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  1. i could point out that the players of warframe don't moderate themselves as they probably should. but a few could brush it off as ravings of a crazy person. with people trying to disprove me. but i'll just ask something. didn't DE say they are looking into a method to preventing people from over stacking on for example melee stat like attack speed? or am i mistaken?
  2. I took a long break from forum talking for a while since this whole thing can go south even when you suggest an decent and ok idea. though i am going to just say this. I don't think it so much as DE doesn't understand their own game. its more of that the players don't accept the path that the game goes. the reason i believe it this why is because if DE didn't understand their own game then the game would of flopped a long long time ago. as for the melee tweaking i am holding any critiques till I get any words. I have had so many problems with challenging content trying to be realized
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