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My Peculiar wishlist for floofs.


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My request list:
1) a shooting range as a side module to the Orbiter. Allow to use any ship decoration and even Warframe accessories/regalia as targets.
2) to just be able to draw my weapons inside the Liset and shoot randomly.
3) to shoot and "destroy" stuff (they magically reconstruct after a few seconds) inside my ship.
4) floofs making squishy noises like earthly plushies when being destroyed, and a huge shower of particle-based stuffings "bleeding" from them.
5) Make Floofs moddable with peculiars to alter their noise and which type of particle shower they emit when thrown or are destroyed.
6) Let me equip floofs as gear and throw them in battle. Let enemies be very briefly startled by them, or try to investigate the noise.  

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