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please allow Cassowar to use all Orthos skins


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the Cassowar is just as similar in design to the Orthos as the Orthos Prime. there is no reason why I shouldn't be allowed to use my Orthos Majesty skin with it.

also, this is my reaction now that I have Condition Overload:


Cassowar just really feels like a new Orthos. it has the same dual head design, fast attack speed, and long reach of an Orthos weapon. given just how much it feels like an Orthos weapon, it should be able to use Orthos skins.

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15 hours ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

No, there is no stale mate. Both weapons being polearms does not immediately justify one of them using skins that is exclusive to the other. You’re just very wrong and very delusional.

but the design I described is exclusive to Orthos, Orthos Prime, Orthos skins, Cassowar, and, oddly enough, the Aphira and Phocys skins. that's literally a comprehensive list of everything in the game which uses this design thus far.

9 hours ago, Doomsknight said:

:tongue: I mean... There're a lot of polearm skins out there... And sadly Orthos and Cassowar are two different weapons so... Very unlikely...

they are technically different, but very similar.

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