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  1. Honestly as long as you're smart about it. You know, the whole "If it's to good to be true..." type of saying. Then you'll be fine. But I also have a buffer so to speak of plat. So even if I trade for 500p as an example and it gets removed in the rare case of "bad plat", then my account is still fine.
  2. As much as I want this, because yes "fissure hoppers" are absolutely terrible every time a new frame releases or one is unvaulted. This would also mess up the premade radshare groups and such from knowing if everyone is honest. So maybe hide them only if set to public, but invite only shows relics for the premade groups. Side note, if you ever get into a group with me and I leave. It's not because of the relics that I don't even look at. It will be because of a Volt or Wisp in the group. I leave instead of dealing with those 2 frames.
  3. You mentioned a band-aid solution, but Power Drift and Sure Footed would be 90%. However that takes up two mod slots which some builds can't make that sacrifice. Regardless I do agree with 400 days is a bit steep. Previously I might have said the mod was nothing... until DE gave us self knockdown 😡 which is another complaint in itself.
  4. Me with Hunhow's Gift. I want the Pakal chest plate. I don't want anything else in the bundle. Because of this, I refuse to pay 516p (even though I can buy it) for 1 piece of armor. It's just a waste of plat at that point.
  5. Last time Plague Star ran I hated the lock to 10 also. Haven't even touched the event this time. Especially since I only did these solo. Last couple times those tents were out there (added March 2019) for PS the ones in June 2019 and January 2020 So DE in their infinite wisdom, thought 10 was a good cap instead. Was real fun getting to only do 2 full runs before having to extract. Personally feel like this is just another thing to add to the outdated mechanics of the event.
  6. Honestly feel like as devs you should look into WHY people want to skip most of the 3rd phase instead of getting rid of the way people are doing it. Wouldn't call that an "exploit", it's more of a solution to being bored with mechanics that have 0 purpose but to slow people down. Whether it be a 3 minute afk (mobile defense) phase or babying a snails pace drone that gets caught on every visible and invisible objects. I never used Loki for Plague Star, but if I knew about this feature I would have done it also to make this event tolerable. I was excited when Plague Star was announced, but I can't even bring myself to do it once because of how slow and boring it is. The nice forma farm isn't worth doing such a dull event. Thanks for the best part of the hotfix though!
  7. You should just be able to log out of the forum and back in to have it updated. At least that's how it worked when I changed my name a couple times and glyphs. Also with warframe market, you'll have to reverify your account after the forum account is updated.
  8. The 3 minute mobile defense is the part that kills me the most with Plague Star and the main reason why I decided not to even farm the new weapon in the offerings tonight. Getting Toxin is quick. The drone is quick with Nova or Loki. Final fights are nice and quick. The mobile defense is just putting the phylaxis/catalyst and alt tabbing for 3 minutes because finding some show on Netflix to watch is more enjoyable than staring at the wasted time ticking down. I'll also mention the past Plague Star's I did them solo. Before anyone tries to say I'm leeching or not helping a group by alt tabbing during the mission. However I also don't like mobile defense in general and it's the exact reason why I hate the Ambulus.
  9. Edited my comment above with 3 more codes I saw on Twitter. If you want to confirm for console.
  10. https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=TBGKARU https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=SHARLAZARD Edit: https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=SILLFIX https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=RITENS https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=FASHIONFRAMEISENDGAME
  11. I mean I already saw Rebecca mentioning that she would edit the post... so, it wasn't there at the time of my first comment.
  12. Was forma just forgotten to be included in this post or is it gone? It's not on this post or the update 30.7 post either.
  13. (Ignore the tag that I am required to select. Just chose one to be able to post) Alright, so basically on Steam I have one more achievement. Cheater of Death which is 1000 revives. Decided I would use Vazarin because instant revives is better right? Well about a month ago I noticed revives not adding up. From in mission -> stat page -> challenge progress. Last night being the most noticeable. Revived 3 people in a fissure, 0 counted. I don't know when it actually started and haven't seen other bug reports from searching. I realize most people don't care about achievements or even pay attention to them but it's giving me a goal to work towards. Now on to today. The best way for me to get a video was to have a friend intentionally be downed and let me revive. It's a 6 minute video, but I'll include timestamps. The general breakdown is I would use Vazarin revives up, I did some while in frame and the others while in operator. Then once frame instant revives were used up, I would go with regular ones. Can you guess which ones counted and which ones didn't? Reproduction: Use Vazarin. It's that simple. Doesn't matter if I'm host or not. Doesn't matter if it's a fissure, regular mission or Profit Taker. Vazarin is the only common thing with all of them. Timestamps: 0:19 - Check challenge tab. 729/1000. 0:35 - First instant revive using frame. 1:31 - Second instant revive using frame. 1:42 - Third Instant revive using operator 1:59 - Fourth instant revive using operator. 2:09 - Fifth instant revive using frame. 2:22 - Checks mission stats. After 5 Vazarin revives 0 counted. 2:29 - Sixth instant revive using operator. 2:47 - Seventh instant revive using frame. Frame ones are all used up. 3:47 - Eighth revive, first regular using frame. 3:59 - Check mission stat again. "Revives 1" 4:19 - Ninth revive, second regular using frame 4:29 - Mission stats, "revives 2" 4:52 - Tenth revive, third regular using frame. Portion of video sped up to get to the end 5:31 - Missions done. Final tally? 3 revives. The 3 where Vazarin wasn't doing them instantly. 5:39 - Challenge tab shows 732/1000 now.
  14. Yes please. Every time I get stuck with a Wisp mote, I jump down in some hole or water to get rid of them. Although I still hope for an all around opt out of Volt's speed. Especially because of the people that spam it. Whether it's trash duration because strength or spamming it for no reason at all despite having 15s duration. Back flipping more than I can bullet jump -_- I leave groups with Volt's in them. Wisp is getting to that point when I see them in a group also.
  15. Only "toxic" moment I've had in trade chat is from riven sellers, surprise surprise right? Got told not to "sell rivens in their trade chat" blah blah "have 300k plat" blah blah blah. Sounded like a child whining.
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