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WTS Fantastic Supra Riven 7k. +MS,+dmg,+toxin, - zoom

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Of course I'll try. I'm new so not sure what the market is like. Will gradually lower it until people think its worth it or I'll just keep it forever if its not worth anything. Based on the other rivens on riven market and wftrader its pretty good.

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Am 8.10.2018 um 12:02 schrieb Mr.SpookSpook:

+toxin and -zoom are not the best options to have. Good luck, may Vay kek have mercy on the soul of the poor fellow willing to pay even half the price you are asking for.

opinion, not fact. -puncture is better due to proccing, true, but elementals are highly underrated, especially toxin and elec. crit chance on the other hand is highly overrated on most weapons. even if something looks better, doing tests/math mostly proves different. crit chance wouldnt be bad, personally i would prefer it on supra too, but that doesnt mean crit chance is generally better than other options.

even if it had CC and -puncture i cant see this at 7k. u might succeed, sure, but ive seen better rivens go for much less and that for equally good weapons or ones which can be even better with the right riven. -zoom surely is a good negative, toxin is good too but i agree that on supra v. crit chance would be more desirable for consistent crits so 7k is a stretch in any case imo. the prices for rivens highly vary: ingame and forums/riven.market and the later is very deceptive because u can put any price which doesnt mean it always sells for that amount tho. i could see this go for around 2,5-3,5k max since supra v. is in fact very good and totally, purely SC viable, although i might be a bit generous here. hybrid building is possible, sure, but imo not required if u have a riven to support an SC only build with the damage it otherwise lacks compared. personally i would build it hybrid too, but that doesnt mean SC only is bad.

maybe instead of updating make a new thread in some hours. that way also someone whos interested and hasnt seen our opinions yet wont be influenced. dont intend to influence ur sale so, maybe consider this and if ur unsure maybe ask for a PC beforehand ingame/forums next time or check riven.market to compare. its always very vague tho due to opinions but in any case good luck~


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