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  1. You have no idea the images I’m picturing. Basically the image by image: 1. Grendel see the little xenomorph crawler. 2. Grendel decides to eat it. 3. Grendel feels strange. 4. Spits out a baby white fat xenomorph. 5. The xenomorph grows into the bigger black version, with a giant mouth tongue coming out of his stomach. 6. The xenomorph start sucking all corpus and grineer into its stomach. 7. the xenomorph spits them all back out as little xenomorph that grow into bigger ones. Creating an instant army. That would be the basic description. A lot of drawing would be required. Definitely a creepy Halloween special.
  2. Wouldn’t mind buying a light saber toy version of it. Like if they used the same toy tech to make it. Probably cost like $80-100 based on the size alone. But would be worth it.
  3. They may be the sisters of Parvos. But are they family?
  4. Should do a grendel xenomorph. Have a giant mouth tongue coming out of his stomach. Be a horror show. Lmao
  5. Maybe certain frames. Some passives are very exclusive and others would be OP on others. Be nice to replace Rhino’s. But would OP to replace his with Protea’s. So only passives that are more balanced no matter who has it. Oberon’s may not be too OP but definitely much more useful on Inaros. Nidus, Grendel, etc. are limited to their first abilities. DE would have to redesign them to be more about first ability cast instead. At least as Helminth abilities. Which would still become OP for certain frames. Imagine stacking rhino charge, elemental blast abilities, etc. with Nidus’s passive. Getting stronger with each use due to the stacks increasing. I’m a very creative person. I can already picture hundreds of OP combos just from looking at this post right now. Doubt DE will let it get like that. Some regular abilities are already OP on other frames. Passive switching would break the game. More than it already is.
  6. Definitely needs more synergy. Should make heavy exalted blade attack create a much larger/wider beam slash. Maybe enemies blinded should take increases javelin damage. And while wielding exalted blade, radial javelin should increased damage. Tired of sticking to one ability or the other. I’d like to utilize the full kit on any level. Even my fan concepts I try to create synergy between the abilities. Heck, I wish melee battles were similar to For Honor/God of War. Where you enter into like an animated state where stalker tries to jam his sword into you and you must press buttons to push back. Him have his health in sections and must perform a sort of “mercy” on him to make the next bar vulnerable to damage. I wish they could make melees actually fun to use. As of right now, they are boring and can’t always get the main objective of most missions done, which is killing everything as quickly as possible.
  7. Kind of got me picturing the first ever prime mod set. Showing those same mods but as primes. Maybe with Nidus Prime as the main picture on them. Providing not only bigger main stats, but bigger bonus stats too. Then the effects would sprout prime maggots instead of regular ones.
  8. Yeah I started to experience what you was talking about. Was stuck on 26. Kind of mad. 2 umbra forma’s right in front of me but just couldn’t reach it. With the builds I have planned, I don’t need that many. But would’ve been nice. All the other times it was announced like 2 weeks in advanced. So I figured I could take a break and by the time they say it was ending in 2 weeks, then I’ll do all the recovered missions. The timing plus the bugs were completely unexpected. Not only were we caught off guard, but then got held back by the bugs. Too bad people who spend 24/7 on this game refuse to comprehend. This is clearly not their problem, therefor not their concern, therefor their opinion is invalid. That’s like some anti-dog person responding to a dog loving post.
  9. Seems logging out then back in speeds up the recovery. At least for me.
  10. Feels like everybody is purposefully ignoring your point and trying to use strawman arguments just to annoy you. Every other nightwave they warned us like 1-2 weeks in advanced. This time it was only 2 days. Not everybody spends their time on the internet obsessed with every detail of a single game. Some people still willing to get logins will check the news. If there’s nothing there, then it’s not their concern. Nor should it be. People shouldn’t be forced to put everything else on hold cause DE might hold some information back and wait till the last minute to put it in the news. It’s like everybody is blaming you for NOT being a no life. 2021 is a very strange year indeed. Everything is reversed. What’s right is wrong and what’s up is down.
  11. Too bad I’m not allowed to complete all my missed weekly missions since it’s stuck on just the syndicate mission one. Which those missions won’t refresh till tomorrow noon. Lovely.
  12. I’ve used the weapon. It is definitely nerfed. Numbers don’t always mean everything. People should know that by now. Ember’s fourth ability was completely changed. Some see it as better while others see it as a nerf. it’s a nerf to those who like to run through maps, especially weak ones, and burn everything in their path. Made syndicate missions easier. While it’s considered better for those who don’t rely on the popular press 4 and forget strategy. Now she has an ability that can do a lot to tough enemies. For the simulor, it’s even more tedious to use especially with its lack of range. Being able to fill the room and detonate all of them at once made up for its lack of range. But now you have to detonate a lot and it’s tedious to pull off against enemies that love to keep their distance. The list of updates doesn’t invalidate what I stated. Nor would my suggestion have any affect on those who don’t care. It’s not like I suggested a complete change. DE could create an augment mod for all I care. Wish some people would understand that numbers don’t always mean everything. I don’t see hardly anybody using it after the change. It’s almost as if it no longer exists. And so far not many in this post is actually contributing to the discussion. Definitely not being constructive.
  13. Sounds like it could be another Grineer theme concept. Like if some frame took fatal damage in a previous war and was revived with grineer cybernetics and enhanced with their artillery. While also getting his mind warped where he believes the Tenno did this to him. So we end up fighting a very unusual grineer but soon learn he is actually a warframe. Could see it being a quest that Steel Meridian gets involved in. Plus his deluxe and prime would show how he looked before the injuries.
  14. Really? 😑 Zangetsu? The whole black flaming cape design looks more like something Sevagoth would have. Harrow is more of some Priest. A PRIME minister. Sorry, had to say it. I just don’t picture home with that kind of ephemera. Him, I picture some sort of ring that appears on the floor around his feet. Like some sort of demon seal. Showing some crazy symbols and such floating around him. Maybe the Orokin were a little superstitious. That or there was a religious group that was against the science. And one just so happened to be used as an experiment that turned him into Harrow. Maybe he could even be somewhat part of the lore. The one that convinced the others to turn against their orokin rulers. Of course I also picture some chains swirling around him.
  15. At first it use to shoot indefinitely. When 5 orbs merge they created a vortex that deals constant increased damage while magnetically pulling everything into it. Then they reduced the damage some but made it where it took 3 orbs to create a vortex. With 200% multi shot, it was a guaranteed vortex every time it fired. Then DE made some slight changes to the graphics that made the vortexes all bright and such. You can see how big they were more clearly. But that lead to entire areas being flooded with bright orbs that made it very difficult to see. Told one dude I was playing with to make the energy color black just so I can see. Hallways were a really big issue to run through with all those vortexes blocking my view. Now DE has made them where you can only have a few vortexes out. The rest of the smaller orbs will just remain as they are until the vortexes are destroyed. Which the quickest way is to use the Alt-Fire button to make them explode which does more damage at a wider range than the little orbs. My suggestion is to simply allow the orbs to continue to merge into the stronger vortexes but exceeding the limited amount will cause the earliest ones to automatically explode. I figured at least 5 orbs would be the perfect amount given their limited range and such.
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