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[Suggestion] Sentinel Ordis


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I'd love to be able to construct a - GLORIOUS WARFRAME - shell for Ordis in the Foundry, perhaps something - FAR SUPERIOR - similar to Helios, to be able to bring our favourite Cephalon with us as a companion* on missions. I think he would love - HATE IT... hmm.

Please - OBEY MY DEMANDS - consider it - IMMEDIATELY - at your earliest convenience.

EDIT: As I mentioned in comments, I do not suggest that the companion Ordis would speak.

EDIT2: I am also not suggesting that he would actually be a sentinel, lore-wise, just bringable as a physical companion comparable to one for gameplay purposes.

/ Infallible X

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On 2018-11-24 at 11:38 AM, (XB1)Erudite God said:

I will pay you plat to apologize for making this post.

In accordance with Cephalon precepts, I cannot be bribed - YOU COULDN'T AFFORD IT.

Perhaps it might ease your mind that I do not suggest that Ordis would speak as a companion.

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