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The Buzlok accuracy nerf


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A few hotfixes ago, the buzlok has received an accidential stealth nerf (probably with the new projectile mechanics) that makes it fire all over the place after an initial salvo, heavily reducing its accuracy when not locked onto an enemy. As of fortuna, the accuracy is still low (tested last night with 24.0)


This has already been addressed multiple times without any answers by DE. Looking at how buzlok is only really effective with a good riven anyway, further limiting its use seems to make no sense and is obviously a small oversight.


Apart from that, homing projectiles are still not affected by flight speed mods.


It would be nice to have an answer on this matter from the devs.




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49 minutes ago, Genoscythe said:

how buzlok is only really effective with a good riven anyway

and they nerfed riven disposition i lost 231 damage on my buzlok, meanwhile their kitguns have totally $&*&*#(%&ed high stats everywhere, why i spit blood on a weapon where i put catalyst 6 formas a riven all the game knowledge i have to make it good when for 190 plats i can get this #*!%ing thing, look at it what the #*!% are they doing


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