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  1. (PS4)chris1pat8twins

    Critical Aura Mod

    Sure somebody else has thought of this but I can’t find it anywhere so I’m making my own. With all these different damage buffing or power strength buffing mods, I think it is about time for a critical buffing aura mod. Like 20% critical chance + 15% critical multiplier. Something like that. Like any aura mod, this wouldn’t be all that powerful on its own. But if there was a whole squad with this mod then it would be very useful. Make all weapons more useful. Just something to think about. I know a few players who would farm the kubrow dung out of this game if a critical enhancing aura mod came out. Would obviously be a gold aura mod. Madurai polarity. No less than 7 capacity, though I’m picturing more of a 9. Probably have like a picture of Harrow with a rubico on it. Be cool if we had a unique prime aura mod that revealed enemies and loot on the radar. Or increased all damage by like 25%. But that is another story.
  2. (PS4)chris1pat8twins

    Are we going to have to kill space mom? (SPOILERS)

    Well if every movie has taught me anything, is that we will find a way not to kill her. Find a way to bring her back. I refuse to believe this is the route DE really plans for us to go.
  3. (PS4)chris1pat8twins

    Warframe Concept: Fenrir the kubrow-pack frame

    Be cool if he had werewolf like abilities that when he pounces on an enemy and kills them, they turn into wolf/Kubrow looking minions that act like companions. Could make his passive affect all companions the closer they are too him. Like a pack. Stronger together. The more companions, the stronger the bonus. Since Oberon already does health, armor, and shield link, I was thinking more strength and maybe health regeneration plus bleedout time. First ability I could see being like a clawing pounce where he tears a target to shreds. Maybe turn them into Kubrow minions if wanted. Third ability I could see as the howl where he howls(maybe a blood moon effect) that grants increase in critical chance and critical damage to himself and those close by. A couple of warframes already increase speed so I don’t think they’ll allow a third. Forth ability I’m picturing him summoning the kubrows and sicks them onto nearby enemies. Similar to how Nyx’s second ability hunts down nearby targets. Be cool if mods on “Hati” affected them too. Like frost jaw and venomous teeth causing viral damage with the forth ability. There’s other options like him causing the animalistic rage within the enemies to go crazy. Make them go berserk where they throw their weapons down and start attacking each other. Maybe even cause them to turn into “werebrows”, eventually they’ll turn back to normal and pick up there weapons. I have pictured him running on all fours like a Lycan and gains higher jumps, longer wall clinging, can run across the walls with more balance and control. And inflicts heavy slash damage with 100% bleed status effect. Maybe his forth could also make the wild life kubrows on earth come out more and focus on attacking the enemies more. Would be a good way to collect Kubrow mods. With Khora being a maiden I could see this warframe having a sort of Hunter/soldier kind of look. Would go good with the hunter mods. Him having like a kubrow pelt as a syandana. Abilities having a wolf effect applied to them. Like every ability causes him to growl, bark, or howl. Maybe even show like some Kubrow like aura that flashes every time his abilities are activated. Since Khora has a whip, I’m kind of picturing him with an exalted shotgun. Enemies hit but survive are left with a mark that goes hand in hand with the mecha mod set.
  4. (PS4)chris1pat8twins

    Simple Chroma Balance Rework

    Yeah I managed to rebuild some weapons to be better for chroma. Like more critical and stat specific mods. But it complicates the builds. These builds are only good for chroma and it causes me forget sometimes when I’m trying to equip thing quick enough before an impatient player decides to start the timer. Also I play with a guy who can’t seem to make up his mind what to equip. And he is the same level as me, MR 26 1/2. So trying to think of his builds plus my builds makes it very complicated. But so far my chroma only does like 1/4 more damage than rhino with rifles, and like 2x with secondaries. And I still can’t use Void Strike. Maybe if his Vex Armor granted a few seconds of invulnerability the moment his fury reaches its peak then it would help a lot. But to make the range capable of buffing teammates requires making him weaker or duration not last as long. And most players these days don’t care about teamwork. My Nidus can currently double any warframe’s abilities. Making rhino multiply by 5.5x or making the Fury reach as high as 2,000%. Wish there were more critical mods. But I haven’t came across a single Nidus with maxed power strength like mine. And I’m currently working on an even more powerful Nidus build. With void strike, rhino is now the go to warframe for Eidolon hunts. Just wish Chroma could do more for the team or benefit from some Focus Tree. Like a void ability that can increase the multi shot of gun type weapons. So chroma could still damage himself and be able to damage the eidolons more. Chroma is just too complicated right now. And I did manage to get a couple of guys to use him again. Wish he could be more useful. Like if tapping his second ability made his attribute change and it applies like 50% of that attribute to his weapons. Would make him more useful against the Profit Taker.
  5. (PS4)chris1pat8twins

    chroma prime worth it?

    Best way to make chroma more useful is to focus more on non-pure damage mods. Like elemental or physical enhanced mods, multi shot(cause that doesn’t really increase the damage but the number of bullets fired and more bullets means more damage). Then there’s the critical mods. With mods like serration for rifles being removed for chroma’s ability to take up the role, you can make the weapon do a lot of critical damage in its place. Since elemental and physical damage is increased by chroma’s ability plus more space for critical mods, you can make chroma do about twice the damage compared to a build that uses pure damage mods with a rhino. But it still requires damaging yourself so Madurai Void Strike is best used by rhino. I still feel that chroma’s damage buffing should still be higher since it only affects weapons. And won’t need Void Strike to beat a Hydrolyst. Also Vex Armor can be recast over and over to keep the buff going while rhino has to wait till it wears off before it can be activated again. So if you reactivate it in the last few seconds, you won’t have to damage yourself again. I did the test in the simulacrum and compared the damage difference between the slightly different weapon builds and the rhino. The simulacrum isn’t always reliable since alerted enemies take less damage and unalerted enemies take more. So you may see enemies die quickly by abilities while others of the same type don’t. Just be aware of that so you don’t make the same assumptions about different warframe abilities doing more damage than others. Definitely requires an open and more creative mind.
  6. (PS4)chris1pat8twins

    Best amp for eidolon hunting currently

    I use the Shwaak prism, Propa scattfold, and Certus brace. I believe the number would be 277? Kind of new to this number code thing. The reason is because the Certus brace has the highest critical chance making my normal fire 30% critical and my alternate fire 50%. I use the Propa scattfold cause it delivers a very powerful explosion that can hit multiple enemies in close space. Last I still use the Shwaak prism because it has the best firing in my opinion. For starters, one shot can hit multiple targets and does a good amount of damage. Easiest way to wipe out vomvalysts. Plus Madurai Void Strike makes it worth having a single powerful shot to take out shields. My 277 amp can reduce a teralyst’s shields very quickly on my own. My alternate fire can do over 4,000 damage to the shields every now and then. Second most common damage number is almost 3,000. So I can take out a teralyst on my own which gives my squad time to charge up their Void Strike to take out the Gauntalist and Hydrolist. Using the same prism, they can one shot the shields of both sentients and the guy with the Rhino can shoot off the limbs of the Hydrolist while I can easily shoot off the Gauntalyst’s. I’ve tested the amp and it works for me. Don’t always have the perfect team though.
  7. (PS4)chris1pat8twins

    Chroma Vex Armor Fury Buff.

    Now that I’m thinking about it. Chroma could be useful for focusing more on other non base damage buffing mods. Like if you’re using a melee and stack up on critical chance, critical damage, speed, and combos, chroma would be more useful than rhino. Rhino would be better for pure damage builds. But chroma could be used more strategically. Like if you have a 100% critical chance, 8x critical multiplier, and like 1.8 melee speed, plus blood rush, chroma could be the one that increases the base damage more than rhino. Like the base damage is 200, chroma would turn it into 2,000 and the critical would make it 16,000. While with rhino, 200 x 8 x roar = 1,600 x 3 = 4,800. Then all that speed and combo multiplier. Maybe if DE added more mods to make weapons better that don’t focus on the base damage as much. Like more critical mods, then chroma would be more useful against high difficulty bosses. Something to test out later.
  8. (PS4)chris1pat8twins

    above level 30 cap? for frames..

    I think the paracesis is an exception because of the umbra mods. It is a sentient killer so umbra mods would make sense to add but instead of umbra slots(only for umbra) they made it reach 40. It is not a normal weapon like the others. So I have no problem with it. The rest, the other commenters have already covered.
  9. (PS4)chris1pat8twins

    Chroma Vex Armor Fury Buff.

    Yeah but that requires being close to chroma while rhino requires being close for a second. My rhino build has 206% roar, 145% range, and 36 second duration. The only benefit of chroma would be the armor buff, but Nezha can do a better, less complicated job. I’ve done many tests, even with chroma loving players, and we all agree that chroma’s Fury needs a little buff. Being able to multiply the weapon damage by 4x to 6x, compared to Rhino’s 3x, would help and make him more balanced. Especially since players use less range most of time so teammates barely benefit at all and it requires sacrifice to use which can be risky and it only affects weapons. Basically too many downsides to the ability compared to Rhino’s upsides. I know a guy who loved chroma. I would combine my rhino with his chroma to destroy any boss. Not to mention my nidus doubling his power strength. We even did fissures where my nidus tripled his doubled power strength and his second ability made his health over 5,000. His fury was over 4,000. But now, rhino is the best option for buffing. I really want to have an excuse to use chroma again. But until DE buffs his Fury(not to before the “fix”), I have no use for him. And many people I know are pretty upset about it.
  10. (PS4)chris1pat8twins

    Simple Chroma Balance Rework

    Huh? When is the last time you used chroma compared to rhino? His buff only stacks additively with the weapon mods while rhino multiplies the overall total damage. Chroma is only used by those ignorant of his change/fix/nerf. My lanka does 15,000. Chroma barely increases it to 20,000. While roar triples it to 45,000. Because Fury only increases the base damage(meaning without the mods) while Roar increases all damage. That is why less people even use chroma. Not to mention the Madurai Void Strike is suicidal for chroma’s ability but not for rhino’s. Otherwise chroma would one shot a Hydrolist, which he doesn’t. Cant even one shot a teralist anymore. So he no longer has the highest damage buff. Rhino does. I’ve done the math and did many tests with these frames. With multiple people to confirm it. Chroma’s Fury is super weak even as high as 900%. While rhino at 206% triples the total damage. For example: if you get enough mods to increase the damage by 900%, chroma adds another 900%. Which makes the total 1,800% increase while rhino at 206% roar over triples the 900% increase plus the base damage. Which makes the mod damage bonus 2,700% plus the base damage of the weapon being tripled. So a damage of 100 turns into 1,000 by mods then 1,900 by chroma while it becomes 3,000 by rhino. And the damage can still go much higher with mods, especially rivens. So every mod damage bonus is tripled by roar but not affected at all by Fury. No modded weapons = chroma better. Fully modded weapons = rhino better. Plus Void Strike = rhino is always better. DE should change that. Make the Fury percentage go no higher than maybe 500% but change it to multiplicative instead of additive. That would be a fair balance since it only buffs weapons and requires a bit of a sacrifice. In my opinion anyways.
  11. (PS4)chris1pat8twins

    Rhino: re-cast 3(Roar)

    I try my hardest to cast at the right time. My roar reaches 206% which helps killframes a lot. I use a lot of energy in one build but my duration last for 36 seconds. Plenty of time to gain more energy. My range is 145% but some players still go too far. So I know the feeling. Combined with an Equinox and nidus, my roar can go over 500%. Not to mention when fissured. Reached 1,396% roar during a fissure mission. One dude lost his mind over it. A guy I know has the same Roaring Build as I do so my maxed strength nidus over doubles(triples when fissured) his roar. Equinox adds 50%(80% with augment mod) to both warframes. Makes me hate not being able buff everyone. Not very many use a high strength rhino and try to buff their team, otherwise I’d keep bringing my nidus to the squad. In fact, I have never came across a single power strength buffing nidus. It is like nobody likes teamwork anymore, except me, or they are unaware on how much nidus can really do for a team. Idk. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. (PS4)chris1pat8twins

    Chroma Vex Armor Fury Buff.

    I’m sure many have made similar posts but none seem to get deep into the calculations. I’ve done many tests with chroma. I don’t know if this was intended but now Rhino is better than chroma in every way. Chroma’s Fury is a lot weaker than before. People focus and argue too much on the percentage size while ignoring one major difference. Vex Armor is additive while Rhino’s Roar is multiplicative. Chroma would have Rhino beat if weapons had no mods. But because they do, rhino ultimately becomes the superior damage frame in the end. Because roar increases ALL damage while fury only increases BASE damage. Then on top of that, Rhino buffs everything while Chroma only buffs weapons. I understand there was some bug that DE chose not care about till the release of Hydrolist, but completely Nerfing Chroma was not exactly fair. Changing the calculations a bit to where it wasn’t too high would’ve been okay but this👇🏻, this wasn’t. For example my lanka can do about 15,000 damage(not including critical). Chroma only turns it to about 20,000 since the base damage of the lanka is 525 and chroma increases it by roughly 1,000%. My chroma anyways. While my rhino at 337% ability strength plus energy conversion and growing power Aura, has a Roar at 206% which over triples my lanka’s overall damage. Making it over 45,000. Still not enough to completely one shot an Eidolon, especially a Hydrolist, but with Madurai Void Strike and a coordinated team, it can. Much easier than a Chroma. Oh and the best part? Rhino requires no damage for roar to be useful. Void strike makes vex armor suicidal. I believe Fury should function the same way Roar does except self damage is the key to making it better. Basically the damage done to his health increases the percentage to maybe 300-400%, no higher than 500-600%, multiplicatively. Basically whatever the highest percentage is right now, should be cut in half or thirds and used multiplicatively like rhino’s roar. I believe that would be fair since damage is required and it only buffs weapons. Rhino may be the go to frame for coordinated team ability field wiping while chroma would be the go to frame for solo weapon use. Bringing chroma back into the field. His Fury may be slightly higher than rhino’s roar but it would be balanced out by the required damage and buffable limitation. So my lanka may be buffed to 45,000 by rhino but this change to chroma would make it 60,000-75,000. No higher than 90,000. No more than twice the buff as rhino but limited to weapons and requires a bit of sacrifice. Void Strike would still be better with Rhino than Chroma, but at least Chroma would still be useful without it. I don’t expect the changes to happen any time soon, but I do hope it does get considered. And so does many people I know who used to love Chroma.
  13. (PS4)chris1pat8twins

    chroma prime worth it?

    All warframes and weapons should be used and leveled up to increase your mastery rank. You benefit a lot from having a higher mastery rank. Like extra trades, daily tribute for like your syndicates, or more void traces to be held till you get a certain relic. Plus having every type of warframe(prime or regular) helps you with having more options to choose from. And with DE changing or improving some warframes, it is less regrettable having them. But onto the warframe itself, Chroma has changed a lot since the release of the Hydrolist. Chroma use to be able to do a lot of damage. Which made sense to me. He buffs the weapons to like 8-10x the usual. Making weapons more useful. In my opinion, that is a bit over powered. But perfect for Eidolon hunts. But DE changed or “fixed” his Vex Armor ability where it increases weapon damage ADDITIVELY. People keep trying to compare chroma’s roughly 1,000% to Rhino’s 200% roar but they ignorantly forgetting to point out one ☝️ thing. Rhino’s Roar is multiplicative while Chroma’s Vex Armor Fury is additive. So for an example: Let’s say a lanka with 525 based damage was buffed by either warframe. Chroma’s Fury at 1,000% would make it 5,250 while Rhino’s Roar at 200% would make it 1,575. At first glance that is super good right? Nooot quite. Because if you added enough mods to make the lanka do 10,000 damage, like mine, Chroma’s Fury would turn it into roughly 15,000. But Rhino’s Roar multiplies all the damage, thus turning 10,000 damage into 30,000. Chroma use to be able to turn 10,000 into 100,000. I figured it was a perfect balance since all of chroma’s buff only applies to the weapons while Rhino’s applies to everything. Even abilities. It allows teamwork like equinox or saryn to be able to kill high level enemies. While chroma is more of a lone wolf but now he can’t even be that very well anymore. Chroma is no longer the go to warframe for Eidolon hunts. Rhino is. And with a maxed Madurai Void Strike on your Tenno’s Focus Tree, damaging yourself to activate Vex Armor is literally suicide. Making Rhino and better option. I believe DE needs to recalculate Chroma’s ability to make vex armor increase weapon damage by like 5x. Being that damage is required to use it and it only applies to weapons. Basically cut the maximum percentage of Fury in half and make it multiplicative. Rhino would still be a go to frame for boosting teammates ability damage while chroma would become useful again and bring the weapons back into the spotlight. Now the example I gave you is based on a high damage weapon. Imagine the weaker ones. So while a maxed strength rhino triples the damage, chroma barely increases it by 1.5x. Just letting you know what to expect.
  14. (PS4)chris1pat8twins

    Jötunn (placeholdername) The Giant Frame

    Another idea for a passive is increase in hammer and fist type melee damage. Like 25% damage and an additional 25% speed if the melee is all that is equipped.
  15. (PS4)chris1pat8twins

    Jötunn (placeholdername) The Giant Frame

    Had a very similar idea way back but trolls compared it to Titania. Passive: I was thinking reduced or complete immunity to knockdowns. First ability: simply as Crush&Throw, can expand his hand and grab and enemy as he crushes him and activate again to throw the enemy into more. Second ability: would be ground smash where he expands his fists and slams the ground causing wide vibrations that make all the enemies stumble. Duration causes the enemies to be unbalanced for longer time. Allowing for easier escape or crowd control. Can be performed in the air for increased radius. Third ability: was the sonic clap where he expands his hands and claps. It does impact damage but mainly pushes enemies back. Could cause them to be stunned as their hearing would be off and throw off their focus. Forth ability: could be called Embiggen, where he grows to like the size or bigger than Atlas’s rock minions. But it drains energy to remain in that state. His fists grows a bit more than the rest and he enters into a boxing like fighting stance similar to the Furax. And he dishes out lots of impact damage. His slams could shake the ground within like 5-20 meters depending on range mods that throws of the enemy’s balanced which allows him to continue delivering heavy blows. If the passive has reduced or no immunity to knockdowns, then this ability would also increase the immunity. So while in this state, he can’t be knockdown. For his stats: health - like 500 speed - like 0.9-1.0 energy - 250 shields - 300 armor - 300-500 Origin could involve him being the source of major earthquakes. The source of the continental drift on earth. But eventually he disappeared like all the other warframes and the earthquakes have been greatly reduced. Could be where the myth of Hercules or Goliath came to be. A few ideas but with the most recent warframes, seems that origins stories don’t matter as much. But it would be nice to have more origins to these warframes.