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Prevent host migration bug


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Host migration in general is a real nightmare, sometime it fails and bring you back to your spaceship losing all mission progress, sometime you get a stuck wave counter in a defense mission or sometime it makes you fail your survival because doors no longer open and you are stuck in a single room waiting for some gentleman Grineer to rescue you.

Please get a dedicated server for Public game hosting. Friend only and Invite only can still be hosted by player but Public game can be a real mess with all those host migration problems.

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Personally im against this idea. I know Host migration can be hell, but we have to work with that.

Dedicated servers, would cost them a lot, and then they bring something out, to make you buy something for real money.

And then some people might get annoyed by that.

Greetings, xKoobo

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vor 6 Minuten schrieb GnarlsDarkley:

The idea sounds nice, but there are enough server issues with login, Cetus, Relay and Forums.

I don't like the idea with a 300~600 ping everytime I play


So you are basically saying that dedicated servers would be worse than selfhosted lobbys?

I'm impressed.

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I know servers cost a lot, but it can be a long terms goal.

An ingame "Host public game" button could be an option too, or to get rid of people who leave mission (that may cause host migration) add a 10 min Public game ban to player who abort a mission before the objective is completed (the squad may still abort the mission safely with a team vote).

Anything that can help to prevent host migration bugs would be nice.

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