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Dear. Operator


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We have an idea about the update you are developing now, so we will put your inquiry. 
I do not know in detail, but will you fight Lotus? Are you developing such an update? 
So my idea is this. 
The developers will make the next update to part1 to part2 or part3. 
Because in a few months since the update, users will want something else. So Part 1 is a story about why Lotus is betrayed, Part 2 is the process of getting the power to confront the betrayed Lotus, Part 3 is hard fighting the Lotus and then the last part is Lotus If you have a scenario for treating and treating with an orbiter. 
Although this game is a returning user who wishes to stay for a long time, but it always feels, the game will always think of updates only when the update is done. 
I do not want you to put in the door, but I'll update it once a month by dividing it into parts, and the user will be ready for the next update or raising expectations. Thank you.

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