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Buzlok Aiming Possible Bug/Feature?


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Hi, it seems that the Buzlok is quite inaccurate pending to the left of the frame. I mean, it looks like the shots don't even exit out of Buzlok's barrel, but out of thin air a bit to the left of said barrel, or the frame. This is specially noticeable when using the secondary fire mechanic, as I have to severely compensate my aim either even more to the left or right for the shots to be able to reach the tag on the enemy. And because of that it's quite hard to even hit the enemy. Let's say I tag the enemy and I stand still and shoot it, all the shots will get past the enemy, never touching it, unless I redirect my aim.

I'm not sure if it's intended, despite seeming like a bug to me, but I wanted to leave it here for any Dev who knows better to check it out. Tiny disclaimer, I posted this in the Mission area because it seemed the closest to my issue of the given options. If it is in the wrong place I'd like to ask for it to be relocated to the right one.

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