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My Idea of A Shape Shifter.


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I’ve seen many shape shifter posts and so it got me thinking of my own that I believe would be better/different. At least as the next warframe after the gore frame. 

I’m not good with stats so I’ll leave that up to y’all to decide, or DE. But the stats would probably be very balanced/even. Whatever those number may be.


passive - shade of color changes the type of physical damage for weapons: dark(puncture), light(impact), and medium(slash). Something like that. So if your weapon does 30 puncture, 40 slash, and 100 impact, the passive would make it all 170 puncture/slash/impact depending on the shade. 

1st - turns an enemy into a copy of itself and causes the enemies nearby to attack them instead. Almost completely ignoring you. The target would be confused about what’s going on until it’s too late. 

2nd - targets an enemy and shape shifts into a copy of that enemy. As long as you don’t attack and only walk/sprint, you’ll go unnoticed. Could allow to capture the target without suspicion until the target is fully captured, maybe even could shape into the capture target which grants you the ability to kill and capture the real one unnoticed? If you become noticed they’ll shoot regardless unless you use the 1st to distract them and when they kill the decoy they’ll move on believing they killed the imposter. 

3rd - could copy the stats of teammates such as power strength, range, duration, etc.. except for efficiency. Or gains buff from enemies depending on the type of enemy: grineer(extra armor), corpus(extra shields), or infested(extra health) by like 2-300%.

4th - causes confusion or panic to all nearby enemies as they would not know who the intruder is. The lower the power strength the less likely they’ll shoot. The more power strength the more likely they’ll shoot at max 160 power strength. Any higher they’ll gain increase in damage and fire rate. Like 260(max + 100) would double their damage and fire rate. And they’ll shoot everybody nonstop, including you, until the last one is standing.    

The origin I pictured was basically this warframe was created to be the perfect assassin. Maybe too perfect. So they tried to eliminate it before it could become a threat but it escaped. No longer knowing good from bad, truth from lies, it wanders the solar system, or planet, trying to figure out its identity. It’s purpose. Until the Tenno came and showed it the way. 

This could be the only warframe whose gender is unknown and could be switched between male and female appearance. 

But I believe we need to make a new support/survivalist warframe. Most people are posting killframe ideas. But that is just my opinion.

Let me know what y’all think and please be civil and constructive. 

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On 2018-10-29 at 4:42 AM, AwkwardLazarow said:

Sounds mostly like Nyx. When I heard shapeshifter I thought something of taking an form of an object/prop. Idk the abilties just seem to offensive and destructive, maybe focus on more defensive abilities

For starters it is nothing like nyx. If that was the case then DE might as well change every single warframe they have or stop making more cause all warframes have something in common with another. There’s no way around it. 

Second this warframe is neither offensive nor defensive. The only “offensive” thing about this warframe is the last ability depending on how you mod it. If you put a lot of power strength then the enemies would kill themselves(offensive) or reduce the power strength to like 40 with over extended and they would be stuck in a stand still(defensive). The warframe itself doesn’t have to engage at all. 

The idea was to make another type of support/survivalist. We already have gara and even khora that provide defense and we have revenant and even possibly the goreframe that provide offense. We need another type of support or survival type which is what this warframe is.

The second ability allows it to blend in and thus not be attacked and the first ability in sync with the second can allow it to calm the enemies down. Basically prevent alarms from being activated in the first place. 

The third was a random idea based on other players’ ideas of copying abilities except I figured copying stats would make more sense. And it would assist with the second ability by making the warframe closely resemble an actual grineer, corpus, or infested. The other part of it requires teamwork and coordination to use but since this is NOT an offensive warframe, it wouldn’t be overpowered. It would require teamwork and the only ability that would benefit from it is the forth. 

The forth is the only ability that can be similar to Nyx except that it doesn’t use any form of mind control. What it does do is use the whole becoming alarmed or alerted mechanic of the enemies against them. As they would not know who to target and your power strength would determine if they attack at all or mow each other down. It would be more permanent. And the first and second abilities could reverse the forth by making them think the imposter has been eliminated. That is the big difference. Otherwise you might as well compared Loki’s irradiated disarmed since it cause them to attack each other as well. But this has 2 strategic uses. To stop the fight or to cause extreme chaos as a big distraction.  

We have enough offensive and defensive warframes already made and I think a new survival and maybe even support warframes should be next. And I was simply providing a more survivalist idea for a shape shifter vs everybody else’s more offensive “copy other warframe abilities” ideas. 

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