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Need help with my first 2 rivens (PC)- Tonkor and Skiajati



Just got these on PC and I know nothing about Rivens. I've tried to read and learn, but it's not easy at first.  Any help with value would be appreciated.  Let me know if I leave off any pertinent information.  I'm always low on plat so I'm going to sell them.  I'm planning to support the game and buy some but I'm waiting for 75% off.

Tonkor - 6.7% cold, 6.7% heat, MR 11

Skiajati - 7.5% status duration, 12.4% melee dmg, 11.3% channeling dmg, MR14



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rivens are mods with completely random stats. Keeping or selling is a matter of taste, but the best way to get an idea of their vslur is to understand how good the weapon and what benefits that weapon it goes with the most.. search for builds for such weapons. leyzar gaming does build guides (from which you will learn much from anyway).


short form: tonkor is meh atm. skiajati is good but goes with a weapon you get from a quest. up to you if you want to keep it or sell it. 

prices for rivens are all over the map and platform dependent.


on the whole i’d advise to familiarize yourself with mods and modification and warframe’s damage system. you’ll want to know it.

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3 hours ago, WoundedDuck said:

What are they worth or how do I determine what they're worth?

The value is more or less based on how much someone wants what you have. I have no interest in them, so I would pay about 50 plat for the pair (being generous). Others might give you 100 - 200 each riven. There are a couple of sites which can help you value them, semlar.com (Skiajati) and riven.market (I dislike riven.market personally). My suggestion is to have a look at them, see what people want for similar rivens. If none are similar, just look for the rough average, min and max pricing. Semlar has a "preferred stat order", so you could use this to assist you.

  • Note that there has been a disposition change recently, so there is no point viewing prices from before that (24.0 had that change).
  • Rivens with no rolls are generally more valuable. They cost less Kuva to reroll. 
  • Some people care about the polarity - the wrong one means another 20 plat Forma...
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