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  1. interesting....I just had to abort a trade where I tried to help someone with 2 thyst for 1p so they could build an item. Accept invite go to dojo stand at trade post. Trade initiated then kicked to the login screen Followed by a repeated login failed until I switch everything off and restart. Happened twice in a row. Finally go my own clan dojo and the other person was unable to connect.. all in the last 30 minutes. ?? logging on into Asian servers if it helps.
  2. First up thankyou... Second I have been using the engine now since release and have had no negative effects at all. However I have had a very positive side effect ?? My GPU for the first time ever in Warframe is now running super quiet. Fans no longer spinning at high speed and temps lower. No changes made my end...in fact I have set everything at max setting to get the best out of the visuals. Only exception is motion blur as I turn that off on every game. So I have no idea if you tweaked more items behind the scenes but in the past my GPU would kinda load up and the fans be spinnin
  3. Thats unfortunate. Myself I have since an update maybe 10 days 2 weeks ago had far less issues. For me it is often if I come out of a long mission and maybe then go to the foundry or check equipment. It has been less frequent though. I did notice though that a new nvidea driver had been released so I used the app DDU and then reinstalled the drivers for my GPU. If you use an nvidea card check that the drivers are up to date as that often helps.
  4. Apologies if vague... I am not asking for change but merely trying to elicit a conversation about how to make weapons that simply for most players are left alone and unused once past being levelled for mastery. Now DE often refer to usage stats as being something that they see as undesirable when the percentage of the player base is too high using the same weapon. Such a weapon is often adjusted as a form of "balance" to encourage players to use alternative weapons. This I can live with but I often feel that ignoring the state of weapons already in the game that see little or no imp
  5. It does not even need to be an upgrade on many weapons just an alternative option. I always have liked Zaws amps and even the kitguns. The idea of variety there is really nice and fun to experiment with as a player. I also like that many items in game you have to work for and by work I mean do missions full fill particular tasks etc. Everything is already in game for something to be possible. We get lotus gifts we do syndicate mission and we do fissures. All of them have one thing in common. That is the basic mission. DE do not need to write new code for these as the maps repeat the missions r
  6. I would never even imagine DE trying to alter some 200 plus weapons. It is merely an idea. But it could be fun if one or possibly 2 weapons in a year from the original game when it was first released were to be reworked. It just strikes me as an opportunity for something unique. I look at Xaku with the same type of thoughts in my mind. One frame made up from pieces from 3 lost frames. Defy Gaze and Deny. A world of possibility if it were to be explored...3 possible paths for a player to choose from if other lost pieces of those frames were to be discovered in missions. As stated just thou
  7. I think so. I never have ammo issues with the Bramma. I have Ammo drum on the exilus slot which gives me 90% extra ammo so the negative effect of 15 to 5 which many complain about is for the largest part negated. I also use the secondary firearm for the single targets and Bramma for groups. I aim at the feet of the enemies if there is a group and AOE is over 44,972 spread over 8.3 meters. 9 out of 10 times it just takes them all down. It has an 87.5% Critical chance with a 4.6x multiplier so not many regular star chart enemies really give too much trouble. I also mop up straggl
  8. No, I was merely thinking aloud as to how it might be possible to actually improve upon what we already have. why does everyone read something different??? one thinks Kuva weapons scenario another thinks I want more damage leading to more inbalance and now we have modular. Modular as in Kitguns is maybe the closest but the methodology to acquire the parts is not just earn standing go buy from a vendor. I used Darvo as a source for purchase of the blue print but it could just as easily be do a quest for the lotus. it is merely an idea not a want not a demand. Imagine a new weapon
  9. Nope....merely stating a manner in which it might be possible to add a little diversity to what we already have. Take the Soma. Once the pride and joy of the tenno. Today very often built levelled and then left behind. Then the same with the soma prime.. That said some people really like the Soma so what if they were able to buy a blue print to improve an aspect of the weapon. New look to the barrel or the stock and a small improvement to the weapon handling. To obtain this it is a similar route to the start chart story lines where we got missions in multiple parts to collect the required
  10. valance transfer system could be interesting. As for my comment on a little status chance or small damage increase it need not be more than a tiny amount. Just something to make the Hunt for the upgrade worthwhile. It is not about making weapons stronger more about adding a little more diversity in looks and possible improvement. For example some weapons suffer from bad recoil and a riven can help that just as a mod can help. But if an upgrade to the weapon stock were to reduce recoil by a percentage that is also a worthwhile upgrade that makes the hunt a little more interesting. I like w
  11. One aspect of Warfame I truly enjoyed on my journey through the Star Chart were the multiple part missions where the player had to hunt down items to be able to construct a Frame. Now whilst we have Rivens and mods etc we have only the basic weapons that later gets a Primed Version. That's fine but how about if a player could make a unique weapon? My thoughts are take a weapon as a rifle. We have the Blue Print, barrel stock and receiver for example. If Darvo on occasion were to have a Blue Print for sale. Print for a Barrel upgrade or a Blue Print for the Stock etc. The actual item
  12. Bramma is fine...the "nerfing" DE did was really needed as too many people went gaga with massive explosions all over the dammed place. No aiming at an enemy just blasting all over the tileset in Hydron defense for an example as the AOE would just melt the low level fodder. What DE have forced upon such players is simply that now they have to think first and aim properly....in my mind a good thing but it created a wave of resentment that could be heard in the next star system. ysegrim As for the getting ammo back you have so many options....... Be active and pick up the drop
  13. Thank you for the info on the mouse software. It does seem to be a little more clear after having read some more threads and reading the replies made here. I think for myself in my situation it is maybe a simple case of working out what keyboard convolutions I am having difficulty with working out the correct input for the mouse I will use and sending the information direct to DE via a support ticket. After all a logitech mouse is what I will use as I use a logitech keyboard and the software is specifically for the mouse buttons. I imagine it is easy enough for DE to say yay or nay v
  14. From what I have read anything used to cheat is a Ban. Perfectly understandable. If any use of standalone software is used to make macros that could be used to cheat you could get banned but that software might have been intended to assist people with difficulties. However that is the "use at your own risk" issue. Reading the original post at least the user had a warning. So in many respects that seems to me to be less risk of a total ban as a warning does mean a player could approach DE with an explanation and if needed some evidence as to why they had used the software. I mean DE a
  15. This is the thread I was talking of. Not yet looked to see if was updated to be honest as I only just found it.
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