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  1. Well the reason I said “y’all” is cause all I asked for is a slight buff to an augment, possibly to the ability itself but it sounded like you were trying to argue against it. But because chroma is more powerful than mirage, to argue against a minor buff kind of creates a domino effect that leads to the nerfing of another frame. And I’ve encountered too many people that demand too much. I just did the sortie yesterday and I used chroma to fight level 100 Vay Hek. It still took me a good minute to beat him even with over 1,000% damage buff. The armor buff plus the Prime Sure Footed is the reason I survived. I was by myself as everybody else left. So I can honestly say that chroma does not need a nerf. But that still doesn’t stop people from demanding that he be nerf. I like to try different types of warframe combinations. Such as linking my maxed power strength Nidus, to over double any warframe power strength, to a chroma. So your chroma would have over 2,000% of almost permanent weapon damage and almost 3,000% of armor buff. That combined with warframes like frost or Gara makes the toughest barriers. Combined with a Safe Guard Nezha would create tough halos for all the teammates to increase survivability for all. Me and 2 guys(Nidus, Chroma, and Rhino) all with growing power aura, made almost the most OP squad, all we needed was an equinox with Peaceful Provocation. But after I linked to chroma and he fully cast out his vex armor, I then linked to rhino who stood next to chroma and activated Iron skin. His iron skin was 249k. And his Roar for 36 seconds was over 600%. And equinox would made everything even higher. And don’t get me started on fissures. The armor buff affects many barrier or protection type abilities. But accomplishing such an OP combination has fueled my desire for more combinations even further than it already was. So I like trying to figure out the best combination for EVERY warframe. And for arbitration Mirage was my warframe. So I tried a Total Eclipse build so that my entire team would benefit from the damage buff and be able to go further in arbitration. Also it was a defense so the quicker we kill all enemies, the faster the waves go. So I wanted to reach at least 30 waves before leaving. But since my mirage with an augment is nothing compared to my chroma without the augment and alert buff, the waves took longer and the other players chose to leave at the first 10 waves. It is just a waste of an augment for such a solo type frame. Not to mention that there isn’t much teamwork to do other than the basic “you defend while I kill”. And enemies are getting tougher and tougher and such a squishy frame can not afford to be too weak to kill. Sure her standing in the shade makes her tougher, but then she is weaker. And as you try to move you’re constantly shifting between buffs. One misstep(literally) can cost you a life or the mission. But at least now you know. I may be the highest possible rank for a non-founder but I don’t know everything. So I can understand if you didn’t believe me. When I first started there were so many things higher rank players didn’t know. But I found out while I was only MR 1. But the biggest part is that most players are not team players. They don’t pick a warframe or build that’s best for the team. They pick what’s only best for them. Or what they like. Such as a high health Inaros on a high level defense. Forcing me with the 206% rhino roar to be the only one buffing the team. Then that same player will complain that the Saryn that I’m tripling the ability damage, is killing everything even though the objective is to kill enemies as quickly as possible in order to progress forward. While they chose a frame and build that makes them rely on whatever weapons they’re holding. Either the ability itself needs to be slightly buffed or the augment. Or a slight change to make the ability combine better with other abilities. Synergy I think is the word. Otherwise mirage is just good for new players that don’t have a chroma and the right equipment to use his ability properly. I just want mirage to be as good as the other frames. To be a better team frame.
  2. What do you mean “way higher” have you not used chroma before? Chroma can go over 1,100% and has the armor buff on top of that. Mirage barely goes over 800% and requires you to be in lit areas. The math is 2x power strength to equal to mirage’s weapon damage buff. 2.75x power strength to equal to Chroma’s weapon damage buff. So no, mirage’s is NOT “way higher” than chroma’s. On top of that her Hall of Mirrors aren’t affected by eclipse. So can only double the damage from mirage and her 2 front clones. So that is barely equal to chroma but requires more energy to use. With limited movement. You need to use both more often. And why did I use mirage? Cause I like to use different warframe’s, duh. Just cause mirage is a solo frame doesn’t mean she should be weaker than team frames. Being a solo frame should mean she is stronger, not weaker. Brush up on your math skills. Get a chroma and mirage, then apply the same power strength build to both. Chroma is higher. And doesn’t require being afk in lit areas. And he can apply the buffs to his squad without so much range. What is with y’all in making false assumptions and excuses to nerf decent warframes just cause some people know how to use them properly and better than y’all?
  3. To put it bluntly, the augment Totally Sucks. It is way too short of range. The augment clearly is design for teamwork but that requires the whole squad getting into a group hug just to benefit from the ability. I made a 265% range build for arbitrations and even with the power buff the eclipse is still nothing compared to Chroma’s vex armor. The range is about as long as chroma’s without range mods. If players aren’t gonna cuddle with mirage, then her augment means nothing. Her augment definitely needs a better buff. 2 options: 1). Increase the range. Instead of 5m maybe make it 15-20 like every other warframe so with the range mods it could reach over 50m. Which would affect the entire squad within the area. 2). Make it permanent for teammates until duration wears off. Basically if teammates come near mirage with her eclipse activated then no matter how far they go, the eclipse buff is permanent on them until the ability itself wears off. Like a combination of Rhino Roar and the augment Everlasting Ward. Of course other options like maybe eclipse causes her to absorb light energy like Superman and when she activates her forth ability Prism, she channels all the eclipse buff into her prism to make it do more damage but reduces the eclipse duration to 0. But the more power strength and duration, the more the prism gains. Maybe add a little bonus to her clones if they are activated while eclipse is activated and while standing in lit areas. Like she channels the light into her Hall of Mirrors to increase their buff until either abilities wear off. But that augment definitely needs a buff. Maybe the buff could be that it adds those bonuses to her other 2 abilities. I don’t care. But that short range has got to change. It is a complete waste of space. And I’m a team player. Probably the biggest team player in the entire solar system. So it is infuriating that such an augment would be such a waste. But that’s just my opinion. Well mine and couple of guys I know.
  4. Well for starters Chroma requires self damage in order to successfully activate. So I can understand why his buff is a little bit higher than mirage’s. However mirage having to be in lit areas complicates her ability too much for such a low buff in comparison to chroma who also has an armor buff on top of weapon damage buff. Mirage is just too “squishy” for such complications. Her eclipse doesn’t affect her first ability. So the first ability simply adds to her third and makes her survivability slightly higher. Rhino increases ALL damage, that includes ability damage. And my rhino with the highest power strength build currently possible has a roar of 206%. Which is 3.06x all damage. Which includes mirages clones. If they are activated before the Roar is activated. Which makes Rhino the best partner for a killframe like Saryn or Equinox to be paired with. Many complainers don’t even realize that a rhino is making a crowd destroyer more destructive. So they complain about how “OP” a Saryn and such is out of pure ignorance. I’ve personally witnessed it multiple times. Then Mirage’s augment Total Eclipse is TOTALLY USELESS. You have to stack on like 250-280% range just to be able have the same radius as a short range chroma. People love using the “chroma requires self damage” excuse but his third is like 5x greater than mirage’s. 1). Chroma reaches a higher buff. 2). Chroma has weapon damage + armor buff at the same time. 3). Chroma can now buff nearby allies at a decent range. 4. Chroma can recast the third to keep the max buff going forever as long as he has energy. 5. Chroma does NOT need an augment to make it slightly better. Now I’m not asking for Chroma to be nerfed. Just for mirage to be more useful. Like making eclipse affect the clones, the augment either has a much higher range or just make the ability itself affect teammates. Something like that. The ONLY advantage the eclipse has, is that it requires just a push of a button to use while chroma requires damage. For new players that may seem awesome. But for experts like me, it sucks. My chroma has Prime sure footed so I don’t get knocked down and I use a glaive prime to damage myself and my sentinel instantly restores my shields every now and then. So it only take me like 5 seconds longer to fully cast my ability and it technically lasts forever. So for just 5 seconds longer I basically have a permanent, higher buff that affects other players. For arbitrations if my warframe is a chroma I have a range build just so my entire team can benefit from the buff. Allowing us to destroy the drones along with enemies. Mirage’s eclipse just need a little buff to make her more useful. I’ll even accept that her third ability gets channeled into her forth to make the forth do more damage. Like if you activate eclipse and stand in lit spaces, she channels all the light she basically absorbs and focus it into her prism. Maybe even reduces the duration time on the eclipse to 0 for a much higher damaging prism. Either way she needs a buff. Chroma paired with a Nidus is OP. While mirage is basically useless with other frames. She is basically a solo frame. I made a range build for my mirage for arbitrations. I tested it out and omg it was a pain to watch. Even with the power buff she still couldn’t go as high as my chroma without the buff. Then her augment range was still super short, about as long as my chroma with no range mods. Then the fact that I had to stay in lit areas to keep the damage buff. So basically it was like I had to go AFK since there are too many shadowy spots. Her instant cast means nothing to me. Her clones don’t make much of a difference since they aren’t affected by eclipse and that requires more energy. I was able to figure a way around the complications of Chroma’s vex armor. But there is no way around the complicated squishiness of mirage’s eclipse. Only a solo player would like mirage. And there are too many of them in public matches. Makes Arbitration a pain since many like to get themselves killed and host migrate the game over and over cause they chose to not be a team. And DE is all about teamwork. At least that is what they claim.
  5. Kind of got me picturing crazy abilities like being able to summon a giant roller that he rides on to move at great speeds but less directional control. But it comes with other abilities such as being able sprout spikes for puncture or blades for slash. Could flatten enemies that are in its path. Basically a very Looney Tuney ability. Could also bypass nullifier bubbles but just function as a normal ball. Can be knocked off the roller but then it just keeps moving in what ever direction until it hits like a wall or something and blows up. Dealing impact and blast. Maybe energy color determines what special effects it has or could be one of those you hold the button to switch between different arsenals. I could see him creating a wall of rotating cards that deflects bullets. Basically the cards spin whenever bullets hit them. The more range, the greater protection. But short duration. When timer runs out or you cast ability again he sends them flying into nearby enemies and they explode. If no enemy is nearby then they just fly off in whatever direction they are facing. The more power strength, the more damage they could do. Now his laughing I could see being able to cause different effects. Depending on energy color or arsenal switching. Like a raging laugh that causes him to become the center target of all enemies. Even bosses and assassin hunting a specific target would target him instead. And their aim become sloppy. Range determine how far his ability can reach the enemies. Another one could be where makes the enemies laugh too. To the point they fall on the ground basically a ROTGLOL. And leaves them open to finishers like when you knock an enemy down and then you take your sword and stab them. Doesn’t work on machines. (Every frame has weakness). Could also see a crazy maniacal laugh where he sounds a lot like a manic and he gains a damage reduction. And he causes enemies to shoot less due to the fear he brings to them. Causing them to shake. Being that he is such a clown and no doubt is prepared for people to get violent. I could see his passive making him have the fastest recovery from knockdown. Like 400% higher than any other warframe. Which can make him such an annoyance to all enemy factions. I can also see him having abilities similar to emotes where he does some sort of performance that distracts enemies before he unleashed some sort of trick. Like him sticking his hand out shocking enemies close enough for a handshake. Basically activates then you run up to any enemy for him to shock them. Or he gives them a card and quickly does like a black handspring before it explodes. I could see him throwing cards into the enemies weapons which disarms them. Could even inflict elemental damage to them based on energy color. Last I could see him creating 2 separate portals where anything can pass through one and out the other. Including bullets. The range determines how far apart the 2 portals could be from each other. If placed right you can kill enemies around corners. Without the others knowing. Basically you throw a mark down and once you set it in the direction you want it to face, you set a second one down and establish a link. Otherwise you’ll just walk pass it. A different color on each side determines which direction it is facing. Now this ability would make him more like a magician than a jester. Many of these abilities could used together such as the rotating cards and his enraged laugh. His passive plus his giant roller. Basically the main thing about his abilities, is that he always has a trick or treat up his sleeves. But that’s just my opinion.
  6. Basically as the title suggests, is there any chance that we could have an additional mod slot on warframes that only an augment can go into? At the very least for Prime Warframes? Cause there are some cool augments(most tend to be useless) that make the warframe different. That give you another way or method of using the warframe. Such as Equinox’s Duality augment. But I hate how in order to equip an augment means weakening your builds. Some augments helps make the builds better like the Peaceful Provocation that actually adds more power strength instead of just taking it away completely. So it would be nice if a new mod slot next to the Exilus mod slot could be added that is only for augments. So the only thing that changes is the how the warframe is used rather than the entire build. I know many probably already asked or discussed this. Many will agree and many will disagree. The only thing that comes with this suggestion is simply a better warframe(not entirely a stronger warframe). It is not a huge buff and it is not like any other mod can be placed in the slot. It would allow for multiple augments at the cost of lowering a specific stat but at least one being able to be added without changing our builds would make the experience or gameplay more interesting, at least to me. That’s just my opinion anyways.
  7. Honestly, I’ve been thinking of a Mutalist Zanuka Hunter for Mutalist Alad V. I can see it being able to inflict viral or toxic slash damage and shoot Acid Missiles. I can even hear M. Alad V saying something like “how do you like Zanuka? New and improved. The pinnacle of perfection”. Could be something added like as an assassin for completing infested type invasions. Could even drop parts for an infested type weapon. Like a Mutalist Detron. Either way. A sentient styled Zanuka would be crazy. I could see the sentient wolf-like helmet being on the zanuka. Being able to inflict Tau type damage. I can picture it right now. God I wish I could draw. Hate having images in my head that I can’t get rid of or put on paper. I could see it jumping and doing like a barrel role towards its target while shooting the sentient-like lasers before it lands. Can cause impact damage and knockdowns on those who get hit by the role. Or damage them with the Tau lasers fired during the role. MY UMBRA HUNGERS FOR BATTLE!!!
  8. Man I’m starting to see a possible return of the J3 Golem as an open world event. Like there is some sort of eclipse happening but very unusual so we go and explore it just for it to turn out to be the ginormous J3 Golem. And our job is do as much damage to it as possible much like many other events before it is gone. Could even be a method for DE to add a new Infested Arch-Weapon. Or even an Infested Arch-wing for Nidus. Already got a dozen ideas for the appeance and abilities. Man DE needs to hurry up and make an Infested Open World. 😤😤😤
  9. Most of the names or titles in warframe come from other languages so just know that I think your suggestion is AWESOME.
  10. Well considering the high capacity allows for the Sacrificial Mods and with both and at rank 40, it does over 140% more damage against sentients even the new Sentient Wolf. And has the ability to remove the adaptation from sentients and even the stalker. It is known as the “Sentient Slayer”. Be nice if DE added more sentients to kill instead of having to go to the moon to hunt them or wait for the stalker to show. But clearly this weapon is meant for more. It also has a high critical chance and a riven I have plus the Sacrificial mods makes it nearly 100%. I still use this weapon regardless in case the stalker shows up. Then in the hands of a Surging Dash Umbra, the weapon becomes OP with Bloodrush and body count. I was able to one-hit the stalker. No other Orokin Weapon has the ability to slay sentients the way this one does. Every weapon has a purpose. This weapon’s purpose is killing sentients. And according to DE, there are going to be more. Now what I wish is that the War had a better purpose. So many weapons make the War look like an April Fools joke with how easy it is to obtain them vs the War. Being that it is a sentient weapon, part and host of the sentient Hunhow, I figured it should have the unique capability of adapting to the enemy’s weaknesses. At least while channeling. Where it can deal damage of whatever the enemy, that is hit, is weak too. It is all about how you use it in the end.
  11. Well for starters it would be nice for like a Prime Multishot Mod that gives 100% multi shot for arch-guns. And maybe a Prime melee damage mod for the arch-melees. And maybe at least 1 Prime elemental mod for both to even them out with the other weapons. Now the only prime mods I like to see is for the arch wings. Like a prime range, duration, efficiency, and maybe power strength. Now another option that has I’ve been thinking of for like a year or 2 is maybe a derelict arch-wing mission. Maybe we are exploring some blown orokin city and we are ambushed by infested enemies like mutalist Ospreys and maybe even infested Dargyns. Kind of gotten a very big picture in mind, like very big. Some of the traps are even activated where we be trying to dodge and/or avoid lasers and such as we fly through the wreckage. Maybe the objective is simply exploring until we stumble across some ancient artifact that we must retrieve and bring back to the ship. I could even picturing a more Orokin Designed Infested Golem that chases you through the mission. Maybe killing it drops a new Infested Arch-Weapon that we don’t have yet. Along the way we have a chance to encounter an Orokin Vault that has somehow survived the the destruction and we need to use the dragon keys to open it. Inside we could encounter a statue of Excalibur Prime, but I was thinking maybe more like the Odanata Prime on the Excalibur or even a Stalker Statue being he used to be an Orokin Guard last I checked. Either way we could obtain Corrupted Arch-Wing, Arch-Gun, or Arch-Melee Mods from this specific vault. So that people can choose what kind of build they want instead of it being mostly balanced. Balanced, speed, or “tanky” are kind of the only options. Maybe we would want more range, more efficiency, or more power strength. Could even be the key to making the Arch-wings more useful in open world maps. Be nice if DE finally added a Prime Arch-Weapon like a Prime Veritux. Could be added with the Volt Prime Relics. I can picture the weapon right now. Almost looking like a large Skana Prime. Would draw it but I don’t know how to post the pic even if I did. But more base damage, and critical chance, and attack speed. Maybe even some extra range. But a prime Arch-Weapon is definitely missing. Seeing how DE added the Akvasto Prime without any other primes, I’m confident that they can easily add a prime arch-weapon or 2. If they added like Veritix and Imperator primes at the same time, they both could be placed in the same relic. Since both are 2 parts and a BP. That would be 6 total drops. Just saying it would definitely get me playing arch-wing missions more if there were more to do. And to explore.
  12. IKR? Not to mention it is a part of a very powerful sentient and is a pain to farm for. It’s like killing stalker hoping for a powerful sword, but all we get is a butter knife. Literally since impact is its main physical damage. Not exactly sharp. I can understand not wanting the blade to be the only blade but to make it like the most forgotten is definitely too much. They wouldn’t have to change the stats. Just add like some unique damage adaptation while channeling or whatever passive to it, and it would be good. Won’t stop me from using the paracesis against sentients. Or heavy slash against infested or debuff armor/shield enemies. And guns are used the most to kill while melees aren’t used as much. Melees could do more damage than a gun up close. Putting a bunch of holes vs completely slashing them to pieces. Many would choose a sword or a knife over a gun for up close combat. Excalibur Umbra is the only reason I’m even interested in melees since he can bring out their full combo potential.
  13. Well I just recently killed the wolf in like 5 seconds by using invisible Loki and shooting the wolf with the tombfinger. I even completed a riven that requires being undetected at the same time. Being undetected helps do more damage from what I can tell, and that last 5 second fight proved it vs when I fight him and he sees me & becomes alert. The only part that isn’t “fun” about fighting the wolf is when he drops nothing but mods. That basically applies to all bosses and assassinations. Farming for equinox was a pain.
  14. Well I kind of pictured a more advanced set of infested weapons similar to wraiths, vandals, and primes. But with infested. The starter name for them is the Ancient Mutagen Mass that is used as a resource along with a specific infested weapon to build a BP for the Ancient version of that weapon. Don’t know a better name for the weapons so I’m just leaving like that till a better idea comes around. This frame I was thinking is sort of the queen/princess of the infested. In a way. She can turn enemies into unstable infested that support her until they explode and deal damage to nearby enemies similar to the orange runners. Her main purpose is being able to infect and control infested. Can’t control all of them but at the least she can cause them to attack each other. Her main ability is being able to have an army that follows her. Sure it wouldn’t be as powerful as other minion summoning type frames but with so many of them it would be hard for the other enemies to get to her. And they don’t last nearly as long as they are ticking time bombs. But the fact that they rush the enemies definitely makes use of their unfortunate suicide. In a way she can make a wall of unstable infested that makes enemies focus more on them. However, if the enemies are high level enough, they can quickly take them out so for high level mission they would be a good distraction. I was thinking that the way her abilities work is that she can have a lot of infested allies but the more she has the weaker they become. So for example let’s say 1 infested ally has 10,000 health and can do like 4,000 damage at a high power strength. If she creates 4 infested allies, they would be 2,500 health and 1,000 damage. At 10, they would have 1,000 health and 400 damage. Not to mention that lower duration would mean they would be quicker to explode so they could do roughly the same amount of explosive damage, like 2,000 each, regardless how many there are. It would be the one thing that would make lower duration useful. Now how high the duration could go would be up for DE. I was thinking that maybe the more she has the less duration they each have so like 5 seconds could be the base amount while duration mods determine how much more gets applied to each additional ally. Like a (5 + ((5 x 1 x duration mods) divided by # of allies)). So if duration was 200% and the allies were 5, (5 + ((5 x 1 x 2) divided by 5)) = 7 seconds for each. That is a sort basic math. DE would have to determine that. But from my experience in playing this game with Nyx, Nekros, Atlas, and Inaros, I feel this wouldn’t be OP. Now maybe if my Nidus linked to her and increase her power strength and/or Rhino Roared with enough range, then they would be considered OP but that is the point of teamwork. Basically her origin could be that she kept mutating unlike Nidus, and turned into a giant infested boss that summons swarms of infestation onto the Tennos. Roaming the open world map spreading infestation like a plague. Once taken out, the infested boss drops the parts, maybe even BP(unless dropped from the completion of a quest), needed to build the frame. Once built maybe we were able to neutralize or stop her mutation. Maybe using the same method used to kill the infested nests and boss. But she would be the source of the new resource similar to Nidus being the source of the Helminth Charger. Maybe she creates a sort of Ancient Mutagen Mass every now and then that can be used to to craft the newer more advanced infested weapons. And she can make the weapons more useful since she could also amplify them with one of her abilities. She could use 1 infested ally to destroy, many to defend or distract, or even use them to do lots of damage. Of course that requires her to kill enemies with her abilities. She can’t just shoot them or slash them. So it wouldn’t be that easy to create an army unless she had a Nidus and/or Rhino on her team. And the allies would be quick so they could easily keep up with her parkour running. Also I was thinking that since they would drop health orbs after death that would replenish her health that was used in the process of using her abilities that sort of stretches her so thin. Literally. The infested are practically a part of her. Now there are still other ideas on other abilities. With the infestation, there is a huge variety of options to choose from. But these abilities would make her the Queen of The Infested. She can turn them into infested(after killing), toughen herself and infest the weapons, her passive would amplify the infested weapons and companions like Djinn or Helminth charged including those turned by her abilities, then she can send the infested allies into a violent rage that makes the allies gain a damage buff while sending swarms of infested locusts onto the enemies that can turn them into more infested allies. She uses health to buff the weapons since she is basically extending herself, her body onto the weapons. But the health orbs dropped from the fallen infested allies would replenish her health. So even if her army is gone, she would still be the more dangerous of them all. I could even hear her having her own kind of howling screech like the juggernaut except more high pitch that causes the allies to charge after further enemies instead of just being her Guard Dogs while her loud screech would stun other enemies. Her unleashing locusts looking bugs from her body onto enemies would be pretty hard to watch, even for me. And enemies killed while being attacked by them would also become infested and be affected by her screech. Basically using a big, or small, army for defense and offense or better survivability. I’m stilling thinking of ways to make her more unique. A lot more different and tricky to use. Ways that can combine her abilities or even other players to make her more “OP” but not too much. I don’t know the entire math of the game involving health, strength if the enemies, etc. to be able to not make a frame too OP. But regardless any frame in my hands would become OP since I strongly believe in teamwork and always find ways to combine multiple frames into a single, very godly, OP team. I’m all for other options.
  15. Not quite what I was getting at. That “uniqueness” as you put it, is simply a difference. I’m talking about something that no other weapon period could be compared to. Especially since this is such a painful to farm weapon. Just for something like a gram, galatine, and fragor primes to make people forget its existence. Not to mention it being of sentient design and part of a powerful sentient known as Hunhow. Makes the whole thing a waste if impact instead of slash is the only thing it has in comparison to other heavy blades. Kind of missed the point.
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