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Exterminate Missions Are Bugged


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Exterminate missions have two major bugs. 

#1 All enemies are alerted upon starting the mission and remain so throughout. Edit: I just tested this again and it seems to be tied to Nightmare mode (or just Death Detonation which was the mission when I tested it).

#2 Only a few enemies will spawn and it will show the green extraction waypoint even though you haven't killed the required number of enemies. You are forced to run to extraction wait for a few enemies to spawn and repeat until you have the required number of kills.

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I had a fissure exterminate that started out with -10 of -10 kills, so the mission was done as soon as it started (then when I got close to extract, the corrupted started spawning in, so I did get my reactant anyway). That was before the last patch, so perhaps that's been fixed.

I just did Sycorax on Uranus. When I had 109 of 164 kills, the marker went underwater and eventually, after about two kilometers without enemies, ended at extract. The marker stayed there, but I went all the way back, out of the water, ran around for a while and eventually the remaining enemies started spawning in (and then I went another two kilometers underwater back to extract). That took around 40 minutes.

Also had several other missions (not on Uranus) where the marker lead to extract before all enemies had been killed. Then when I got to extract, the marker jumped back a couple of hundred meters where some enemies spawned, then back to extract, repeat over and over until enough had been killed.

It's not much fun.

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Well that of the green marker appearing in the middle of the mission has also happened to me for brief moments, but not the lack of spawing enemies.

I suppose what the green marker appearing is a minor bug when the game has no enemies present, not to much of a problem, but the lack of enemies forcing you to prolonge the mission time is indeed not fun.

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