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  1. My question: Are there any plans to rework the Focus system (again)? I'd love to see some stats on Focus school usage because I feel like Zenurik is the best choice for the majority of Star Chart missions purely for the energy regen it provides. I'd love to see each school revamped to have a way to regenerate energy so the choice between them was less solved.
  2. It works exactly like you're asking for on PC. I can Void Dash straight up and then straight back down to make a Zenurik pool where I'm standing even when I'm not the host.
  3. It just seems like a slap in the face to me. Inaros players have been begging to have his passive updated for years. Since he's immobile and does a set amount of damage, actually getting the revive off in high-end missions is nearly impossible. Sevagoth's passive is just a straight-up better version of Inaros' passive. When he dies, his shadow comes out and can earn a free revive by killing enemies... except Sevagoth's shadow can move, and it has real attacks and abilities. It's can't be possible that nobody thought the passives were too similar during Sevagoth's design. I
  4. Will Gift of the Lotus alerts and/or prize drops be adjusted to account for Devstreams being done on a monthly basis?
  5. Getting the blueprint first and the parts second feels bad. Your first reward does nothing, and you still won't get Lavos until after you get the next rank AND you build the components and THEN put the frame himself in the oven. Being able to build the parts first while you work on getting the next level of standing, then being able to do something with the Lavos blueprint right after would be a far more satisfying reward cycle. This has no effect on the veterans who have already gotten through the Entrati standing grind. This would strictly be a quality-of-life benefit for "newer pl
  6. The whole point of Limbo is that he can perma-stun the map. That little blip when he cancels and recasts Stasis isn't a "crack in its all-powerful armor". This is a PvE game, not a PvP game. Enemies don't get a window-of-opportunity because they're literally bots. It's just a chore for the Limbo player to have to recast it every now and again.
  7. I agree about Banish - nobody should be forced to stop playing the game. Personally, I think Limbo needs a larger scale revisit to address his issues, larger than the scope suggested here. I'd like to see him never put allies in the Rift, and instead temporarily render them able to damage enemies in both planes. I've made a big post about my Limbo rework idea: As for Stasis, the energy cost is comparable to now 50 energy gives you 10 seconds of Stasis time. With this change, you'd get 10 seconds of Stasis time for 40 energy if you stay in the Rift, or for 60 energy if you're outsi
  8. Definitely. I could see them maybe having the revive meter actually be a flat amount rather than a percentage (instead of needing to kill two enemies, you'd need to deal a certain amount of damage). For example: Siphoning deals 75 True damage per second, plus additional True damage equal to 10% of the target's missing HP per second. The revive meter is filled by dealing damage via siphoning equal to 1000 + (20% of Inaros' maximum HP). Killing an enemy via siphoning fills the meter by 25%. This would make is so that Inaros can revive himself in all mission types, rather tha
  9. How though? My reasoning is sound - you don't want enemies to be disarmed when Elude is up, you want them to be able to attack you so as to erode more Restraint. This would give Baruuk more control over his daggers. Rather that doubling the range and virtually guaranteeing you lose every one, Elude would give you a way to choose not to give up his damage resistance, especially when surrounded.
  10. He doesn't want to lose them without purpose. Each dagger gives him 10% damage resistance, and if he's already invulnerable due to Elude, he doesn't need to disarm enemies. In fact, he WANTS them to attack him while Elude is up. Having him stow the daggers during Elude would remove a negative synergy in his kit.
  11. There are still quite a few frames that are clunky and undertuned. The devs said part of their mission in the coming months is to update old content, so here's a few ideas I'd like to throw out to improve some of the frames that could use some love. Baruuk - Lull: Can now be recast while the zone is active. Doing so removes the previous zone. Only erodes Restraint when affecting enemies that are awake. Now an upper-body cast (was full-body) Baruuk often neglects or even purposefully builds low duration so he can spam Lull for his passive. This makes it so that his ability is nev
  12. I keep encountering this strange bug over and over, so it's pretty pervasive. At first, it locks out all my Warframe abilities, leaving me unable to use Transference at all or summon my Necramech. This sort of bug is (unfortunately) not uncommon as well, typically resolved when you jump off the map or allow yourself to die, but this one doesn't work like that. Jumping off doesn't help, and when you die, you can't hold 'X' to revive (you need a teammate to try to revive you). Then, you can revive yourself, only you're unable to use Transference to get inside YOUR Necramech. You're free to
  13. Can we get one of these for Limbo? Nyx? Hildryn? This new balance model of "Ship, Assess, Revise" is amazing, but I feel like a lot of frames and frame reworks that happened before this model could use some love.
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