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Dojo Decoration - Economy Rework Needed


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The Dojo Decoration Contest just concluded a few weeks ago,

My clan participated and though we didnt win (WE WILL DO IT NEXT TIME!) i enjoyed the entries and participation by all the clans.

With that being said i noticed that there were far fewer Mountain and moon clans than there were the lower tier clans.

I wondered why that is and tried to get some understanding (ours is a mountain clan),

The biggest problems we faced when creating our entries was getting enough resources , when i raised the concern i kept getting " you have more people , you should already have the resources stop asking for more!" and it made logical sense.

So why did most mountain and moon clans even with decent active members count not even participate?

At first i thought the arbirary x30 cost was the problem (i am still against this multiplier crap for decorations , it should be limited to research) but i realized that is not the main problem.

i will name two very specific things that do this "Polymer Bundles and Plastids", most of the good base items need em even outside of the Dojo and they drop rather uncommonly through Uranus so most clan members are reluctant to donate them,

i myself rarely play any content on uranus cause it is very much like its name - its mandatory Sharkwing components along with the poor waypointing through some of its levels really puts me off, i rarely see anything outside interception on fissures for uranus and Kuva Siphons dont even go near the place and the "defense" on uranus ... i dont know what the original plan was , and though the new map for defense sometimes helps , it isnt always that map , i cant farm resources if i have to guard four different places at different times where enemies get stuck between entrances. And the only reason  i ever go to Uranus is specifically to farm Polymer for some weapon or part i need to build , my polymer count other wise is usually less than 1000. (idont even have all the mandachord and frame fighter scans for uranus i think). There is so much disliked about uranus (even the Frame parts for EQuinox) it feels like DE wanted us to play as little of it as possible.

The other locations where they drop the resources ,it is rather low. I assume the other players feel the same way and hence do not have a stock of Polymers and Plastids on hand (unlike rubedo , Nano spores , Ferrite and alloy plates).

There are a lot of decoration options , and anyone with imagination can make great things , but some things are more fundamental than others , and these two resources are very fundamental to some of those pieces.

So here is my suggestion and request:

Reconsider the Economy of Dojo decorations for Plastids and Polymers , make it a third of what it currently is (or on par with oxium),

Make Uranus more accesible , Have siphons and fissure happen on it frequently, fix the damn sharkwing being mandatory.

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Uh... I did a run a couple of weeks ago, for the Razorback event on ps4. It was the survival mission. There were 3 of us, I was a Nekros. Forget what the other two were. We were in a bigger room just before the extraction with 3 exits shaped roughly like a short capital T. I only needed a few hundred, but the other two, one higher MR needed 5k and the other low MR wanted whatever he could get. We stayed I think until the low MR left in a host migration, and I lost my shield of shadows and rapidly died. 

I pulled a terrify and the remaining 2 headed for extraction. I think that it must've been around 25/30 mins in. I asked the high MR player if he got his 5k (because I got just over that) he said that he did and we parted ways. 

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