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nagantaka's many flaws


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nagantaka is in a very sad state. especially compared to a weapon released right along side it thats only 1 level higher, the battacor.

what are the nagantaka's flaws?

- very slow fire rate

- extremely bad crit chance (reliability issues)

- a small magazine. (unsuccessful ie missed/non crit shots punish hard)

- slow projectile speed (hard to land shots)

- slow reload (exacerbates the issues listed above)

- the special ability that gets c*ckblocked by its own stats

the slow fire rate means it gets overwhelmed by crowds of enemies. u could use alt fire, but unless its a tightly packed group of enemies, you will probably waste half the arrows shooting at air since you can't stop it until the mag runs out. not saying the alt fire is bad though. its definitely perfect for unloading onto a single heavyunit/boss or a tightly packed group of enemies. primary fire though, is very slow, even if it could 1 hit everything. But no, at t5 vallis bounty levels it very often cant even 1 hit trash mobs because its of its unreliable crit chance. seriously, there is so much down time in between each shot, but thats not enough. lets also have the next 2-3 shots not crit!
so u just wasted a third of your tiny magazine slowly shooting 1 bolt at a time at a 1 trash mob because the crit chance is absolute garbage even with argon scope.

and lets not forget how hard it is to hit an enemy with a slow travelling bolt compared to a hitscan gun. small mag, bad crit reliability, slow fire rate AND the high chance of missing shots.

even if you are skilled and can land 360 noscope headshots from 100m away with a crossbow, you will not be rewarded. that is not fun.

now lets talk about that special ability.
from the wiki: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Nagantaka

>The reload speed buff only triggers from headshot kills from direct bolt damage. It does not trigger if killed by a damage over time effect made from a headshot's status proc.

if u look at the stats u will notice that oh... its got a 90% slash bias and 39% status chance.
ie. DE is nudging us to use viral slash build on the nagantaka. the best build for nagantakas IS viral slash. 
the DPS from a viral slash builds comes from its slash procs



the absolute most important thing is to change the special ability to something like an innate argon scope.
no need to buff base crit, just allow headshots to buff crit by a flat amount or whatever so that it reaches 100% (with point strike installed).
this will make the nagantaka reliable but only as a reward for players who headshot.

fire rate and base reload speed also needs to be buffed just a bit.

Please DE, ive always wanted a semi crossbow in WF and i was so excited when i first saw this. Please make it good



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i really hope they buff the crit chance at the absolute minimum. its such a waste of a cool weapon design and everything, and i seriously love the sfx and animations. really want to use it, but the unreliable crit just kills it

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