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Best build for focus farming (no maiming) [i think :v]



this build won't work for atterax ( i tested), this build work for: scoliac, guan dao, orthos prime (its better :v). there maybe more than those, but i didnt test yet,hope it help you guys a lot,. (my english is not reaelly good, maybe there is some mistakes, hope you guys could understand :v), oh but one more thing, cause this build you wont use any mod increase attack speed, so to me, the best is orthos prime, scoliac is fastter than orthos prime, but orthos is stroger than scoliac, so to one shot bombard, make sure that you have 20 stacks combo on orthos prime and 40 stacks on scoliac to one shot bombard. And Guan dao, is easy to one shot, you just need 10 - 15 stacks only, hope you guys can get a lot of focus without maiming strike., map farm focus: Adaro - sedna


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