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Glitchy text on loading screen



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It happens after you done the war within  it is  orokin words I think and someone has deciphered it 

Void Link Severed

Reason foreign carrier detected. Origin unknown. Suspect tracking signal.

Reinitiating dipolar connection on naval carrier.

Bow in standby for sync check and sync.

Motion compensation complete.

Selenic lensing locked.

Somatic control established.

(Margoolihs) implantation intact.

EVM (Could be reference to Eye, Vocal, Movement) status nominal.

War platform awaiting sync.

Initilizing synaptic overlay... Good night, sweet angel.

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7 minutes ago, GnarlsDarkley said:

slight mistake. It was a teaser for the Second Dream (Quest prior War Within) in October 2015


Oh well... it was a bit close and anyways it doesn't really matter how you get it what really matters is what is it and who is it sometimes (like the man in the wall which spooked me until I pressed 5 accidentally)

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