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Banshee Frame




I'm a new player. I recently managed to build my first frames (Volt -> Mag -> Rhino -> Frost). None of those frames really appeal to me though.

I'd love to get my hands on a Banshee (and in time on a Prime version <3 ). 

I read the wiki and I really don't get how I'm supposed to get it... something to do with a Dojo??

Thanks in advance !

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Join a clan for sure.  It’s great chatting to the same people every day.  You’ll build a little community and it’ll make the experience so much richer.

banshee prime is one of the cheapest prime frames going.  The whole set is up for 60 plat right now on Warframe.market although I swear I’ve seen it cheaper too.

i went straight to banshee prime rather than try the regular banshee.  Was I ever surprised! I expected her to just be mastery rank fodder but I really enjoyed her and she’s, I think, my third most played frame now.  She looks really cool too.  The prime model really nailed it with the energy string ‘hair.’  

Her 2 lets you 1-shot almost anything with an unranked, unmodded weapon so it’s great for leveling weapons.  This skill actually makes your shots hit the damage ceiling of the mathematics of the wf engine.  Pretty sure this is the single-most damage-boosting skill in the entire game - although sadly ineffective if target is immune to status...

You can do some lazy credit farming with her once you get to Ceres (Siemeni node) and pick up her Resonating Quake augment mod.  It’s cheap and cheesy but it’s good when you’re new or when you want to watch telly while credit farming rather than paying attention to the Index.

(seimeni pays out ~25k credits just for the first 5 waves)


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Go to recruiting chat, ask to be invited to a clan

Once a member, craft e dojo key from market 

You will then gain access to dojo which has Tenno, Grineer, Corpus, Infested, Orokin labs 

Banshee will be in the Tenno lab

Derelict keys in Orokin lab 

The rest are weapons and gear items get the energy restore medium it will help a lot 

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