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Touche' Update.....you Have Wounded Me.


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So, after downloading that FANTASTIC 500MB patch, of which i was eager for all the new fixes, and whatnot......and as I make my login and sit around for a while, chatting in region, making random quips to entertain myself, i figure it's time for some xini.


While hosting, I had a few players join my game, and after breaking open a few containers, my game froze, leaving me no choice but to force close.



This has never happened to me before with this game.


The SECOND issue I'm having with this game lock, is that the result is my computer went through a critical failure upon reboot.


Although I'm not sure if this has happened to anyone else, I'm going to see if i can recreate the issue if someone else is hosting.


I'll post back here with any changes

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Same :/ game freezes.. relogged and restarted several times... no result... CANT PLAY IT NOW!! >:(





DEVS.. hotfixes that cause bugs that kill the game = not cool


fix that please :X i would like that ^^

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This happens to me whenever a fourth person joins any session I am hosting. I tested and re-tested this several times with friends.


If I even have a lobby, and just in the system map, as soon as a fourth person joins my game freezes and has to be force closed, all three friends receive a "Lost Connection to Host" error and are kicked out. It doesnt even migrate if we are in a map when it happens.


I have been hosting daily since I started playing; I have a 20 mbps connection and have never had anyone complain of lag or anything.


This patch however has broken something serious because the game itself junks out and dies, it doesnt even give an error log, but it definitely goes offline as it reports to everyone else that I am offline.


Currently the only way I can play is either solo or if someone else hosts.

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well, after an entire night of defragging and virus scanning, I re-launched the game, went to host, and as soon as the game began, i yet again crashed and burned.


so far the only things that have managed to bring me any comfort is the knowledge that it's not my computer causing the crash, and this picture of a orangutan with downs syndrome that my wife showed me last night.

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