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Blood alter needs an alternative


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I love the synergy design of garuda but it falls short on one major area, if there are no minions majority of her kit is now useless, ie some boss fights...

Perhaps as an augmentation but if you build up your blood orb would be nice if you could hold down 2 and convert your blood orb into a blood altar that stays till duration or until the amount stored gets used as healing as a nice alternative to maps or situations where converting someone is as easy...

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5 hours ago, Robbery525 said:

Not all frames need to be useful in all scenarios. This is a non-issue. She specializes in mass murder. You should take a frame with useful abilities for boss fights rather than forcing a change to a frame designed around a different purpose.

this 100%

frames have their roles, some nuke, some assassinate, some are just mass murder, some support, some are CC and I can go on

of course, there are some frame that are multipurpose (Excal for example)

Garuda I see her more as an open world type of frame. (same role as Valkyr) high viability, unlimited energy, mass murder type offensive (has a small nuke, but can also shred through enemies like butter)

and definitively not an assassination/boss frame  

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