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Darvo deal


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can you include minigame for k-drive, and other notifications in cities and relays, this should make fortuna and cetus alot more interesting, since archwing and k-drive aren't completely rewarding or popular the conclave should feature some rewarding modes with syndicate points and contributions, as far as sound effects and the other, octavia really has been ignored, she should have some more default sounds and unlockables to unlock or lean like bluemage-magic from final fantsy games allowed the player to use the enemies to craft new magic for combat and otherwise nature, octaviia being a bard type, should have bard abilities and unlockables, passive strengths without having to deploy her tools, from mission to mission there are robotics and things in the security breaches that can relate to how octavia learns or can enhance her pet/changes, without such things, repeating missions is pretty bad, and boring,

darvo deals problem is that he doesn't give players visiting enough options, or offer enough wares through the relays, ships, and cities, and doesnt have anything prime or flashy, and clem just stands there, why not give clem some serious pet dog and have a nearby machine to upgrade mods, and also a shop to purchase some basic packs , trade resources, give darvo his own faction/syndicate, k-drives, or music for octavia, soma chords, also, darvo representatives and alerts through different planets and game areas. just have several attendants through the cities and relays with different shops and guilds, selling mods, kits, and gear. that have other syndicate means, or offer bonuses.

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