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  1. also i feel like DE needs to make the ore locations more systematic there has been too many cases of the deposits being right under those pickish, orangeish, redish boil things to where they are unmineable. which also annoys me to high heaven.
  2. so seriously! trying to mine especially in cambiane drift is starting to make me feel like a circus trained animal with the locations that the ore an mineral nods are at. and having to find them and then play that tedious little annoying mini game every single time is now becoming a pet peeve for me. can't we just have mini the nodes without the mini game, mine while on archwing. or just have the deposits at ground level. its starting to get annoying when the deposits are five miles under a cliff that turns into a cave. i am deeply sorry about this. its just thats this has been built up
  3. yeah I am fully aware. I was just putting some suggestions out there in feedback. I do very much like the tatsu and had these thoughts so I decided to put them out there. and since the tatsu is part of the 2 handed nikana's it doesn't hurt to talk about that. honestly I feel like the only true issues I have with the tatsu in specific is requiring a sliding attack to trigger the projectiles. I would prefer if DE would of made that ability was to be made with a strong heavy strike. the reason I have issues is because I prefer if I could aim and fire without having to heavily contribute distance
  4. was thinking of some ideas for the tatsu some simple ones and others might require some more work but here they are. 1. a physical indicator for how much charge tatsu (besides the icon on the top right corner of the screen) has for its passive ability examples are maybe small wisp particles around the blade, or just make the flame like sentient energy effects brighter as the stacks go. besides the flame bits feeling a bit too opaque, there is the idea of having a physical indicator on the blade so we do not have to stare at the top right corner of the screen. 2. right now I do not mi
  5. true. i mean so far we are allied with necralisk's drifts faction, fortuna's faction, and the ostrons. you think by now we could end up having infested, grineer, corpus versions of the kitguns, zaws, and modular pets by now. sure there might be a detail or a few that needs to worked out, but still it seems to be an nice way of encouraging people to go back and forth between these places which for the sake of simplicity I am going to call towns.
  6. i understand most of the things you said and can agree with most of what you said. I will say that having a good introduction to how the token system worked would of helped a lot for me. as for the son tokens i do think should at least be rewarded upon a successful capture. if I need the tags to craft the stuff i am less encouraged to trade for the tokens much less then just doing the capturing.
  7. i feel sorry for the person that made this forum post, but I find it a tiny bit funny that nearly everyone went "no!" it just goes to show you how much people remember of the bad movies enough to the point that a good number of fans of something dread the idea of someone making a movie out of it.
  8. uh. no. DE doesn't have the budget to keep both the game a float and make a decent movie out of it at the same. plus there is always the risk of one of those directors trying to make their own artistic flare to the IP. after all the movies avatar the last air bender movie, mario brothers movie, dragon ball evolution, and a few other lets make this franchise a movie to make a quick buck type of movies end up horrible flops.
  9. yeah it does. its understandable if you haven't perceived the sound until now. I think there is at least something that every warframe player hasn't realized some various detail until they are given some thought over it. as for me i am sure there was something that I have glossed over that i can't exactly remember.
  10. like the title says the acanthus prime shoulder guard on frames like chroma prime can get in the way of the target reticle when aiming down sights, preventing headshots with mostly side arms, but could possibly mess with some primaries. thought i would at least mention this before it started to bother me more. hope i mentioned this in the right location on the forums.
  11. yeah. good point. anyways i'll leave it be for now. it was just something i found irritating today.
  12. tell me why should i spend 10-30 seconds talking to teshin to keep him from constantly mentioning the steel path, when the said discussion does nothing but add a toggle option to the right side of the solar chart. note something that could of been just done without the excess dialog to begin with. anyways i did this to pretty much get it out of my system. yeah chances are i am making a mountain out of a mole hill. still i rather put it at the back of my mind for when i am willing to try it. or if a friend drags me in it. could of tried to make this post a bit better. but i just m
  13. depends. since i am not invested in things like challenge and difficulty i tend to like a lot more less when it's being waved in front of my face like they are jingling a bunch of keys.
  14. because i am not invested in the steel path, in the same way i am not invested in the pvp element of warframe. i rather go "ok its nice that players have a challenge so those players can keep busy."
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