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  1. yeah you press the reload button with melee out and you go into whatever gun you had out last, this would free up the aim button to be used for blocking again without having to switch back to the sword alone style.
  2. they could have honestly made the quick switch bound to the reload button as only primaries/secondaries reload and the button doesn't do anything in melee.
  3. range mods are being modified so that they give flat meters instead of percentage. So range is no longer an issue with most weapons now, i.e. fists and daggers. So yeah daggers have fast attack speed now (with new range mods) have decent range and can build up your combo counter like crazy, which the new melee system WANTS you to do meaning they'll be pretty good when the rework comes out. Also, attacks that open enemies to finishers should still open them to finishers even after the rework meaning you can still use pointed wind to open them up to finishers which you then one shot with your parazan.
  4. Or make it like berserker and stack 3 times on status effects
  5. Next update is at the end of the month with Grendel, ember and vauban reworks, titania tweaks and deluxe skin.
  6. I wouldn't say the reason is because they are squishy (because they really aren't). It's more that they are so slow unless you void dash which costs energy. As for armour with stats, DE has specifically stated they will NOT be tying cosmetics with stats any more (after what happened with the arcane helmets from the past). Although i'm down for more operator accessories, if we want to increase their stats, that's what the focus school is for.
  7. they already do this one, atleast from what i've observed. Same with ranged grineer hiding behind shield grineer. The problem is that there is no point giving enemies tactics like that as we kill everything in a group easily. Better tactics the enemies could use would be decoys (enemies running one way whilst a group runs another), flanking the warframe, luring the warframe into traps, that sort of thing. Again won't work too well as all enemies die way too quickly and so would only be interesting for the minuscule amount of players that do +1hour survival runs missions on Mot. Further, nerfing player damage or increase enemy tankiness is not the answer to solve enemies dying so quickly. What is it then? Simple, more enemy healers (varying types not just a dr/healing aura the ancients have) as well as letting certain enemies be revived by other enemies. They actually showed what this could do with the zealots, they could revive themselves as long as one member survived. Which means that you needed to kill all of them for them all to die, and when you aren't as well equipt, i.e. leveling weapons, this can become difficult, especially if they are in different rooms. But at the same time no one (that i know of) complained about this ability being annoying. By giving more enemies revival/healing mechanics, it would let them live long enough to actually use some interesting tactics.
  8. They mean that they have a 100% chance to drop a mod, it doesn't mean that it's 100% going to be Growing power. Meaning it would be a waste to farm the specters as the booster only affects the chance to drop a mod not increase the rarity of the mods dropped.
  9. Well do i have good news for you, in the last devstream they announced that they were doing just that; you can now buy more loadout slots for mods and appearances up to 3 additional slots (6 slots all together). It currently costs 20p per slot (both mod and appearance) but this may be lowered based on player feedback. Further, this was announced to come with the next mainline update which is scheduled for the end of this month (before Halloween).
  10. Introducing the headless horseman: https://imgur.com/a/6gTFIis I don't know why this happened, i simply click to equip a different warframe and Umbra's head disappeared. Either way, it's funny to see this, and right in time for Spooktober.
  11. As someone who enjoys JoJo, i agree heavily. Hell they could just let tennogen artists make their own animations if they don't want to do it themselves as i can guarantee that someone will be making JoJo poses.
  12. IIRC Magazine size will increase the throws damage. I know it works for Javlok, not sure on Ferrox though.
  13. Speaking with facts here: Unlike nearly every other DR ability, the DR is permanent until you overheat, which means if you can properly balance your abilities, i.e. not span her 1 and 4 and use her 3 when it gets too high AS IT WAS DESIGNED TO, you'll be able to survive quite long with a decently high DR. Further, because of the DR she can now use Rage/Hunter's Adrenaline to restore energy and Adaptation as she can survive being hit. Also the fact that ZENURIK exists and now NONE of her abilities are channelled means you will always be able to generate energy. I can agree that lossing all your energy is a bit much, but considering you would need to spam abilities to lose it, you wouldn't have much energy left anyway. Lastly, and most importantly, She has: High damage potential and Nuking capabilities (able to easily kill level 200 fodder units with 1 or 2 abilities). CC that spreads to enemies Armour stripping and DR Name 1 frame that has all of that and is seen as fodder. The only one that comes close would be Revenant, and that is solely due to the bad reputation he got when he was first released but now he is easily a great frame.
  14. The reworks look great but some things i want to ask: Vauban: 1. Does damage amp stack or can you only have 1 active? 2. How many nail grenades can you have out at once? 3. Occasionally the nail grenade would fire in a direction that had no enemies, such as above their heads, is this a bug or intended? Ember: With her passive, does it update the damage of any abilities in affect currently, i.e. when i use Inferno does the damage of the fire on enemies increase over time (due to her passive not armour stripping), or is it only on casting an ability?
  15. What are your load times like, going into mission? Further, can you move your Liset in the load screen? If you have long load times or you can't move during load screens, you will be having the issues you described. This is normally due to Direct X10/X11 being used on a slow computer. My laptop had this problem and i fixed it by using Direct X9, however, Warframe no longer supports Direct X9 so you may need to upgrade your computer If neither of those are happening then it could be due to high ping. If that isn't the issue either then i have no idea how to help, sorry. But best of luck.
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