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Erebus "one with shadows"


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shadow frame idea rough around the edges


1 Bound in Darkness: causes blindness to targets and all enemy in close surrounding area

2 clone of shadow:

                a create clone of self or ally for duration. draws fire but cause no damage (will use specter A.I. but ignore ability)


                b create clone of target enemy. draws fire but cause no damage. dies at end of duration of if initial target dies. damage to shadow transfers to initial target.

3 Drink of Shadows: place small AoE at location using spectral/shadowy hands to draw in enemy shadows (please use titanian's soul animation effect for cosmetics). cause fear and increased damage to targets. delayed explosion affected by number of targets affected. returns damaged(larger) shadow(area) to affected target.

4 animate/d shadows/darkness: cause shadow effects to spring to life(wave effect on shadows) causing damage over time and reducing range of sight of enemys.

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