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Twitch drops broken?


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So there is a couple of things to understand. I have found to sort of fix this. First one being its only a chance for a drop, it isn't the highest chance in the world but last event I think I raked in a pretty penny in credits so it does work.

A way to boost this chance is to "actively" be watching that means posting in chat or at lest attempting to I find just posting a <3 every hour or so twitch knows I'm still there helps. I don't know if it actually does anything but I did notice a hike in my prize no prize ratio after I started doing it.

The last thing being even if you do get a drop you only have a chance of getting what you want (unless you want credits or fireworks as those are the two most common) so if you hoping for that Nidus or Khora just accept its probably not going to happen and be happy if it does but know it more then likely won't. (RIP ambulas noggle)

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