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  1. Not sure the buttons on controller, but on PC hitting F switches weapons by default. Get on k-drive, switch weapons and it'll equip your secondary. Unless you are doing that and there's another issue?
  2. With a decent host/pilot. Gunners aren't needed, so yeah sometimes being mostly AFK is the only thing to do. 1 Engineer, 1 person on Artillery, 1 pilot. There's nothing for the 4th to do. Especially if the pilot isn't a sitting duck and actually flies around to never takes damage to fix. Also considering if the pilot is efficient at killing, enemies will be dead before a gunner can kill one.
  3. I'll put it in the pile of the other 5 umbra forma's and 3 blueprints I have collecting dust.
  4. 100% agree. Most people thankfully don't complain when I host, but I'm always waiting for it. I know people are lagging because of me though. Their test in Scarlet Spear showed it worked and how good it was to have as an option. One day I hope they pay attention and make this possible for every mission. Also hope it would prevent me from becoming a host after a migration. Besides it would be better than my current process to trying to join a mission: 1) Have finger on Y key and select mission. 2) 10 second timer starts and immediately hit Y to cancel queue. 3) Le
  5. "I really think that a player leaving a mission more than 5 times in less than 30 min should be ban for 24 hours." Nah. I constantly leave groups. However not because of relics that doesn't matter to me. I leave if I see a Volt or Wisp. So I definitely leave more than 5 times in 30 minutes.
  6. Sometimes. I'm picky with it now though. I usually skip Disruption, some Assassinations, certain Defense tiles that I don't like. When I do them, I just hope for an Anasa though.
  7. Separate chat would be better, but I ended up using the band-aid solution of filters. Basically put every riven prefix to not show in trade chat along with some others things like "wts" and relic messages. It's so much better without seeing them. Sure warframe.market is better for frames/weapons, but I like lurking "wtb" posts on trade chat for mods usually newer players are trying to get.
  8. Agreed. Just looking at the new bundles. Kuva in 2 of them? Useless resource I don't need even if a lot of people crave it to fuel the riven slot machine. Rivens? Just endo when I dissolve them. Don't use, want or need them. Endo? sure throw that into the 3 million endo including sculptures that I have stocked up. Boosters? No use other than having a rotating icon on the screen. Credits, can get that in 5 minutes from a Profit Taker run. I would have bought the Lucky Kavat decorations if all 3 of them were on their own. The dislike from bundle exclusives has alw
  9. So the decorations are bundle exclusives? Meh, looks like an easy skip for me. Wasting plat to get 1 thing and the filler junk being useless. This applies to every single bundle in the game.
  10. Solo because it's easier to do it alone than rely on randoms. Especially for sorties. If I mess up then only I'm to blame and I restart. IF I ever did a regular spy mission, I wouldn't care if someone failed 1 vault. The mission continues regardless. Edit: I'm not the fastest by any means but even at 2m 19s for the spy mission in sorties today that I just completed. I would never expect a public group to do this. Capture missions usually take longer than this with random people in a group.
  11. I never found other items to be that bad, but the Eros wings I'm already over seeing in game. Sure it looks good in captura. However, it's an eyesore when the majority of people have it in relays and missions.
  12. Exactly that. When the 10s timer comes up I know I'm the host. Literally have my finger on the Y key to quickly cancel queue as fast as I can. I do feel bad when someone does join right after I cancel it for the same reason that you mentioned. Figured trying again is better than a potentially laggy (because of me) mission.
  13. If the day this becomes an option, I would immediately choose to never host again. It gets annoying canceling matchmaking 10 times before the game finally puts me in a group so I can avoid being a host.
  14. It does kind of suck (by my own decisions). I usually skip annoying challenges or something but syndicates are an easy one. I just don't want to ruin positive syndicates.
  15. So many failed bounties when I tried to farm Gara and Revenant again because of "Liberate the Camp". Every bounty had this as one of the stages and failed more than half of them because of it. Although I hate all bounties in the 3 open worlds, PoE is by far the worst.
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