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PS4 ONLY There really is nothing to see here. I am choosing this location of subforum to see if i can kinda hijack it to list all the little things I encounter so i can piece them together to provide searchable situations and advice that makes sense, and of course if anyone else who randomly decides to comment or that even bothers to ever look or search for some similar thing might find it. I have also just decided to include changes that i object to if i think it somehow is related to something that is not necessary. My first point to test since i decided t try this is: is that they changed the functionality of location of caches 'radar localization' so that it essentially really zeros in on the casche location. This should be reverted and only used for an incursion. That should be sufficient to teach a vegetable how to look around look and listen. In fact i was just thinking how smart it was previously handled to keep players alert and actively and skillfully searching.

The next step was for the first time was the data mass carrying enemy was in the lake and as it died the data mass also went into the lake, eventially the system picked up that the data mass had been dropped and where it was to be inserted but this was a mission breaking error.

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