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- Since I don't see anything about this in forums.


This update brought up countless bugs and problems. I don't care about those, I can live with almost everything. What I can't live with is that this update caused insane performance problems which most people seem to ignore (or just don't notice it, I don't know). A few people from my clan and some friends confirmed that they have the same problem. I was playing a mission yesterday after 9.8, moved my mouse and it lagged. The crosshair didn't directly follow my mouse movement (this is just a tiny delay, only a few ms but you notice this as a gamer...). This might be caused by these awesome FPS-drops which appear permanently. Yesterday it was only inside the mission Ceres, Kiste if anyone cares. My FPS went down to about 20. This never happened before. I was running a few other games in the background at times, and my FPS were at a perfectly stable point. Then I entered the dojo to see if it was related to many NPC's causing lag. Nope. I was inside an almost empty clan hall (since the new dojo design is *bad word here*) and again the FPS went down and the mouse movement lagged, even when opening the chat my mouse seemed to be retired or something. And now, after 9.8.2, I just started the game and what did I get surprised with? Yes, FPS-drops on the solar map. *clap, clap*


TL;DR: Huge FPS-drops/problems. Performance issues, whatever. Quite a few people confirming this. Game running as usual, no background stuff. Won't play until this gets fixed.

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Same here.


Lag, FPS drop, stutter lag, stutter FPS lag call it however you want it's there and it's ruining the gameplay. Also whoever is the host, he will crash. Then the game switches to someone else and then that host also crashes and so on untill everyone crashes.

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At least you get to play the game.


all I get is this




I cant even play....I'd be willing to play with imperfect fps rates if I could just play.


I'm not a stickler, I dont need the game to run 100% 60 fps all the time, and quit at the drop of a 30fps hat, but not being able to play is making me consider not playing.

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