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Idiots In Action recruiting.


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Hello everyone! The name's Charii and I am here today cause I know some of you want a clan to join. That's cool, we accept people with atleast an MR of 4.

Now here's some qualifications: Just be yourself, have fun, laugh at eachothers mistakes and of course be an Idiot in action.

Also I should mention that we have almost everything researched except a few projects some of you lovely people could help with.

You all have a great day and keep on being idiots!


Yours truly,

Charii, IIA founder. 

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Hi There,

I am a Brit living and working China...

Recently started out in the game playing solo and using the public option for when things get tough or if I want to have some fun with the fissures etc.

I am interested in joining a relaxed clan where I can be active but do not have to be fanatical...

I get the feeling Warframe is a long term entertainment not a rush to find a conclusion.

I am only level 6 but don't mind getting slaughtered when taking on enemies that think my Rhino shields are egg shells  

I have tried finding a clan within the game area under the recruit tab but no luck.

So if you are still recruiting for your clan let me know 

Thanks 🙂

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