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How do I use the power of the tenno?



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8 minutes ago, DragonDude3010 said:

1) Have you completed The Second Dream?

  -Wait untill that 'flower' circle at your power/energy field's ring is full and then press 5.

2) Have you completed The War Within?

  -Press 5 in or out mission. You are able to walk around but not attack while in your orbiter.

I already bought all the journeys and I'm from ps4

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1 hour ago, (PS4)brunovillas530 said:

I completed all the days to be able to use the tenno what I want to know and how to use the power of the tenno in ps4

There is no such thing as completing days to get your Tenno.

Those missions you need to do (E.G. the one where you get your Tenno out of the cryo pod or whatever it may be) are called 'quests'. Please refer to them as so or people are gonna get confused. They are even listed like that in the Codex.

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