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  1. I expect that even if they had a tentative idea of when it can be released they will keep quiet. Just look at the backlash and platform wars that were finally moderated here. I was annoyed now I just feel sorry for DE. Making a game that can in fact be played for zero costs if you do the grind has turned into a monster of whining for some complaint from others and downright idiocy and trolling from a few people that I mistakenly assumed to be gamers???. I am simply stunned by the nonsense even though it did briefly amuse me yesterday whilst I drank my coffee reading some of the comments. Anyways I am still hoping for it to be released sooner than later. I would love to see what I can build with a plague kripath and do some missions cracking Grineer skulls from a distance with my recently acquired and maxxed primed reach. 😀
  2. Exactly. It seems that too many people missed the very first sentence where it was explained that they discovered an issue where the event could not be completed. This has nothing to do with which platform the game or the event is played upon. It is simply broken and they have to fix it. The XB1 issue as I read the original post makes a point of how certification should not be a big issue as the scope of what is required to prevent the crashing it caused is not so dramatic. DE might be playing that down but I don't think so. I imagine that the improvements made to the graphics and adding of thumpers etc to Cetus world has somehow messed up their Plague Star software and just did not become apparent till they were ready to release. So DE might need to slap themselves for the oversight but people using different platforms to play moaning at each other simply does not change anything.
  3. Whining solves nothing as DE made a decision and it is they that decide when we get to play the event. Am I annoyed ? Pretty much. is the xbox 1 at fault ? for me that is irrelevant and makes no difference. DE have simply decided not to release it until they decide that their decision that no one plays until everyone can play is the rule of the day for this event this time around. So whilst we can yell at DE for their decision policies PC and XB1 players yelling at each other is nothing more than comedy. Well, thanks for the laughs whilst I drank my coffee but me I am going back to the fantasy world to go kill Grineer and maybe give Alad V some grief whilst DE sorts out its issues with Plague Star.
  4. My guns also work fine. But the issue is the wasted time effort and energy used to get something exceptional. My riven was maybe in the top few % and was never ever going to be sold as it was my reward for all the grind. Rubico critcan 198% CC and 109.5% MS. I was really and truly proud of my lucky roll after all the farming and over 50 rolls on an already hevily rolled riven. I don't care what the reasoning what the excuses or whatever people think. I feel like I have been slapped down for working hard and finally doing well. That's my issue with these changes. They have taken away what was my ultimate dream riven and given me back a 160% 90% which might not look bad on paper but my CC has dropped on my build from a 115% to 99%. people might talk and say "hey that's high enough" but I have still been subjected to a downgrade. Let the banks do that with your money and there would be riots in the street. Warframe is a game and games should be fun. My riven made my gaming much more fun yesterday than it does today. So for myself personally the level of pleasure I get from playing the Teralyst hunt has been reduced. Now some people can say go play something else but that is a cheap shot answer. I am relatively new to Warframe and have enjoyed it tremendously but this has upset me to an extent where I now feel no drive to grind for forma kuva etc to make a great weapon. I now have moving forward the nasty thought in the back of my mind "make it great and it will be crippled with an update" I could be wrong but this is what goes thru my mind and it has adversely effected the fun I was having playing Warframe. I simply feel cheated and it is not a nice feeling and detracts from the fun I was having.
  5. My rage is simply that it is now pointless to work hard to acquire a riven that suits you if a week later DE crush it. That takes all the joy out of the game. I am not a person who says farming is fun but when the results are rewarding it makes up for that grind. DE have now simply slapped me in the face for working so hard and reading every wiki page to understand how to build my favourite weapons so I can try to play high level arenas etc. Yesterday I was almost ready to try the endo farm on Sedna. Today I can forget it because my skill and speed is not as good or fast as other players..My Rivens for Arca Plasmor Ignis and Rubico were a godsend to alleviate my shortcomings. Today I am now wondering if I should just go find another game. I cannot bring myself to invest the energy and study for new solutions because now I am worried DE will just slap me down again. Games are meant to be fun......not an arena for stress and worry about if my weapon will be allowed to do what I modded and crafted it to do.
  6. Not everyone trying to trade a good riven for an insane price. My GOD Rubico Riven was never for sale as I worked too hard too long and spent forever farming Kuva to get it. I should have had an option to lock it so it was never possible to trade it and then I would still have my hard fought for prize. As for riven mafia as someone wrote they are irrelevant. I simply purchased a reasonable riven at a reasonable price and then went about working hard to farm the needed Kuva to roll until I had what I wanted. I did the work got the prize and now DE have taken it away. That is my complaint.
  7. I watched tutorials and read the wiki pages to learn and understand how to use a weapon how to build a good mod set and then hunt for a riven to boost my lack of speed/skill. I need them to be able to face the more challenging missions. Otherwise I am stuck playing the same simple missions and weaker enemies which would become repetitive and boring. My go to weapons have all been subject to a reduction in their capabilities. So all of my time reading learning and farming to acquire the needed mods etc has been wasted. You cannot make unpopular weapons popular by making the good weapons we like weaker. As for the riven dispositions I think you should have put in place a method where those of us that had a riven we would not sell have an option to lock it so it could not be traded. Instead you have simply punished me for learning how to be the best I am capable of being.
  8. What a mean thing to do for some of us. As a player who cannot afford to pay insane prices for a God riven to hunt a Teralyst I spent at least 400 hours kuva farming.I rolled and rolled and to my utter joy finally had a Rubico riven after 67 rolls with a cheap trash riven already rolled 43 times I got lucky with 198% CC and 109.5% MS. A riven that most people can never afford to buy. It was my pride and joy and I could finally hunt the Teralyst with relative ease and play solo as my skill set is not as good as many younger players. At age 61 my fingers tend to hurt and the speed and accuracy needed in the heat of battle I do not have. My riven was a perfect compensation for my shortcomings and now I wake up to find you have taken my riven and crushed it. Am I angry ? you can bet your life on it. Why punish people this way ?? I have used my Riven for a fraction of the time I spent trying to obtain it. As "for people freaking out about the nerfs pretty funny" that is a matter of opinion. I was never going to sell what I had worked so hard for. So I DO NOT FIND IT FUNNY.
  9. Looking to join in the fun. Live and work in China. Come form England but lived mostly in Holland. Warframe has been fun till the network not responding issues started a couple of days ago but hopefully that will resolve itself.. Not using Discord I am afraid as I cannot run Warframe with the VPN on...too much lag. I am however in game far more hours than is probably healthy but parking in the easy chair and watching 10 episodes of a tv series is no better 🙂
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