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  1. oh so prestigious means farm this dang thing till you get a blood lusted rage over the exact shape of the bane of your existence. wow i must be really prestigious! sarcasm aside this is the wrong way to make a thing prestigious it does not make you feel good at all after farming the possible 100 dang times you tried farming it. it makes you feel "finally! the rng decided not to fight me for the umpteenth time!" i have gotten the point where i have gave up on trying to farm the dang things and i'll just play my monster hunter generations ultimate for a while till anyone that think this is right gets off their high horse.
  2. this is just a small nitpick but when hildryn uses her balefire chargers feel a bit stiff when firing the the charged bolts in aegis storm or not. would like it if when firing charge bolts it look like she was shot putting the bolt of energy or just firing with a punch. not exactly sure how i can put this idea in my head out into words.
  3. honestly i feel warframes community is a great big conjoined mess when it comes with the desire of difficulty. which kind of annoyes with me since i have a problem with elites, vets, hardcore or what ever name they prefer that don't put consideration when demanding for more difficult content either outright ignoring or view casual players and new players as a waste of their time. but i believe at least a some to a majority of the players don't like stuff tied to terrible rng even if this is a free to play looter shooter. considering that exploiters drop chances is as low as a common drop from a avrage mobs drops and we still get those because we can kill hoards of them by ourselves when we get a good build going . hate to imagine how that is for the casual or new player. doing the whole dance with exploiter only for a 3% chance of a ephemera drop chance. i feel that should be in a least the double digits of drop chances. some of us have lives to live and can't hundreds upon hundreds of runs of something that gets mundane really quick. anyways i do agree with you on warframes convoluted difficulty it is really difficulty when you start out and gets easier with varying degrees of speed the more time you spend in it till it is easy.
  4. dominion blade looks live an overly thick katana to me. just thin the blade shrink down the spikes to fit along the same length of tatsu's decoration. or in my way of speaking imagine if the dominion blade received a bankai similar to ichigo's sword.
  5. i feel like when we saw the drop chances the ephemera i can hear zuud saying "now they are sweating!" because we are running ourselves ragged trying to go against terrible rng while we slowly build up salt toxicity.
  6. this idea has lurked around my head for a while ever since we learned about the 2 handed nikana weapon tatsu was coming. i really wish some of our deluxe skins had the ability to slightly change their form to weapons that are slightly related to a similar type of weapon my case in point is the dominion blade having a 2 handed nikana form. i know this would be a lot of effort on DE's part and i am not sure if they are willing to do this but i could imagine dominion blade slimmed down and its handle stretched a little bit and it would fit far quiet well. there is some other weapon skins that could fit on other types of weaponry with tweaking involved like frosts deluxe sword could be worked into a 2 handed variant. i can't think of anything else but if anyone else wants to chime in then they could think of others.
  7. agreed. and the running the exploiter fight dozens and dozens of times tend to make these issues more visible.
  8. this has brightened up my day. was getting frustrated with the shock and freezing steps ephemeras not droping from exploiter. this is an awesome drawing.
  9. and i thought i would put this in feedback because i dont know if it is intended or it is unintended.
  10. ok i have been running exploiter orb solo for a bit well the only thing that is making this fight difficult is the AI pathing the best way i can think of something similar to its AI pathing is like it is a drunken senile spider crab were it walks to you in order to torch you with its flamethrower forgets your there and then tries to walk over to that coolant lake to try and drink it, or walk over to the mountain like cliff area like it it lost its purse there and the walks in one pathway for the coolant spiders like a goalie completely making it infuriating to try and coral that spider in an area that is better suited to were you can pick off the coolant spiders. and considering that a coolant spider instantly gives the exploiter the coolant the least you can do for us is either allow us to wrangle the spider into a nice open area or just have spiders have pause before releasing the coolant.
  11. each time i fight exploiter it feels like i am fighting a drunken crab spider with alzheimer's for some reason even if i am in the middle of that area that you fight her, she just moves around the dang area stimbling around till she is right next to the mountain ish area where she blocks view of those coolant spiders which are fast as heck and have no charge up or pause before they deliver the coolant.
  12. agree one some of the issues though not with the voice. i think the voice is a story based thing, not for some big epic boss. the way i view the orb mothers are robots with the ability to comprehend speech but they speak differently, using phrases with voices they hear from something else. what do you think a robot with advance AI would sound like if it was what exploiter is a harvesting machine/death machine with the ability to control other spider robots like a queen which mind you gives birth to those drones. besides exploiter seems to come off as nefs trump card for teaching solaris a lesson and exploiter comes of as a harsh mistress of a well i am not sure how to put it because i tend to have a hard time putting thoughts in words but i'ed say a harsh mistress of an orphanage would be the closest thing i could think of. the only reason i come to this though is because of zuud and her sisters was the main focus.
  13. not sure if this is happing to any other warframe but when i switched to nezha tatsu's swinging animation felt really messed up i couldn't preform threshing grain which required a pause before continue of the combo yet i wasn't able to nail it with nezha. i could do it perfect with chroma but now that i am doing it with nezha it feels clunky.
  14. yes i agree exploiter is quiet fun. in my perspective if it wasn't for ephemera's and their terrible drop chance then exploiter would be a nice fun boss to run once and a while for fun but as of right now since i want to grab those ephemeras it kind of makes me bitter of the fight.
  15. here is a little joke. what does exploiters ephemeras, stalkers ephemeras, and simaris ephemeras have in commen with a lancers pressure point? same as everything else.
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