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Update 9.7


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Thanks for the idle animations... glad to not have Hunchback Loki and Ol' Witch Nyx forced upon me anymore.  ;-)  Love the Noble animation for most, except Ash... why does he look like a soldier at attention???


Glad that the AF mods are finding their way in the game, not just for those who missed out, but myself, since I wanted to put Shred on Dethcube and Lethal Torrent on Shade and not miss out on using them myself.


HOWEVER... when are you going to add the Ammo Mutation Mods to the pool?  Those are the ones I missed (Shotgun, Sniper, and most importantly Arrow), due to the event being cut short, so those are the ones that matter to me!  ;-)


Love the Founders' Badges. Really do. Two small little critiques, tho... they are tiny... I mean, a LOT smaller than the event badges. Any chance on getting them enlarged a bit? Maybe not monstrous like Survive-size, but more like Arid Fear-size. And how about enabling those, and those alone, to allow for the shoulder to be chosen? That way, people in clans with defunct Warlords that have not uploaded a clan emblem can have something to wear on their right shoulder and their fave event badge on their left.  Just a thought.  ;-)


Thanks again for the great fixes. Keep 'em coming!

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