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  1. I just see that a pc upgrade is redoing Magus Lockdown. I would like to make my point that those changes, for the most , are really going to change my gameplay drastically as a solo player. The changes should only be when in a squad (Not SOLO play) It really is super fun to use, and its tactical use as a solo player makes it a minigame to use. Minigames and synergy are the answer to the promise land with this game. It's actually strange how the reasoning for the change is presented. So much so that I wonder if it works differently on pc than on console. Of course I have not actually tried it out on console yet, but that is how I see it.
  2. Im not much of a Religious person, but how can I ask the DE to let me/us know if we have to really start praying for them. I live near New York and its absolutely heart breaking.
  3. I want youS to thank youselves and all your coworkers for me for trying your best to keep my game going even though I complain about the pc advantage or whatever trivial thing i focus on in some moment. It is also a great time to carefully chronologue your struggles and how y'all manage to carry on til we get through this. I shall be naming my for historical streams with clever, sad, funny or sarcastic titles.
  4. So The Grustag popped into my Lich controlled Sabotage on Pluto while playing solo and they failed to drop pigment. Is this a glitch, a new property of Lich missions, or something w the location. They dropped the ship and gun parts as normal and they are active for pigment. For a truly cherry on top experience My Lich spawned in my elevator going down on me, i mean haha while going down with me. That is an epic first for me.
  5. What is the best forum area to quickly complain about a change that is somewhat justified in DE eyes, but seems to have been overlooked in the implementation. The operato should not react to its own void damage. I wont argue if you forfeit void damage for converted damage through arcanes. The biggest obvious problem is with dealing w nullifiers, where you need to be in the bubble to dsmage and if you take damage, which is roll 5 meters away and a delay out of void cloak. Anyhow I have tens of examples where this is just a negative idea from many approaches which I will happily discuss in more detail.
  6. This is the theme: a steam punk hitech hybrid possibly a steam punk start power where a second trigger warps the power and effects to futuristic hi tech finish.
  7. It is ok to blow off a little steam in here. Probably better to ask for tips. That being said,#11 or so, I almost quit the game over. It is a GOOD time to remember that you still earn points toward the next level while you figure out what you need to try to do to get through this cureent test. I wish you good luck.
  8. Ohh, one more thing I did not mention, there was one of those lame energy balls wandering around. I have never had to do anything to them before. They are pretty inert to most attacks w gun s or operator powers and they dont warrant a radar blip even and occassionally appeared to heal or renergize one of the 'vombats'
  9. Have not had any problems in Anomaly missions for a LONG time. I play solo mostly. Last night I did an Anomaly mission w one of the more Righthanded side nodes and left the sentients for last. After entering the ship I killed 11 sentients and then opened a breakable wall for loot, no more sentients were visible even though the active area remained hilighted. No radar indication of a sentient stuck un a wall no scannable objects. I traced all paths, I think this particular tile arrangement was defective or missing a wormhole to proceed to another area ( No place for 'stepping stones or other vertical maneuvers either). I warped back to my ship and reentered the sentient ship. There were no sentients to be found and no area to trigger more to spawn. I suspended the gameplay and went back into the game, but that worked like it should and changed nothing. I coulnt complete the mission so I tried to Brahma myself to death to fail mission, but I ran out of ammo and then patience so i aborted.What do you think was the problem and can you think of anyway out of that predicament. I never bothered to notice if progression of game play was gated to completing the current highlighted area, is that a thing? Any tips or suggestions?
  10. OMG I love rail jack It is way more fun than I expected. Try to do it solo after you fail a few times you learn to get clever, also once you get a few cool mods the game gets 100X even funner. The repaired salvage abd mods are the key towards makkng it more fun.
  11. You guys should be outside building Sno Nox or laying in the snow making Sno Lotus shapes.
  12. Are you talking sbout an actual pitch change or would a visual indicater work. I use Loki w an augment which does that. However it can be a slippery slope to forfit the sound your gun makes. If you turn off your sound you may be amazed at how useful the sound of your gunfire actually is, especially while you are moving fast. When I was a noob I often wondered if Hush mods were actualky working properly on several occassions. I think spy missions are unFun w out hushed or silent weapons and that was the best place to test them out til I was satisfied.
  13. I think every other lich of mine says the wakey wakey. think I have heard all possible Lich dialogs Some real doozies out there. However Ive only gotten a few w added personality traits and am not sure if they have exclusive dialog
  14. 1. When a Lich shows up for an assist it should leave you w a named token at end of mission so you can evaluate irs performance and track Lich performance overall. 99% of the time Im squinting my brains out trying to make sense of the unusual collection of letters that are a name and puff its gone Almost everyone has an operator, extra slots are a must to have an appropriate looking operator. Did I say landing craft. Landcraft must have slots. It is akso quite unfortunate that we can no longer rotate them as we colorize them. It is actually important because we have no way to view our ship in a night view, rotation allows you to better guess how your night view will appear. Railjack Needs at least 2 builds 1 for solo and one when you play with others. Its a completely different ball game of a loadout when you plsy with others. Thats all thst popped into my head. O yea, the silky whiners that say fix stuff instead of add stuff are idiots.I cant think of a time where you have not continually fixed issues w each update and the new stuff is the lifeblood of this game, and you are doing a fantastic job with it.
  15. My lich has an accent in his name. Does that mean anything? It's not found on my billion other Lichs i cut to pieces :D
  16. Thanks, it's so crazy everything is said too simply or too complex for people to follow. Or, it is something so trivial on another platform, that you overlook what should sound obvious. I do appreciate the responses. Thank you.
  17. Has the topic of the Arbitrations menu showing the time before the next reset of a mission, once a current mission you were in has ended? Or what is a better way to explain/ask about this?
  18. Ok, Here is how it seems to work, The black blotch will appear over the older of a duplicate pair (not the weaker). I guess it should help you clean up. Be aware that it does not indicate the only duplicate pair. I mean, when you do junk one of your repeats, the blotch will relocate to another pair. You also must be careful because the black blotch can migrate very slowly vs your finger speed. It will occassionally sit on a nonduplicate apparently while it recalculates. Since you are usually trying to clear your junk before you rush backout you have to be vigilent because it can make you think you mighy have just junked the wrong thing...and that is Never a good feeling.
  19. I want to understand also, at first it seemed to be the lowest rank of a duplicate, but then it was not so
  20. ** I was thinking it might be very cool to add a birembau instrument pak (As in Capoiera) Not only because it is coolsounding, but it only relies on some simple sounds in a simple range for programming and as user composing because it has built in blending w percussion. Any thoughts? A subset to a once suggested reggae pak maybe?
  21. Is it still off on oberon, I was pleased to see the fix note on Hydroid?
  22. OH! This is a major sound concern. The music and sound effects from Corpus ships is some of the most amazing sounds I have ever loved in a video game especially at like 3 in the morning. It entrances you to a space( lil pun ) like non other. In jupiter gas city redo, that Still features some of that. But Im afraid of losing that w new redo of corpus ships. I have the tones in my quarters which has music only and no extra effects. I hope 'yous' have a way to grandfather that if you do replace it w new sound package. I love my warframe sound team!
  23. ** What I am most hopeful for is prime frames having some advanced sound effects that can definitely ID them as primes even when undercover, of course prime guns are easier. I would like seing augment mods triggering special sound effects maybe even a pecuilar mod or two. I havent most recently been playing on the Plains on earth but I have trouble using sound to locate incoming dropships. Other parts of the game are top notch for localizing and determing sound source. Is that anything that could be improved?
  24. I officially now approve of pilot being my railjack pilot voice now, but please ( no offense nolon, but please do not put nolon north whose voice is in 90% of the games or other voices that are so everywhere in every video game i own, [claudia black is ok though]
  25. At the moment, how the heck do you pick a tag when they are all foolish for the matter? Anyway i got a hotfix warning so I went like beeline to the Sentient ship and went flipping nuts killing sentients bypassed all the juicy valuable pikups so I could get to my railjack and head to drydock before I would lose everything? How do you prioritise in these situations, how much time do you really have? Are there different options on different systems. I think I made it just in time, I definitely wont try things like that again when something hapening could involve a hot fix. I would like to know other peoples thoughts on the matter and if there are some valuable resources to point me to look at that might help or explain things in detail.
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