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Joyride achievement bug


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I have a problem with one of the new achievements, specifically the "Joyride" achievement, i completed it in the game before the steam achievement was implemented, and now it can't be completed, i tried riding a dargyn around the plains for about 10 minute and no steam achievement popped up so i'm guessing it's tied to the in game achievement and since it it was already completed and the steam achievement didn't verify if it was to count (if that is even possible) it's kinda broken. Is there a way to reset the achievement in game or steam achievements to verify if the in game achievements have been completed to update it? Or the steam achievement count the distance you are traveling until it reaches the 10.000 meters then considering it complete and giving it to you  without being linked to the in game achievement?

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I'm guessing you could login on a different account, and complete the achievement again. It's accessible very early, so I'm planning on doing that if I get close to getting 100% achievements.

It's not perfect, but still a pretty simple workaround.

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Same problem here.
I've a message from Steam Support:

Achievements are handled by the developer. Please contact the game developer to report the bug and receive support. We cannot unlock achievements on our side.
You can reach Warframe support by using the information from the Official Support section here.

I didn't know that before...

If you make your Joyride again, nothing will happend, cause Warframe say Steam: "Hey, here is an achievement." We allready have it, so Warframe will never say that to steam, since a "little Bugfix."

Does any admin read this?

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