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Ember fan-re-revisited


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While I think Ember is a fine frame right now, I feel like there's more that can be done to improve the way she plays and feels in order to make her kit more consistent. Bring her up to the same level as other frames, y'know? I've played her rework, and while I appreciate that it focuses on giving each ability a specific use, I can't help but wonder what could have been done differently. So here I am! With some suggestions/concepts.

FIREBALL: imo it should definitely charge a bit faster. the only time you can charge fireballs right now is before a defense wave starts or something, which isn't too great, and doesn't seem to be affected by accelerant very much. I feel like if that's what we're going for, some sort of world on fire synergy would really spice things up.


ACCELERANT: fine as is! I wouldn't change a thing about it personally.

FIRE BLAST: ohohoho, that's one that needs special care and attention, doesn't it?
As it is currently, the ring of fire produced by fire blast is quite weak, and covers very limited space. what's more, it's unaffected by power range! what's the deal? So let's see how we can fix it.
First of all... what if the space INSIDE the ring could increase fire damage? if an ally steps inside, they are buffed. much like octavia's amp and oberon's hallowed ground!
It could also benefit from WOF being active, allies' extra damage ramping up with percentage.
If an enemy crosses the ring, and steps inside the buff zone, they could take continuous ticking fire damage as well, like hallowed ground as previously mentionned.

see fireball and fire blast for synergies.
Now, world on fire's a tricky one, because I do like what they did with it. But the thing is, they did what I wanted to do with it, but in reverse.
The initial shock of activating world on fire should knock down surrounding enemies, but the damage range starts out very low, but already at or near its maximum at 0%. As Ember heats up, the range grows and grows until it reaches its apex, but the further you are from her, the less damage it will deal.
so it's sort of inverted from its current iteration, with range ramping up but dealing less damage the further you are from ember. the fire spreads, as they say!

aaand that's about what i came up with! lemme know if you have any feedback, if you think this is a good/bad idea, etc. i'd love to hear from you!

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Be nice if ember could make the ignis reach further. It would make my accelerant build more useful and not depend on World on Fire. Also wish accelerant didn’t always depend on the enemies being hit. Be more useful if it made her other abilities more powerful for a certain duration. Maybe even increase their range. Basically accelerant doesn’t just splash the enemies but everything else too. Maybe if her augment mod added fire range. 

Be nice if her passive was based on friction. Like if works on fire’s range and damage was based on how much she moves. Like standing still keeps the range down to like 10-25 percent of the overall range and damage. When walking it becomes 50%. When running it becomes 100%. Then when sliding it gains like 25% range and damage. And this passive applies to all abilities that inflict fire damage. Basically while sliding your fireball gains a minor buff. 

Right now her passive is either useless on most maps or too risky to depend on. And because of the nerf to her forth she is useless in the plains. Mainly bounties. Enemies like to keep their distance and her forth requires to get close now. And her being a “squishy” frame is just not very good. 

But that’s all just my opinion. I still use her when collecting medallions. I had 180 void relic packs worth of medallions by the time chroma prime came out. And I may have to do it again for equinox. 

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