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Cetus Drone (Escort) Getting Stuck


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This might be another bug caused by the pathing changes. Our drone got stuck in these trees (right side of the map; Gara Toht lake can be seen on the left side of the picture):


I've attached the original screenshot to ticket #1451532 to provide you with the exact coordinates.



Or maybe it's related to one of these threads:




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Definitely get's stuck on terrain a lot. But my 2 worst experiences are: 1) We reach the waypoint, the drone starts to go up and then get's stuck in mid air. In a plain field. 2) The drone takes a shortcut through the barrier and the bastard goes deeper beyond than 50 units. Of course that means it stops there. On that note, should do something about enemies spawning beyond the barrier as well.

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This happened to me just a few minutes ago when I was playing the recent Cull the Enemy on the last rotation.  I spawned in and the drone was stuck and out of bounds near the Twin Horns cave.  Come on, DE, you're stingy enough with lenses as it is. Don't make it even more difficult to get them.


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