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  1. This is probably a bug. Comparing the two weapons the only thing of note that may effect the accuracy is the damage fall-off with baza prime having a larger distance before damage fall off is applied. The AI is probably not as close to the enemies with the prime as it would be with the regular which is causing the bullets to miss via bullet spread. But considering how accurate the baza is even at a distance ~30.0 m the spread shouldn't be that bad. This is assuming you aren't running heavy caliber on either of them.
  2. BS doesn't get the enthrall x5 bonus, that bonus is tied directly to Reave, in other words the multiplier is outside of the generic damage calculation. So when BS calculates its damage it will always do the regular damage as if you reaved through a non-enthralled enemy. If you want to increase the damage of reave you need things that: increase your ability damage, or reduce your enemies' defences. Also reminder that enemy armour/resistances will reduce the damage of the BS projectiles.
  3. 1. He is not the worst frame, statistically speaking he is a very good frame that can handle everything the game can throw at him regardless of enemy level range. 2. He is purely Eidolon themed, there is no vampire theme there: Enthrall turns enemies into, essentially, vomvalysts which eidolons always have Mesmer Skin acts like the Eidolons shields except not weak to only void damage (which is why reaving through thralls restores them as vomvalysts can restore their shields) Reave is a way for him to move quickly like how when you don't use a lure and the Eidolon teleports
  4. Vortex ragdolls enemies caught in it. Ragdolled enemies have many colliders you do damage to. I.e. you hit the enemy several times per shot more than normal leading them to die. This effects every weapon and ability for you and the enemy.
  5. They are the 2 Offical community inspired warfames, the others listed took inspiration from some individual fan concepts. A perfect example is Grendel who was based on Oni the Gluttonus for the whole 'eat enemies' idea but they did something different with it to create Grendel
  6. If you are using eternal war augment then excal would be a good pick, that is if the waves from exalted blade count as melee kills.
  7. Nezha prime will most likely be coming with the Guandao prime because it's Chinese (I think) and nezha in the actual legends is known to wield a spear. My guess is someone after nezha.
  8. Didn't the original poster with the 3 necromechs show 1 wielding the veritux or am I just remembering it wrong
  9. Another idea, instead of an augment slot, let helmenth permanately add the augment to the abilities if you have subsumed the warframe. 1st ability at the start 2nd ability at rank 3 3rd ability at rank 6 All abilities including passive at rank 10. You can further add the restriction of 1 perma augment per loadout like with regular subsumed abilities if DE is worried about balance.
  10. 1. you can get rid of the invulnerability by void blasting it or void dashing through it: note that dashing through it will immediately switch you back to your warframe and turn off all buffs/abilities it had active beforehand so be careful. 2. shoot it's back, it is always vulnerable. The issue is getting behind the thing as it can turn on a dime. Either use a frame that can manipulate it's attention like octavia, loki or ivara or hope that the infested can last long enough to distract it whilst you shoot it. 3. the fight is meant for a team and designed for a team. Which is why it
  11. The Vome/Fass cycle is the same as PoE's day/night cycle (same timers that switch at the same time) which means that Fass lasts 150 minutes and Vome lasts 50 minutes. It's not a bug the timers only show the largest digit, i.e. if there is more than an hour it just shows 1 hour and not the minutes.
  12. There were hundreds of thousands of people watching, waiting for the drop. As they said on the stream, due to the large amount of people getting it, it will take a while for the server to send them all. So just wait until tomorrow, if you don't get it by the end of the day, then something is wrong.
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