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  1. Well I did tried making a grineer Enhanced Frame concept where basically this frame was the ultimate war machine designed for total war domination. But suffered severe injuries in the last war with the Grineer. His body was found and the grineer enhanced him with their cybernetics while also manipulating his memories into serving them. And the fourth ability is summoning an exalted arch gun that could switch to different modes from a mini gun to single burst shotgun to a missile launcher. Not very good with arch gun ideas so that’s up to DE and the community. The rest of the abilities were more focused on his enhancements. Higher and further jumps. Increased melee slam damage and radius. Extremely high amounts of armor. Enhanced melee damage in general. Etc. etc.
  2. Well many have suggested a werewolf concept. Guess it couldn't be too hard to imagine. A frame that was created while experimenting on kubrows genetic codes and such which created the werewolf concept. Alad V did create the Zanuka from warframes. Imagine if one of the frames used had a shape shifting ability that caused one of the Zanukas to become a whole new frame but with a fractured memory And instead of turning back into a regular zanuka, he turns into a more beastly version. Alad V did torture Valkyr. So he could almost be like a brother of Valkyr. Abilities would be complicated. But the only ones that would fit the theme and not be too identical to an existing frame would be like: First ability - could be the slash effect you mentioned but with a 100% permanent slash proc. Second ability - he could do the all four running where he also can wall run and jumps nearby enemies inflict slash proc and damage. Third ability - i was thinking more like he causes enemies to go all agro on each other. Where they start firing at each other in a rage before dropping their guns and trying to stab each other like Michael Myers meets Jason Voorhees. Animals affected would follow and protect the frame. The fear suggestion is already used by Nekros. Fourth ability - I pictured him becoming the beastly kubrow looking Zanuka in this case where he gains increase in slash damage and melee speed. Could have a unique fighting stance mix between claws and sparring. Where he inflicts huge amounts of slash damage and can perform combos along with his first and second ability or lead an army of enraged kubrows or Drahks to inflict a vicious assault. That’s just my opinion though.
  3. Well I did make a fan concept about a Kuva infused assassin. Now I don’t know if the orokin are immune to the infestation the same way the Tenno are. But regardless I’ve seen what happens to a grineer that becomes infested and a grineer that becomes a Lich. So it made me picture a new kind of enemy where they sort of merge the “Old Blood” Kuva with the infestation virus. Whether accidental or not, they ended up creating a new kind of enemy who creates a new breed of enhanced infested. Imagine seeing what appears to be regular grineer that all of sudden looks at you all crazy and starts charging at you like some zombie, growling and all. Once you kill them their bodies just fall. After a few second their bodies of nothing else done to them, burst like an infested pod that spawns an enhanced charger basically. Maybe when the dark red flash occurs before the assassin officially spawns, all the other enemies stop spawning and all of a sudden an endless army of enhanced infested starts popping out and try to ambush you. Could explain more but that would be too much to type. But I definitely feel like the infested needs some more love and that bosses/assassins need to be more challenging. The jackal is still easy for me but at least it isn’t a 3 second kill. Like the Stalker could have 3 health bars and every time you bring his health down you do an animation where the stalker and your frame clash before stabbing him with the parazon. Or maybe if you have a melee equipped you’re frame would do a different kind of animation for that specific melee type. Like how all the executions/finishers are different with each melee type. Definitely feel like fighting the stalker should be more fun. Like parrying his attacks while he tries to block yours. Like some For Honor fight. Zanuka Hunter dies too quickly. I didn’t even know that there was some consequence to being killed by an assassin cause it has never happened to me before. My suggestion for the infested would be like some boil that grows that needs to be removed or else it causes half health and armor while also causes you to lose control of your warframe every now and then mid mission. Either way Zanuka Hunter animation would probably be similar to the new jackal except you rip off its limbs and such during the final animation. I’m all for improvements to currently existing bosses along with ideas for possible potential new ones. DE focuses too much in forcing players to destroy large amounts of enemies to get the job done or to assassinate a boss dozens of times to grind for the parts and resources. It becomes tedious and annoying. I feel like instead of forcing us to spend 30 minutes slaughtering the bosses for new parts or resources, just make the boss more challenging with an increase in rewards drop chances. So that the mission may still take 30 minute or so, but it would be more fun than destroying them over and over and over and over. Instead of the reward drop chance being 10% and the bosses being killable in 3 minutes, they could make the boss battle take almost 30 minutes full of challenges with a drop chance of at least 50%. Or 100% if more than one item drops from the same boss, so at least guaranteed to get one reward. Example: the jackal now has 2 new weapon blue prints but their drop chance is pretty low. If they did it the way I suggest, then the jackal would take roughly 30 minutes to defeat due to the extra challenges/objectives with a 100% chance of one of those 2 new items. Instead of slaughtering the jackal like 20 times just for one blueprint of one weapon. Imagine Kril having 4 bars of health and once you bring each one down you perform an animation where you use the parazon to slash off the tubes on his back. Then the final fight where he has one long bar of health and is having a meltdown, you do an animation where you basically damage his core that causes him to completely combust. But yeah, DE needs to make the game more fun to play. Not just tedious farming and grinding or race to extraction. I personally like teamwork and I try to come up with fun combinations. Like Grendel rolling on Vauban’s arrow pads while boosted by volt. But right now the most popular combos are a rhino buffing a Saryn, a chroma buffing all weapons, or a support frame(wisp) buffing a tank frame(Inaros). Because the objective is either kill everything quickly, one shot bosses, or just survive the onslaught entirely. The old Trials should’ve been what all the boss battles are similar to.
  4. It made me picture Metal Cooler from anime. Basically a robotic being that uses nano tech to rebuild himself stronger to adapt to what damages him before. If but enough damage is done before he could flee, then he can die in one attempt. Otherwise he would come back tougher to beat. Basically have multiple bars of health like the liches and jackal. A lot of bosses should have the same multiple bars of health that requires performing some sort of animation before going to the next bar. Especially for assassins like Stalker and Zanuka Hunter.
  5. I’ve got like a trailer idea for nearly every frame after Inaros. Can’t stop picturing them.
  6. I usually just take a wild guess based on what weapon fits the frame. Like Limbo reminding me of the European dudes who wields rapiers. Or Captain Hook since he wears the same style of clothing. The Karyst was my guess due to it being a curved blade. Like something from ancient Egypt type stuff. And the panthera shooting saw blades makes me think of those old Indiana Jones traps. So those 2 weapons were my top 2 guesses. Also there are less and less types of melees unprimed. The Okina. The Gunsen. Both I picture fitting Nezha’s style. Arch weapons which I’m picturing for Hildryn. Whips. Spears. Nidus and revenant are both mysterious since they are not like the other frames. I just usually take a guess and make sure I have rivens of them just in case. And so far I’ve been 90% correct. I’m sure DE won’t allow future prime frames to be too predictable.
  7. Yeah that won’t happen. They already gave wukong the nunchucks. And the Korrudo is a grineer weapon, not tennogen. The Okina is a weapon that doesn’t have a prime. We don’t have a prime whip either which would probably come out with Khora. The Guandao is a weapon some people want. Also there is the fans, Gunsen. And since Nezha has a feminine appearance, if he wielded the Gunsen with his stance he would be almost like Katana from MK. So Nezha is more likely to have either the Gunsen or the Okina if DE plans to continue releasing prime variants of different types of melee weapons. Could see the prime Gunsen being throwable too.
  8. Well Inaros is an extremely popular/common frame. I can’t get away from him. Even in Elite Sanctuary Onslaught I can’t NOT find an Inaros. It gets pretty annoying. Like his scarabs, players use him to basically leech off everybody else. Point is I’m pretty sure his prime access would be slam packed full of customers. And with everything that’s been going on the past month, DE could probably use that profit. I use Nezha to provide protection for everybody depending on the mission. Like radiation hazard type sorties, I’ll use Nezha to prevent players from being radiated. Course trolls will jump off edges just so they can friendly fire. Really miss the old Amalgam Javlok mod. That mod plus Inaros caused players to kill themselves over and over trying to shoot me. I didn’t realize why they died so much until it literally hit me. Either way, I think the price for Inaros will be much higher than Nezha due to how many players use him even in missions where he is totally useless. And his prime access would probably be bought the most than any other prime. Especially if DE adds any exclusive prime gear that is unique.
  9. Be expecting it to show between now and like 4 hours. If the guy above you is correct then the update will be arriving in roughly 1 hour.
  10. Or use magnetic that increases the chance of the spear landing a hit. Or hydroid being able to grab them with his abilities, plus swim across the water in open world maps. Or frost could freeze the water for a period, maybe even walk on it as he turns the path he takes into ice. Or valkyr’s first ability to grab them no matter which fish it is. Mirage clones to all throw separate spears. Maybe Duality equinox can activated with a spear which the specter will also catch fish and once ability wears off she do the animation showing every fish caught. Volt could stun the robotic fish. Sleep abilities at least slow them down. There are a lot of ways DE could make fishing easier. Give some of the frames more creative uses. But doubt they ever will. Mag and Volt as starter frames would become more useful for sure to new players going into open world maps.
  11. Be nice if the forum did all the translating. Basically you click what language you speak and any and all text(if spelled correctly) would be automatically translated for you. Would make communication a lot easier.
  12. La actualización se realizará entre 11 y 14 horas a partir de ahora. Después de 11 horas, busque el texto rojo en el chat de la región. Eso es todo lo que se sabe. Utilicé el traductor de Google para responder, así que espero que la gramática sea correcta.
  13. Well they have made frames that float. So I guess the next step is making one that slithers. Could be like some weird animation. Saryn’s molt used by her silver grove specter crawls on the ground after you like some zombie. So I could see her slithering around. Maybe her passive is that bullets are more likely to miss while she is “sprinting”. Cause snakes are pretty slippery. Then the abilities would be somewhat complicated. All the things snakes are known for have already been used in current existing frames. Saryn being a toxic and corrosive frame plus her prime being very snake like along with her Molt. Atlas petrifying enemies like Medusa. Khora strangling enemies with her whip. Ain’t that much that can be done. I could see her being able to inflict high amounts of toxic and corrosive damage but only to single enemies instead of spreading like a disease like Saryn. So it can deal high amounts of elemental damage to a single target. Snakes can be very venomous but they don’t spread like a disease. Could also summon smaller ones that attack the enemies and cause panic while reducing their armor with corrosive. Kind of thinking about that Molt that Saryn does except her silver grove specter had a few that crawled on the ground like zombies. Which makes me see her being a very fast moving frame and one ability she travels quickly across the ground, wraps around an enemy, and then poisons them. Her toxic could be similar to corrosive in that it builds up damage over time but only to a single target which doesn’t get passed on. So no matter how tough the enemies are, they are bound to die eventually and quicker than what Saryn could do to a single target. So while Saryn is a horde killing frame, this one would be single target focused. But regardless people will complain that “we already have one of those” so I doubt DE would be willing to make it. Regardless of how different it may be. There’s only 4 elements and 6 merged elements. There ain’t much else for DE to work with since the only elements that frames haven’t been fully based on is Blast and Gas. And so DE is having to focus on other themes which can be difficult to do the more frame they create. And trying to avoid making them too similar is a problem with so many narrow minded people. Gauss and Volt run very differently yet it doesn’t stop trolls from comparing the two. And I doubt things like centaurs would be used. Frames are basically mutated/experimented people. So unless centaurs really did exist back then and the Orokin experimented on them too, I don’t think DE would create one. It would also be some complicated animation too. And there aren’t many abilities for a centaur frame. The few that could’ve been used have already been used on other frames. Would be a weird gruesome story if maybe a warframe somehow merged with its horse. Like due to the infestation part of the body, maybe something blew its legs off along with the head of the horse and the infestation trying to pull itself together before dying, grabbed the remaining body of the horse and merged it. Creating the origin of the “centaur” spoken in myths. Either way, those kind of concepts would be difficult for DE to make. Especially if all people do is suggest a theme with no suggestions for abilities. And I don’t know what else to add that won’t be trolled by others. So I can’t exactly help add to the concepts.
  14. But what is hate speech these days? Simply disagreeing with someone’s unhealthy choices is considered hate speech while their literal speeches of hatred is not. Then anything a person dislike is considered hate speech. Something tells me that the report button is gonna get seriously spammed. And people have made threats to report someone just because they put the LOL down AFTER they threw a fit because nobody revived them AFTER they went down too many times back to back. I had to show DE a picture of the chat when a dude threatened to report us because we didn’t revive him cause he kept spamming his cataclysm. Something just tells me that the report system is gonna get extra abused with their “zero tolerance”.
  15. Really hope the report for “hate speech” doesn’t get abused. People are literally calling anything they don’t like “hate speech”. So if you really have “zero tolerance” then there is a good chance that people will spam the report button over and over. So I hope you pay close attention.
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