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  1. Can i just say that the wiki does in-fact give you all this info: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Grendel#Nourish https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Grendel#Energy https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Grendel#Armor https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Grendel#Strike
  2. The biggest reason for liches NOT being part of the core game is for new/newer players who don't have liches. We don't want to chuck a level 5 lich at a newbie on Mars or Venus, as that might scar them off. Of course the simplest solution is to only spawn liches once you (and all other players in the squad) have completed the War Within (or whatever quest you need to start the lich farming, i forget). But that is also a problem, what happens if i don't want to fight liches, then i don't spawn one. But if i play multiplayer, specifically with randoms, then i don't get a choice, as if even 1 player has one they may spawn. Which means that chances are i'm going to have to deal with liches which kinda ruins multiplayer. Although you could get around it by always having a new player in the squad, which would help the new player experience as they have stronger players to help teach them. Also, a reminder that liches have 2 (maybe 3) major installments still to come; Liches in RJ (which i think is next), then corpus liches and then maybe infested liches (not entirely sure on these). That means way more weapons and changes are coming so the expatriation date will continue to be pushed back. Hopefully in that time they'll do the changes you have specified, as they honestly sound good. Also, you may want to put a link of this to the kuva changes pages so DE can see it. (https://forums.warframe.com/forum/123-developer-workshop-update-notes/)
  3. Don't rush with grind, it'll only burn you out. Saturn isn't really that far into the game story wise or progress wise (there is A LOT after it). But if you are looking for efficiency: 1. join a guild, this way you have people to play with and help grind with you 2. get rhino asap as he trivialises content up to Saturn where he starts falling off, due to enemy damage, if you don't know how to parkour and mod mod properly. 3. get Hek, it is arguably the strongest starting weapon you can get damage wise, outside of zaws. If you have time try and get a zaw as well. And that's really all there is to rush to where you were efficiently. Just remember to slow down once you reach where you were otherwise you will most likely burn yourself out.
  4. Inaros is regarded as the best "lazy tank": as in he doesn't need to use abilities to tank damage. If you are looking for heavy and tanky i suggest either Nidus or Rhino. As you are relatively new go with rhino, you can farm him from Jackal on venus. Just remember you need the correct mods to make a frame tanky, so it'll take a little bit before you reach the indestructible phase, but it does exist. Hildryn is also another option that is tanky and has a heavy feeling but she requires rare arcanes in order to make her indestructible, but to farm her it requires killing the exploiter orb which is a boss fight in Orb Vallis and will prove to be a little too difficult for new players, if you want to farm her you should ask people on recruitment chat to help you.
  5. Do be aware though of how much time you spend on warframe, most burnt out is due to long grinding without breaks, keep sessions (not missions but the total amount you have played that day) of warframe short (shorter than when you burnt yourself out) and most importantly DON'T play the same missions/do the same grind all the time. A good rule of thumb, for every 2-3 rounds of grinding go do a different mission. Don't know what to do? select a random mission using a random loadout. This'll help reduce the boredom of grinding, even if only a little. Personally, right now i'm taking a break from warframe, not because of burnout but because i'm waiting for the upcoming changes to kuva liches and railjack so that the grind will be less painful then it is now. As for more fun ideas, it depends on what you define as fun; personally i like doing silly things such as operator only in any mission, maximising and only using a single ability, challenges like those.
  6. You do know that if/when they do modularize all archwings you will keep your old ones, right? You won't lose anything, it's just that the way you build future archwings will be different is all. Personally i don't feel either way about it, if they do it just adds more variety for the possible archwing combinations, if they don't then it just means i won't have to farm as much to try them all out.
  7. Originally they were planning on using this to change what happens in future story quests. However, as far as i know they have scrapped that idea (i don't know why) but they left the alignment in there but it doesn't do anything. As for the rest, hopefully the railjack expansion along with squad link will answer the rest. i.e. the risk of failing a mission could affect the squad in space as now they can't progress. That type of thing.
  8. Correction: Warframe is a Power Fantasy LOOTER Shooter, it's not tactical at all just pull the trigger, swing your melee and use your abilities until everything is dead then pick up the loot. Agreed, i play RJ with the Itzal and so far i've only gone down a handful of times because i stopped moving or because of homing missiles. Speaking of: As stated in hotfix 27.0.8: "Crewship projectiles no longer seek after Archwings! They’ll still attempt to fire at you but they will no longer seek and one-hit-KO your Archwing." which means if you get hit, it's because you didn't dodge them. Piccolo would be disappointed.
  9. Liches only have a list of resistances and immunities that are decided upon birth; they don't change with lich level. Liches only get stronger due to armour and health scaling (and damage scaling). Go crit. The best crit weapons are heavy attack melee weapons, look to those with most base damage and range as you can't proc any status on them and if you can keep out of reach they can't throw you. Spam heavy attacks, done. I recommend using Nezha as he is tanky and his Chakram's debuff will increase the damage you can do to the lich and he can slide during a heavy attack so you can dodge and reposition yourself while winding up your heavy attacks if needed.
  10. Your changes are alright, but the only thing i really want for Limbo is an augment for stasis that freezes ONLY HIS projectiles as i miss that part as it was helpful for some things and generally fun to mess around with.
  11. Nezha as he can do nearly everything in the game except stealth, but i got OP mode for that. Inaros cause i like not dying. Limbo cause i like others not dying. I also play any other frame when i'm bored but these 3 are the ones i play the most.
  12. That argument doesn't really work here. Exilus on a Warframe pertains to mods that affect movement. The only criteria for Weapon Exilus is that it does not increase the raw damage/cc/cd/sc (with their primary effect) i.e. are QUALITY OF LIFE mods which majority of what OP has listed are (for the first set of dot points) as for the second set of dot points majority can't be Weapon Exilus mods for the same reason.
  13. DE Pablo already said he was going to look at Saryn next year he also said there are probably going to be some nerfs but didn't say more than that.
  14. You don't need to channel anymore, it is done automatically.
  15. Zephyr, technically Nova as she was made by the design counsel, Grendel is as well but his original fan concept was Oni the Gluttonous. The chances are pretty small that someones fan concept is chosen. Normally the only real time they are is when DE has an idea for a theme of a frame and there is a fan concept that already exists for that frame when they are developing it, and even then only if they notice it/like it.
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