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  1. I just think that by trying to make it open to a greater number of people is a good idea but the downsides are horrendous. 9 out of 10 times i am in a ground mission and the moment the green exit marker appears the lower level players run like crazy. i am sick of starting a mission but then running it solo as leaving after 3 conduits is just a joke. That it happens in places as Helene defense after 5 waves is a bit more understandable as for beginners in the game it is the first place where some decent resources and mods can be farmed. I can understand their fear of losing what they have gathered if the mission fails.The ground missions do not fail they simple cut out and you return to the flotilla once your oplink is destroyed if you have achieved the minimum of three. Information as this simple fact might help reduce the number of players thinking "got 3 now time to run away" As for the rewards ? Well I suppose that depends much more upon peoples personal opinion of what they see as value. I do think that items as Arcane energize and grace are excellent rewards and will do the grind to gather them but I can fully understand that they were until now very hard to acquire and for those players that invested time and energy in developing their frame and weapon builds to be able to run the Eidolon hunts to acquire them must feel cheated. Over my 5000 hours of gameplay I have seen hard to achieve objectives get watered down to appease newer players that jump in do not follow the logical process of moving thru the star system to learn and gather resources as their mastery level increases simply yell whine and complain that it is too difficult. I remember running arbitration missions and feeling really pleased that i survived 30 minutes, today I can run solo 90 minutes and simply stop as I need to rest my fingers. 62 years of age so my knuckles begin to hurt. I have not improved my gameplay so much as DE have simply lowered the bar with regards to difficulty. Basically with all of the adjustments over the last year my only real big thumbs up is the ease with which I can run shoot and then lash out with melee weapons as I pass the enemies and then shoot from a distance at the next group all in one continuous fluid movement. However the Basmu is maybe the worst weapon of all time for interrupting movement....I simply hate the dammed thing as it forces a kind of stagger effect and you lose all forward momentum upon the reload. Utter BS move as I think it makes the weapon totally useless as with that stutter it just destroys the gameplay enjoyment. So my basmu is on the shelf collecting dust for a year or so until it is fixed. I am also in agreement with many of the sentiments expressed by others...Eidolon hunts are truly now a thing of the past. Why spend countless hours grinding the plains at night for rewards that are now so easy for even a mastery level 3 player to acquire without any effort or knowledge about how to construct their frames and weapons. Whilst I genuinely looked forward to the new developments I feel that overall the game has become too accommodating to new players and that the difficulty has been lowered but then to slow people down again the grind has increased. PS: The above is not a yell at new players...merely my take on what DE has done to gather them and accommodate them. Any newer player reading the above please just follow the storyline and progress thru the planetary system as with each planet and each new mastery level new resources new weapons etc become available to you. Also the storyline has some great moments and I can promise that many of the cutscenes are truly memorable.
  2. that is very true but it does not help when the OP states he simply wants the weapons and has no idea what arcanes are and does not care. It just goes to show how much of the game they are missing out on when arcanes when used correctly can be extremely powerful and make a very big diffence to how many weapons can be used to maximum effect.
  3. The game has been around for a long time. The newer players really need to follow thru from the beginning and progress thru the planeterary system. In all honesty trying to just walk in and grab the latest and not know anything of the background story and the planetary progression is simply a misguided form of I want it all and I want it right now. I have followed the entire story line so far and the fact that I can get the prints and build the weapons i do not see as a reward simply for experienced players. I see them placed just as the entire retinue of weapons. All weapons are mastery fixed. The mastery levels fixed to many weapons are to an extent dual purpose. They can get better the higher the level but in general they seem to be designed to allow a player to master different weapon styles builds and loadouts as they PROGRESS THROUGH the game. Also consider the fact that you might be a lower mastery level and get a weapons blue print but then struggle forever to gather the required resources to build it ??? Playing the game in the correct fashion of following the story means that you have everything you need in your inventory once you gather weapon parts prints etc. There is no Warframe 1 or 2 etc. It is a game that has evolved over many years. Joining and Wanting everything from day one is like picking up a book reading the last 5 pages and then saying I read it already.
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