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Vauban,Nidus,And Khora Are BROKEN


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Listed frames suffer this, as well as...
Titania - 1 and 3(Lantern) both cause enemies to disappear.
Mag - 1(pull) causes the bug, sometimes 4 as it releases
Zephyr - 4 (tornadoes) cause enemies to disappear
Operator Void blast causes the same issue.
Impact procs/knockdown also cause the issue, but only briefly resulting in gibbled animation then they are into standup animation.

Ragdolling is broken.

Anything that ragdolls the target causes these issues. Targeted skills cause the enemy to disappear underneath the target skills root ( vaubans' 4 often slams them underground ) or the opposite side of walls, untargeted abilities cause the enemy to fly off in some random direction at the speed of light. Logically, they are still where they are, however they are untargetable by most normal means. AOE seems to still be able to affect them, but it's unreliable and you can't tell anyways because there's no model to show visual feedback. Titanias 3 for example still hypnotizes enemies as it should, even though the model is no longer being drawn for the players, and her 1 ending unbanishes affected targets dropping some cheezed off enemies right back on the target area.
Haven't gone through all the frames to see which are hit the hardest, but titania temp banishing enemies with her 1 is pretty crippling.

Oddly, Hydroid tentacles don't seem to suffer this as much as other skills, if at all.

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added 2 more frames
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