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Mod Ideas for K-Drive


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I've had a couple of thoughts about potential new mods for our K-Drives.

1: Ramming Speed

Mod allows you to deal damage based on your speed to enemies (or destroy-able objects like Iradite hint hint). Upgrading the mod increases the amount of damage you deal. The damage type is obviously impact.

2: Pop Top

Mod grants you a shield while you are performing a trick. Similar to the medi-shield pets give you when you try to revive someone. I've been knocked out of a trick by a random enemy I didn't see a few times now and this mod would give you a chance to counter them. Upgrading the mod increases the amount of damage the shield can withstand.

3: Stance Mods

These would change how your frame (and hopefully Operator) ride. Would 100% just be aesthetics though, which is a lot of work, so possibly a project for when the animators have finished fixing all the current issues. I'd only expect 2-3 of them though.

4: Vacuum for K-Drive

You put it on Moa's and filthy animals, why not K-drives? Of course this does need the current collection bug on K-Drives to be fixed, but would be a great addition.

What other mod ideas do you have, fellow tenno?

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I'm gonna just argue for an invincibility mod for K drives right now. Currently, K drives aren't as fast as Archwing or even some Warframes without mods (I don't have the speed mods, but I'm assuming they help a bit). So why not at least make them safer? I've been shot dead while screwing around doing tricks on higher level bounties plenty of times with only my sentinel to revive me, if it hasn't blown up yet. I'd like to see a rare mod that grants invincibility to the rider while performing tricks. If not that, then heavy damage resist or just kick me off the board and don't kill me? I already can't kill anything while riding, I just wanna grind my 99 billion standing in peace while doing a bounty.

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