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  1. He already has healing, it's and augment called Haven. It's pretty good cause it's % health restored so you can heal frames like Inaros (and their companions) with just a few casts. Only downside is that you can't cast it on yourself.
  2. I won't have time to give a full review until tomorrow or the day after. But i have some recommendations for name changes; 1. Cryokinesis > Frostbite. Cryokinesis just means "Controlling Ice" which is everything this frame does. Whilst frost bite is not only a pun but it also gives a hint that it is a "physical" attack with ice. 2. Cryogenic Suspension > Absolute Zero. Absolute zero is coldest something can be and robs movement from atoms themselves, which is what this ability does. 3. is fine. 4. Freeze Hell Over > Cocytus. Cocytus is normally represented in media as the "Frozen Hell/Wasteland" which describes the ability perfectly. It is also known as one of the 5 rivers in the underworld in greek mythology.
  3. Everyone has said they would have prefered the larkspur. Further, the charging has a forced slow movement that prolongs for half a second or so after firing, slowing you significantly so you have to tap fire. Further, when used in her 4th it should double the fire rate, why? because she is holding two at the same time. I has a huge range (much larger than the one listed as that is the initial size and not the max it can reach), cleanses status effects and strips shields and armor and gives over/shields to her. It's not that slow at all as you can cast it again to call it back. Gives faster shield recharge to allies AS WELL AS HER SHIELD GATING PASSIVE TO ALLIES, also gives them over shields when they leave the AoE of the ability. All while doing really low damage to enemies What makes it worse is that you can't cast Shield Pillage, your only defensive ability, whilst in this form. Yeah, she still needs some tweaks.
  4. The only difference is that shooting it in the air increases it's hit box making it easier to hit the covered vents, and that's about it.
  5. 1. You can literally get a pack of 3 fully built forma from the nightwave standing rewards. 2. Forma blueprints are really god damn common so no one will struggle in getting them. I would have ended up with 5 in the time it took to open 10 relics today (which only took less than 30 mins because it was a capture mission and RNG hates me) if i wasn't playing with others. 3. Most importantly, not everything is aimed at Veterans; some stuff needs to be aimed at newer players to help them progress and know what to do. Also, No that doesn't work you have to put it on a piece of equipment as it needs to be consumed (as it can't be gotten back).
  6. Depends on how you want to use it. If you want to use the throw then go for Magazine Size as it's damage increase with the amount of ammo in the mag when thrown. BUT i wouldn't recommend a thrown build as you have heavy caliber on. If you want the most damage on your regular shots, go for primed cryo rounds. If you want a thrown build, add Mgazine size, remove heavy caliber and go for gas damage.
  7. Unfortunately that's not gonna be that popular. Why? look at Peculiar Mods, sure they have less drain, but that's still a mod slot that could be used for a better Augment. Secondaly, not many people want to add cometics at the cost of mod capcity (regardless of how small). Honestly you can just make these (the low tier ones) a new cosmetic attachment for weapons, similar to Ephemera's for warframes. Again, not happening, as grenades in other games are essentially just abilities in this game. Thermite is just Embers fireball, a flash bang would just be radial blind, etc. This would just lead to Warframes getting somewhat toned down versions of other frames abilities, which would lead to even more power creep and the difficulty being further lowered.
  8. 1. Not everyone has the augment or wants to spend plat on it. 2. It doesn't do enough damage for some people (myself included) unless you have a riven. 3. It restricts the weapons you can bring 4. Some people just dislike the weapon. 5. Wastes a lot of ammo due to it being an automatic weapon with high fire rate, meaning a form of ammo conversion is needed in higher level missions. Those are the reasons i can list off the top of my head.
  9. I've been targeted in Ivara's prowl and Iztal's Invisibility by the Orb's cannon, even after casting. So either i'm experiencing a bug or there is some bias against no set duration invisibility. First time i did this fight i tried that and it didn't work; skybox just pushed me down before i could leave the hole. I don't have the focus nodes unlocked, let alone maxed, yet so i resort to Archwing. And so will a majority of players (atleast those i've encountered).
  10. Quick rule of thumb, if there are no caves nearby then there will be 2 around the edges and 1 near the center of the circle.
  11. Slash from the small raknoids Cold and heat from the Orb Blast from orbital bombardment Punture and Impact form the coolant spiders. It's mostly the first 2 you need to worry about though. Yes it is much easier. It arguably just takes longer due to her gauge though. That's interesting. Whenever i saved a large pile and chucked it at once it went quicker than if i just threw every one i came across. Who knows, maybe it's just user bias. But thanks for the replies.
  12. So, i've done the exploiter orb fight a few times, so i decided to list some of the things that can help you beat it faster. 1. I recommend using a frame with damage reduction (warding halo, splinter storm, etc), damage immunity (iron skin, etc.) or damage avoidance (turbulance) or can heal and get rid of status effects as the Orb herself can deal lots of damage and there will be lots of status effects coming from it's and the other spiders attacks. DO NOT use CC frames or Invisibility frames as coolant raknoids and the orb are immune to CC and the Orb can still target and attack you when you are invisible. 2. As for weapons choose 1 with lots of attack and decent range; you'll use this for attacking the Orb and coolant raknoids, then choose another with lots of area coverage to deal with the small raknoids in the first phase. I wouldn't really recommend bringing a melee unless it is a gun-blade due to how far away the Coolant spiders spawn in phase 2. Specific weapons don't really matter as there is no time gate on this fight but obviously if you want to kill it quicker use the same META weapons as the eidolons as the Orb and Coolant spiders are weak to radiation and cold damage. Further, you cannot proc status affects on the orb so you will rely on crit. 3. During the second phase (outside) wait for the Orb to summon fissures then kill any coolant spider you see can seal the fractures BUT DON'T throw the canisters. Find a spot where neither you or the Orb will attack and drop the canisters there (by switching to primary). Stack about 5~7 canisters and wait for the Orb to create more fissures (as this cools her), kill any Coolant spiders and then bombard her with the canisters. 4. Remember to check behind the ridge every now and then as coolant spiders can spawn there and this area spawns the most Coolant spiders at a time (upwards of 4). And the Orb will move closer to the ridge as she gets low on health, meaning she will get cooled often. 5(Optional). Have your archwing deployer as the first item on your gear wheel or have a keybind for it so you can go into archwing quickly. This will help close the distance between you and coolant spiders when they spawn as well as help with the final part of the first stage when the Orb is at the top of the building. That's all for now. Hope this helps.
  13. You know, ironically there is a bug in that daily as it doesn't count free roam missions in OV or PoE as completing a mission, even when you do bounties or not. (Or that was just happening to me)
  14. In all honesty, despite any bugs, flaws and terrible RNG, Warframe is, and most likely always will be, the best Free to Play game that i've ever played. To the awesome combat system (yes even with the recent changes, just takes some getting used to) and to the wide variety of weapons and warframes to choose from and customize; i have yet to find another action shooter game that i enjoy as much or offers as much to do. Although some things may annoy the ever living hell out of me, i'll go back to playing the game again in no time.
  15. Nezha, Rhino, Inaros, Zephyr, Chroma, etc. Any frame that either has damage reduction/damage immunity/or damage avoidance. And not face tanking the laser helps.
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