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  1. For starters Sevagoth is not a pirate by any means. Him being the pilot of some ghost space ship does not qualify him as a pirate. Just cause it looks like some future Flying Space Dutchman, does not make him a pirate. There is absolutely nothing about his appearance nor his ability kit that makes him a pirate. Next, just because there is another water based frame coming, doesn’t mean we should change the current one. There are dozens of elemental abilities. Why should we be forced to stick to only 4? We shouldn’t. Creating multiple frames of the same element/attribute, especially wi
  2. You’re making me imagine a new kind of polarizing evolution. Basically when you polarize the pet and it reaches level 40, it becomes a juggernaut. A very noticeably different one but comes with an alternative skin for those who want theirs to look like the original. And maybe gains new mods to allow it to fight similar to a juggernaut. Similar to how a kavat gets infected with the vampire like ones then you create a vampire kavat of your own. Basically the charger reaches 40 then you’re given the option to have it mutate or evolve into the tanky juggernaut. Also m
  3. I’ve tried suggesting something like this before but got told by some random that it would be pointless. Along with some insults.
  4. The few changes/additions I feel should be done are: Ability 4 - turn Effigy into an sentinel. Instead of sitting in one place, it follows Chroma like a sentinel. Holding while active can channel and send it flying into enemies then it returns. Ability 3 - Vex Armor gets changed into a channeling ability that channels the shields and health into the buff instead of waiting for enemies to attack. Waiting is either too long or too risky depending on enemy level. And becomes a pain when in public games. Channeling shields and health would be no different than self damage. Also could buf
  5. I feel that frozen enemies should also receive increased impact damage. So freezing them would do much more than just slowing them down. Snow globe should not only slow enemies down, but maybe also cause a chance for their guns to get jammed. Using first ability on the snow globe to shatter it not only should do more damage on the enemies inside and outside, but should also cause a frozen status to all enemies that were within it. And it should show a health number, not percentage. So people can keep better track of how much it can take. Got me spamming it like crazy cause I don’t know ho
  6. I used Nidus purely as a power build. Mainly to buff allies. Mine can currently increase power strength by 2.2x. Which is op next to frames with indefinite abilities. I’ve never once came across a Nidus who buffs allies. Next to an equinox and a team of growing powers, I can buff it to 2.5x. 4x if fissured. But next to a fissured chroma, the buff was insane. A rhino roar reach 1,450% once. Could’ve still gone higher if the team was coordinated more. But anyways, my Nidus can buff allies to insane levels. Next to frames like chroma and rhino, it’s even more op. But that is be expect
  7. All I was saying is that I don’t see DE making Mach Rush be able to turn better due to what they based it on. You may not know, but I’ve made the same concept multiple times for a couple of frames years ago. Explaining an ability where the frame enters into a sort of continuous charge rushing through enemies and knocking them out his way. Due to the momentum, it would be difficult to turn. I used the concept for a volcanic frame and a speed based frame of my own years ago before the idea of Gauss was even announced. Probably before his concept even existed at all. But dudes
  8. Also the alt-fire needs to be like others. It’s hard trying to keep R3 pressed down while trying to move around. Was sort of creeping dudes out by acting like some maniacal chainsaw massacre. But it was a huge pain to enjoy when I was struggling to move, aim, and attack.
  9. Making me imagine something like Sacrificial Chamber. Where it has the first bullet damage buff and reduced mag. Nobody could argue against that.
  10. And I said that I can see being able to hold out a weapon that can’t be swung but the momentum of the rush will allow it to deal greater damage. Which having dual melee would be better since it would allow to hit from both sides. So a strong enough melee build could instantly kill enemies during Mach Rush. And I also said that running across the walls would be possible too. Jumping would be difficult to pull of in real life. So I can see jumping launching you extremely far while also canceling the ability. Those 2 could be added either as standard or augment without changing the con
  11. Not really “locked” unless you’re talking about a bug/glitch. I didn’t say any augment. I said giving the ability to make sharp turns wouldn’t ruin the name. Cause it would no longer be a rush. And there are facts. Just not the ones you accept. They based the ability on laws of physics and momentum which running/charging at such high speeds and momentum that it is difficult to turn. It would be OP for a first ability to allow someone to run at such high speeds with less energy and no need for power strength. Power strength is not needed for Mach Rush. Just duratio
  12. Yeah, no. Mach Rush itself is faster. I’ve even used my Nidus to nearly triple a maxed power strength Volt and it still barely kept up with Mach Rush. And second, it is a first ability not a second ability. It was meant to be a rush, not a speed boost. Like an endless charge. And when you are charging at such speeds, it is difficult to turn. You are not debunking the facts. You’re trying to make excuses for why a rush should be turned into just another speed boost. And the suggestions would make it too OP to be a first ability and ruin the name.
  13. That’s part of how many of the ideas and rules are applied. Gauss literally cannot turn very well during a mock rush cause it is literally based on the laws of physics and momentum when running at high/full speeds. Had they made him capable of turning like he is the flash, he would be too similar to Volt Speed. And it’s part of how they based the enemy weaknesses to certain elements.
  14. Or it can just be the Railjack. Maybe something we have to do in Archwing to get what is needed for underwater travel. Part of the mission could be fending off intruders trying to break in and sealing off leaks to avoid flooding the Railjack. For mining, it could easily be done in Archwing with a new tool designed specifically for underwater use. Fishing could be done in underwater caves. Where you’ll be able to go in and find some open air space to walk around. There could be areas where little see life is drawn. Maybe they are drawn to specific plants or lighting in the area
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