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the bird cage (infested open world map)


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ok i have a small idea that is basically about the skeleton of the idea with a little bit of meat as i am not too sure on what could be implemented but i was thinking sure it is fine to see the open world maps get more and more wide, but what about a map that is just more taller? and this is where the bird cage thought is. but here is the story of this place is.  

i picture the orokin trying to utilize infestation and when it fired back it infected one of their cities or a city place bad enough for the orokin to drop a large force field like cage to prevent the spread. the main idea is that the bird cage focus' more on height then width while still being wide enough but imagine this place being a jungle of concrete and infested flesh. this place could be the source of infestation that were the grineer or corpus acquired samples for research.  

some of the rewards could be a more advance form of augments like a zaw or kitgun version. and the citizens of the bird cage (dark sector they want to recycle the old dark sectors into this idea) are well the best thing i can think of is this  that they are the failed test subjects of the ones that didn't fully transform into warframes, maybe dub them as the broken. and their location could be somewere at top of the cage. and for bosses i was thinking of mythological monster trio ziz, leviathan, and behemoth. the bird cage would resemble a rainforest like  jungle composed of infestation and concrete and metal deoending on what the city was made out of. and yes their would be a water area for leviathan as it is one of the boss ideas. 

the general idea of this does require a rework for archwing and maybe a separate gear for water traversal as i am not too sure maybe a bike like submersible? and maybe include some other type of reusable items in the gear wheel to help in traversal depending on if DE doesn't mind making it. or DE could do a slight rework with separating moment based mods into their own location, a set of mod slots or something so that movement based abilities don't hinder our frames builds. 

on a side note we keep on getting more and more stuff but we don't have reasons to use some of these mods. example the bullet jump mods and such.


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2 hours ago, (XB1)EternalDrk Mako said:

no it has validity as i said i think your hope for this type of content might be in dev so just was trying to share encouragement 

yeah. though well whats on their paper is not exactly what my idea pertains to. as my idea involves a city overtake by infestation to the point it was bottled by the orokin and the idea was to involve being slightly similar to something i think is called rain forest levels anyways i will show you an imagine to get at what i was thinking Image result for tropical rainforest levels 

with some minor adjustments. this ziz boss character will be flying around the "canopy area" while behemoth would be around mid level  of height with i guess  primarly fighting on some form of wide open space or something, while leviathan would be fought in a large lake or a large river as i am not too sure about it. maybe their still might be land or something on ground level that behemoth could walk around but i am not to exactally sure as my idea is not too fleshed out.

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