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Small Tweak to Operator Focus and Affinity Gain


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To keep this simple; 25% affinity when using the operator, i.e. killing enemies or hacking consoles, etc, should go to the operator as focus for their currently selected school with the same conversion from affinity to focus using a normal focus lens that you can get from bounties (not the eidolon or greater ones the regular ones).

The main reason for this is to help people newer to the focus system be able to get at least some focus from using and playing with their operator instead of nothing or relying on focus lens; which some may not be able to get outside the first lens they get from finishing the war within.

Secondly, I play operator only challenges a lot, because i enjoy it, and it would be nice to get a little something extra in return. After all, i'm using my schools abilities in combat, surely i would get stronger for that.

Further, operator amps should gain affinity from other sources outside from just killing enemies; such as successful spy vault hacking. This way we can speed up the process of leveling these amps up for both before and after gilding without the need to kill large amounts of enemies.

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