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  1. Platform: xbox one Type: in-game Description: railjack blink not working Expecting results: railjack should blink forward. Observed result: not blinking as intended. I for some reason can't blink,forward my friends can do it but not me and yes im maxed out the intrinsic to,be able to blink i double tap A as instructed but nothing happens. Even going on other peoples railjack it still wont work it just simply won't let me blink at all while other people can i want to blink my railjack too lol.
  2. Type: in-game Console: xbox one Description: when railjack suffers a electrical failure and makes the magnetic sound and does tge wired screen thing and makes you not able to use the railjack overview where you can command your crew doesn't work untill you fix the electrical problem after fixing it it still lingers and you cant do anything about it going to dojo doesn't fix it have to go back to orbitor to fix. Repeatable?: yes Side note: railjack blink does not work I've double tapped A like it said but nothing happens.
  3. Does anyone know when consoles will get these skins at all so far it was just pc only ik the devs said they wanna bring it over but i think they forgot about.
  4. Any news on unreal tournament skins coming to consoles yet?
  5. Sooo question. How can we tell how many salvage did we fix as to not waste materials on getting to 30 sslvage. I know i repaired stuff but idk how,much and i dont wanna lose out do i make a support ticket?
  6. Can you still get the mask from the wolf never got it and been buying beacons 2 farm @DEmegan
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