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Rubico Prime not reloading in Eidolon fight


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This happens 90% of the time after emptying clip, it just wouldn't reload, and animation is buged as well. Instead of holding Rubico Prime my frame is holding melee weapon(Sarpa in my case). I have to swith to secondary and back to reload. Super annoying.

It appears to be happening only in Eidolon fight. Tried to reproduce it during the day time in POE, but it was working as intended.

It's on PC.

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9 hours ago, arm4geddon-117 said:

There was a known bug with reloading and some arcanes equipped, to me it happened everytime at some point when triggering arcane nullifiers,which i only used for fun anyway in eidolon fights.

Well I am using 2 Arcane Nullifiers...

Can anyone else confirm if they have same bug with Nullifiers or any other Arcanes?

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