs should give you an easy way out. The heart and soul of Warframe is that Ninjas Play Free. It is a free-to-play game, and everything is achievable with enough time and skill. Skipping the "boring parts" because you have more money than either of those things goes against the spirit of the game.
  10. Do you not understand that the devs WON'T implement a skip button? It's not that they can't. They're absolutely capable of it. They have chosen not to because it goes against the philosophy of the game. Mastery tests are supposed to be tests, to prove that you have the mechanical skill required to advance through the game. Others before you have gotten past the test just fine, and there will be more after you. You've gotten all sorts of tips and recommendations, but you "can't be bothered" to actually do the test, you just want to skip. In the time it's taken you to respond to all of these posts and whine on the forums about how DE should cater to you, you could have easily passed the test by following people's advice. You are absolutely allowed to have your own opinion and we accept that it is your opinion, but your opinion is wrong and your idea is terrible. The test is not impossible for the people who can actually be bothered to do them.
  11. I don't think it should be automatic. I think she should be able to activate Pillage during Aegis Storm to cancel it and emit the wave on impact with the ground, or queue it up during the slam animation. It should still cost shields and require player input, but there should be less downtime.
  12. Hildryn's Aegis Storm has a cool slam animation when it ends, but it leaves you pretty vulnerable, especially considering the fact that you are usually exiting Aegis Storm because you are out of shields or low on shields and need to replenish them. I think it would be a fantastic improvement to her if you could queue up her Pillage during the slam animation at the end of Aegis Storm, emitting the pulse as she slams into the ground. Not only would this look totally badass, but it would reduce her downtime and reward players who are managing their resources effectively and not letting their shields run out completely. If you cancel it early with enough shields to activate Pillage, you would be able to bundle the cast time of Pillage into the slam animation of Aegis Storm and get a bunch of shields back quickly.
  13. It'd be awesome if they moved his passive to his 1 as an on-demand ability, moved the fully-charged version of Tempest Barrage to his 3, and made the Puddle his passive, so he could turn into a puddle simply by crouching. Instead of an energy cost, a set duration would be awesome (like wall hang/aim glide, maybe even improving the duration with mods that affect those things). Or don't. Limbo gets to be invulnerable energy-free forever. Why not our boi Hydroid?
  14. The idea is that, similar to Nyx's 1, shooting the thing makes it do more damage. DE wants your allies to be able to shoot into your Absorb in order to amplify the damage of the explosion, instead of having it just be a tanking ability. I agree, the amount of energy consumed is a bit ridiculous. Adjusting the conversion so that friendly damage consumes less energy would be great. Absorbing ally damage inherently has less value than absorbing enemy damage, since the latter would have damaged you, so it makes sense for allied damage to not suck up as much of your resources.
  15. The waves from Baruuk's Serene Storm do not proc Healing Return/Life Strike - this is inconsistent with Excalibur's exalted blade, which does proc those mods with the waves. Is this inconsistency a bug, and oversight, or a balance decision? Void damage feels lackluster outside of Eidolon hunts and Lua missions. Grineer and Infested heavy units take very little damage from Operators, and the status proc is so niche in its application and out of place that status Amps are virtually unusable. Are there any plans to make Void damage useful outside of these specific mission types so that players who enjoy Operator gameplay are encouraged to weave their Operator into their normal missions? When new players complete The War Within and unlock Focus schools, the resounding advice from the community is that "Zenurik is the best, pick that one". The energy regen from Zenurik sets the standard of ability usage, much like the Iztal sets the standard for travel in the open world. Are there any plans to address this issue of player choice and make each school worth taking both for Eidolon Hunts and other missions?
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