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  1. Fourth ability made me imagine him wielding an exalted Galatine with really long range and his constant blinding, at least reduced accuracy, allowing him to get in closer, he would definitely split enemies in half. But the whole light concept has been used for equinox, mirage, gara, and don’t forget Excalibur. Especially the blinding part. So might want to be careful about abilities. I personally wouldn’t mind but some people aren’t so open minded.
  2. Well maybe the next batch could satisfy y’all both? Could see a Kuva Javlok. Maybe with some added bonus of pulling far away enemies closer before exploding when thrown. And it definitely be nice with the Amalgam mod for it. The 2 melees like the other guy mentioned definitely sounds like decent weapons to become Kuvafied. Can already imagine the better stats and possible bonuses to them. Especially with the Riven mods I’ve gotten a dozen times for both melees. Feel like we need more melee wielding Grineer. Been thinking of a new bulky, physically strong Grineer that wields the Kurudo. He was my original concept of a grineer that breaks you back except he leaves you vulnerable on the ground for a bit, not completely kill you. Tired of the shoot and run tactic. Like to have enemies that I can actually fight against. Be also nice if DE made Melee 4.0 allow legit melee combat between 2 being using melees. Like a timed swing can allow you to parry Stalker’s blade and vice versa. But anyways, since DE release more than just one Kuva weapon, I could see all 3 mentioned being released in a future update.
  3. Well at first all the frames were decent fit like builds. Then someone requested a fat frame, I may have thrown in ideas for all 4 abilities(which is what Grendel has), and the frame came to exist. Maybe we could have a frame that doesn’t follow your typical well formed bone structure design like the others. Maybe this frame has always had issues with his looks. Like people just didn’t like how somewhat deformed he was. Maybe he has large arms with a hunch back. Sort of a gorilla stance. Maybe he was a loner due to how people treated him. So he kept to himself. Maybe his passive causes enemies who get too close to run away in fear. Maybe like a 10% chance. Pretty tanky but lacks in speed due to his deformity. Probably uses extreme brute force. Such as grabbing enemies, crushing them, then throwing them like a ball into other enemies. Basically looks like a deformed brute, runs like a deformed brute, and fights like a deformed brute. Maybe he uses an exalted hammer that he can knock enemies flying with. Or can enhance the physical impact of weapons. Usually we get warframes that adds elemental or just pure damage. Does things like double fist slams the ground causing it to leave a long trail crack where enemies fall into it similar to hydroid, and leaves them vulnerable to finishers. Now having an Amalgam origin could be a decent way to explain how he ended up looking the way he does. And the sentient technology would explain why a Warframe who doesn’t share the same infested armored origin like the others, ended up being somewhat sentient like them. Could add onto the lore where the Tenno is confused by how warped the frame’s mind is as well as his body. But none the less the Tenno chooses not to abandoned him. After all the frames are a complicated “specimen” and no doubt Alad V could make one of his own but maybe deformed with the Amalgam enhancements. God, you got me picturing like a dozen new enemies purely amalgam. One of them being an Amalgam Zanuka Hunter that has an adaption like passive similar to the Adaption mod. Not a perfect adaption like regular sentients but it can be annoying having to switch weapons over and over. And since shadow Stalker replaces regular stalker, Amalgam Zanuka Hunter could replace the regular Zanuka Hunter once that quest is completed. Can see Alad V saying something like “New and improved. This one won’t be so easy as before, Betrayers!”. But the rest would look like Amalgam Infested with the way they look. Like maybe they are flawed specimens that were locked away. Be almost like the corpus version of Ghouls. Could see part of the quest where you walk into some strange lab where they get released and Alad V is like “oops, wrong button. Hehehe”. And along the way you eventually find the new frame. Man, I can’t get Alad V’s voice out of my head.
  4. Well alad V did torture Valkyr and made zanukas from other warframes. I wouldn’t be surprised if he made his own idea of a warframe. Maybe one that is similar between Valkyr and Revenant. Revenant isn’t your typical warframe compared to the others. Probably say something like “now Tenno. Time to meet your... match.” My idea for a grineer styled frame would be something like he was a war machine that became severely injured and the grineer captured him, upgraded him with grineer cybernetics and arsenals, and brainwashed him into serving them. But the grineer creating their own warframe would exactly make since considering the warframes’ origins. Something tells me that Nidus was probably the very first attempt of making a warframe which mutated and became more infested. Could see his prime or rather Derelict version revealing that he was the first. And basically he was locked away in the abandoned orokin city known as Derelict. And practically forgotten. But other than some creation of Alad V or some sick experimented upgrades on some other unknown frame, I don’t see any other possible way for an amalgam frame to even exist outside their typical origin. Could even have a deluxe skin showing how they originally looked before all the experiments, similar to Valkyr’s deluxe before all the torturing.
  5. FrameS, no. However, since Alad V uses warframe, multiples, to make his zanuka, I could see him creating his own idea of a warframe using amalgam technology. Like maybe he created some Amalgam Zanukas, and one of them was made from some shape shifting warframe that was able to turn back into a new frame but with fractured memories of his and others’ pasts. After the Tenno recurs him and “take away his pain” he accept his new identity with a burning hatred for Alad V. And basically he is simply a shape shifting frame that can turn into a Zanuka like some kind of werewolf. And he has amalgam type upgrades. Maybe he could have some sort of Adaptation like passive or ability similar to the mod itself. Maybe his fourth ability he turns into an amalgam Zanuka and shreds enemies. Almost like a male version of Valkyr. But DE making a whole new breed of warframes, yeah I don’t think they’ll ever do that. The primes and possible umbras are the most they may do. Otherwise we would have prismas by now. People got to understand the origin of the frames and how they came to exist in order to figure out how new ones could be made. Which is why I try to give my concepts origins that make sense based on what I’ve seen and heard so far.
  6. They made an app where you check on alerts, news, etc. and build things in your foundry. They could add a new option to go to in order to create your music without having to be in the game with octavia equipped. You’d have to login and have the notes/beats you want. Wouldn’t be hard. I’ve seen games with way more complicated apps than that.
  7. Yeah. Might as well made a drawing to put in to the art section. Would be nice if there were more beats to choose from. Or maybe make a warframe music app where players can make their music a lot easier.
  8. Hey, Stalker mode would be a warframe Friday the 13th. Hunting other players. One player is randomly selected to be stalker and the rest has to either fight him, run, or maybe just complete a mission while the stalker hunts them. And since some players love hunting down/trolling their teammates, this would be a fun way for them to do so without ruining regular missions for everybody else. What I really, really, REALLY hope is that DE adds the stalker helmet. Allow players to make their warframes into their own idea of an Acolyte.
  9. Well I made a concept of a new infested. Basically it was suppose to be a sort of queen of infested swarms. Where she has the abilities to turn killed enemies into her own person infested army that deteriorate rapidly and explode, dealing toxic damage to those nearby. Basically she has less health more armor than Nidus. Being a full infested, she would have no shields. She would also be quicker. But basically picture a slimmer Nidus, with a smooth almost Juggernaut like armor/skin around certain parts. And her body opens release what looks like little flying infested maggots swarms. Like some new plague. Her origin I was picturing a new infested open world map that has a new breed of infested one which has a new open world boss that’s like an infested Hydra. Basically it’s lower half/legs is like a giant spider and it has like 3 long heads that can do different things. The goal is to destroy all 3 heads in order to inflict real damage to the body. Once done the heads will grow back and you repeat. Each time it’s health reach a certain point it becomes more hostile and summons hordes of infested. Releasing giant infested pods that births juggernauts and other pure infested enemies. But basically unlike Nidus, she kept mutating and evolved into this giant queen of infested swarms. When defeated during the quest you gain the BP. Afterwards random hunts in the open world would drop her parts. We don’t have an infested Hammer so I’m kind of picturing her with a juggernaut styled infested hammer. We also don’t have infested arch wing or weapons. So I can kind of see a new infested arch wing and arch weapon that gives off a sort of infested bug like vibe. Like a mantis. Sure you can imagine the abilities the arch wing would have. But basically she her stats would be something like: Health - 450 max Armor - 450 max Shields - 0 Sprint Speed - 1.2 Energy - 225 I can see her also having the regenerative bonus like Nidus. Maybe having 115% energy efficiency instead of 115% power strength compared to Nidus. And her abilities are based around turning enemies into infested that explode and inflict damage. And being able to enhance the infested allies to do more damage. Basically she screeches similar to a juggernaut but closer to Valkyr hysteria. Wish I could draw good cause otherwise I’d draw her out so that players who lack creativity or imagination would know how she would look instead of just comparing her to Nidus. Got an idea for a grineer styled frame where basically he was a war machine that suffered severe injuries and was found and cybernetically enhanced by the grineer who also twisted his memories to make him serve them and the Tenno must help him remember who he once was to free him from the Grineer’s control. Which gave him a very Grineer like look. Could see him summoning an exalted arch-gun as his fourth ability. He would have heavy duty armor and such. Either way, I feel like Nidus shouldn’t be alone.
  10. Be cool if Mach Rush allowed him to run across walls if ran into at an angle. Or allowed him to run while holding certain one handed melees, like daggers, swords, etc., to damage enemies as you rush through them. Also the skid suggestion might get compared to Nezha. Now the second augment sounds very cool. Be nice if the longer he runs the more damage and range builds up. Range and power strength mods simply speed up the increase process. But eventually he runs into a walls and inflicts a lot of damage depending on how long he ran for. Having an alternative way to build it up sounds nice. Third augment sounds pretty cool. But some people may compare that to Ember and Frost’s augments. Kind of picturing him being able to use his third while Mach Rushing to create a fire/ice trail Fourth augment, I’m picturing something more like he generates heat and electricity which burns and shocks enemies as he Mach Rushes past them. And the bolts or flares he releases have a sort of homing effect. Man, I’m just picturing my Gauss with either one of these augments and how I would be able to do more than just run into walls like some spongebob character. As of now I use Gauss purely for fun. I’ve used Vauban and threw arrow pads down which sent a Mach Rushing Gauss flying. I’ve also used volt to speed up a Gauss. Imagine those Mach rush enhancing augments combined with that kind of squad. 😤😤😤
  11. Infested and disarming Loki says “please to meet you”.
  12. You asked why would they have a bow. When the bow is not for sentients. That’s like asking why a Rathalos would need a Rathalos sword in Monster Hunter: World.
  13. 1% for 20 minutes of pure RNG is nuts. Being grinding a lot and still haven’t gotten it. It should be an item that can be purchased for like 100,000 Simaris standing. It would take roughly 4-5 days for high rank players to obtain but that would be better than spending hours everyday for weeks and still not obtain it. Some people got lucky while others have been grinding for weeks if not months. Something has got to change.
  14. All I’m simply suggesting is that the person who becomes radiated/irradiated should not be able to friendly fire. If I became radiated and got killed by my teammates, then it would be MY fault for not being smart enough to avoid it. But when a player purposefully or stupidly gets radiated by Death Orbs, Rad Sorties, or even from a Lich and then kills his entire team? I’ve died a few times from being radiated and I didn’t complain. Except maybe from the Lich cause they be spamming those radiation fields. But most of my deaths from friendly fire came from somebody else getting radiated. So it’s simple. You get radiated, YOU become vulnerable to friendly fire. That would actually be fair. I shouldn’t have to go to recruit to find a radiation immune squad because players are either stupid or trolls. The fact that some people are actually for the idea that they can radiate themselves on purpose and kill their teammates, speaks volume of their intentions. Clearly there are a lot of trolls in these forums. And DE does not tolerate any form of trolling/Griefing . And radiated friendly fire is one of the biggest trolling methods I’ve come across that DE has yet to solve which is very simple.
  15. Okay, I understand that if you’re radiated that YOU’RE vulnerable to friendly fire, but being able to kill your teammates is ridiculous, not to mention one of the biggest trolling. Most of the time it is not the player’s fault, HOWEVER it doesn’t stop those from completely destroying you even if you’re a tanky frame like inaros or high iron skin rhino. I did the sortie not that long ago with radiation hazard and ONCE AGAIN a teammate completely destroyed my iron skin and downed me. DE, you really need to take away the ability of friendly fire from those who are radiated. Giving other players the ability to inflict friendly fire to radiated teammates I can understand being remained. It offers the challenge of avoid being radiated. But this is a very high trolling tactic and players like me who find ways to avoid being radiated shouldn’t be punished or become the victim of trolls due to their inability to, or purposefully, not being radiated.
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