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  1. Logging in, alt tabbing and realizing the game is still open like 5 hours later. I guess a serious answer for me. 1. Orbiter fashion 2. Credit farming when daily log in gives me a booster. I just enjoy the Profit Taker fight. 3. Resource farming, again if daily log in gives me a booster. Only do this in Steel Path because DE finally did the right thing with solo spawns there. 4. Trading I guess, not as fun to me but it's an easy thing to do while watching Netflix.
  2. The only blessing I want and people rarely use is credit blessings. The extra credits is worth it for Profit Taker. If only everyone that uses a blessing wouldn't use affinity all the time. I've lurked relays for 30+ minutes sometimes and have gotten affinity blessings every 2 minutes.
  3. Rip, all of these relics that should have been radiant but wasn't. Even more but I used some for forma blueprints.
  4. Personally it's more on how or what the grind is than how long it is. Mods: I wouldn't say I go out of my way to exactly farm them. Weapons or frames: It depends. Something like Khora in your example. You can also level frames there. Take the frame and a decent melee and you can solo onslaught for the Khora farm. Which is how I farmed it. Things like Disruption. I absolutely don't find any joy in. So when I farmed Gauss, I gave myself 1 hour. If I didn't get it then I would just buy him because I could get the plat faster through trading. Trinity which is farming Ambulus.
  5. Can't say I notice that, but I also choose a calm instance and go once a week just for the sculpture. Also this way, hopefully there isn't people sitting right in front of Maroo so you interact with a random by mistake. Those sellers always get the whiniest in Maroo's when their tactic doesn't get them a sell.
  6. Spawns have always been low for solo players in the regular star chart. At least for the 3 years I've been playing. Steel Path finally did this right and didn't hold back on spawns. I can't say if there were differences from an update. If I do solo survival then I'm in Steel Path. No point in trying in regular missions now.
  7. Kuva Sobek... The one weapon that deserves a variant that DE seems to keep forgetting exists.
  8. Especially in Orb Vallis for me. Open chat, crash. Get in Archwing, crash. Blink with archwing, crash. Move mouse around, crash. Someone joins the group, crash. If it doesn't happen at least once a night then I'm surprised. Usually it's more like 3 or 4 times though. Although I notice it's always when I'm host. (which we still need an opt out of...)
  9. Not just disruption, but all endless missions are lower when solo. Except for Steel Path thankfully. Survivals and Excavation is miserable solo because of the pathetically low spawns. If only all missions would get the steel path treatment when solo. Including Arbitration, SO/ESO and regular star char.
  10. Creator mode in the settings hide it, but it also hides some other things along with it throughout the game. Under Options, then Gameplay
  11. Just leave a small buffer of plat in case some gets removed. Never understood why people trade and feel the need to instantly spend all of it minutes after receiving it. Although, I have never experienced plat being removed after 2-ish years of trading. I also take screenshots with the confirmation screen and whisper tab open on bigger purchases. That way no one can claim "I didn't want it, I didn't get what I asked for, or I didn't agree to it" type of excuse.
  12. I mean, I get tired of constantly receiving affinity or resource drop chance blessings all the time :p I've lurked relays sometimes for an hour and receive affinity blessings every 2 minutes while waiting for a credit blessing. Also leaving every 10 minutes to see if it never popped up. Hopefully this weekend everyone will be using credit blessings more.
  13. The 2021 glyph looks nice and is appealing to get, but that armor is a bit odd. Each year they seem to get worse and worse. 2018 Armor - Looked great and still use it. 2019 Armor - Threw the 2018 chest armor on the 2019 legs, rotated the 2018 chest and made it bigger. Good shoulder pieces though that I use still. 2021 Armor - Made the 2019 shoulders crooked and uhh cut the chest armor in half and threw it back together, maybe forgot to do the intended design? Not sure what caused that eyesore. Legs kind of gives Pakal vibes from Hunhow's gift from another picture I saw. L
  14. It seems I need to do all of my trading before the 23rd now, fully expecting to get another trade ban once the credit weekend starts.
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