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  1. i thought it was a leak made out of gas. anyways either it was a devious nakak looking to make it off like a bandit, or if the grineer really are just working with spare parts and whatnot with a lack of common sense. which can be either be disproved or proved by looking on the "how did they became a threat in the first place" and the " why do they still persistently fight us even when we can slaughter whole groups of them to the point it would be best if they just behaved most of the time." oh and how the heck are they able to clone and make enough grineer to replace the ones we killed?
  2. funny that this is considered vain when you have people in this community that make this look mild. complaining about content being too easy when they have a "nuke everything in sight" loadout and a "easy farm" loadout which is the main reason why DE has trouble with scaling content, because of an equal parts of them releasing too much "good stuff" and parts of players using all of those good stuff to make meta defining builds that end up breaking the games difficulty bar. people complaining about nerfs to weapons and frames whether the deserved them or not, and players complaining about minor details on a warframe skin that they don't have to use. the point here is 1. there is no way to avoid getting a cyst on your frame and it lasting the whole week. 2. the whole bit of the frame being cure from it permanently, there is no way of reapplying cyst when that frame you had eventually becomes replaced by the eventual primed variant or umbra if your excalibur. 3. this whole way of getting the helminth charger isn't fully fleshed out because it still relies on the old ask someone in chat who knows bit, which can have mixed results of them just telling them the way of permanently removing it or just giving false information. 4. this has been stagnate for 2 years and counting without any improvements or any notification of improvements. i find the cyst as a minor inconvenience now days but the reason i am getting incredibly annoyed here is people arguing against finding a easy solution to fix this issue, and causing incredibly difficult for people to have a normal discussion. and it doesn't help the developers see and understand this case if we are just so salty about it making bitter and angry comment in chat.
  3. so again just ignore this forum, and wait for someone else to come out of the woodworks to make another thread about this within a year or 2. it is almost guaranteed to happen whether or not someone makes another video about the cyst. i tried to calmly ask questions and most of all that i got was snarky remarks. even if my thread had issues they could at least pointed them out or something rather then rip into it because they just want to rip into it whether it concerned them or not.
  4. literally just curious about this. whether or not i seen someones video means nothing. i was just simply curious about this. there has been so many people bickering about cosmetics and appearances that it literally doesn't matter if there was a recent video or not. like i said i seen so many people bicker about appearances that anyone could come to this conclusion. well for one we got arlo the "healer" if he ends up staying as a good character he could help out on this i have seen the video but i am not crusading for omni voice.i am just asking why has it been 2 years that this content being in that no one really cared about it? it was stated that the content that had the cyst was released 2 years ago. 2 years of the cyst being the same way it has been in a game where there are people who take their frames appearances seriously. 2 years of the cyst being in a state where it could be better but there hasn't been any peep about it nor anything stating that they are working on it still. it could of had some simple way of fixing yet it was put on back shelf because why? in 2 years they couldn't afford any spare any information about this at least? while i understand that DE does not rush anything so as to not stress their developers, they could at least let us know whether or not something is in the works to solve this or not. if it wasn't for dr sahdox, some very jaded players, and you blaming omni voice then we could at least have a an nice and calm debate about this. after all i wasn't intentionally doing anything wrong. i wasn't trying to go on a outrage or anything. i was trying to have a nice and calm talk but who am i kidding we can't honestly have a nice talk about this on a forums that even requests that we do so.
  5. not sure about the sarcasm there but yeah. well i find that it wouldn't be an eyesore if the cyst could blend in with our colors but yeah it fits better on regular nidus. as for the reports i think my nidus is still relitively cyst free ever since i pop the cyst on him. though i am not sure if that was a good or bad thing.
  6. now can we have a reasonable talk about this? or are we going to still going to go on either extremes? i made this thread to ask questions about this issue so i can in fact create a better feedback. not to get into arguments with random people that jump in and try to say there is already something to solve this issue even if a new way to solve it could be created to smooth out the experience for everyone and act like it is unreasonable to ask for questions to solve the issue.
  7. i know the answer for the reason why you are still arguing with this ridiculous debate. your are just arguing because you want to be right, you want to complain about somebody that is complaining about something for the sake of complaining, and you hate any form of change even when it doesn't effect you. and this debate isn't about who is right or not it is just about why this is a thing still this way when it conflicts with some peoples enjoyment. i mean this is just a visual issue that some people have problems with, so why stubbornly argue against this change suggestion even with the change will barely effect you if at all?
  8. because you aren't them and you can't see the full issue of their situation. it is because the issue doesn't involve you means you don't care about the situation yourself. so if you don't have a problem with it or understand a person that has the problem with it, then why come into the a forum like this when it doesn't involve you? again like you said "this is just a visual thing" so why not let people that have an issue with the "visual" issue talk about and figure out ways to fix it? it doesn't effect you if it is either changed or not. so why post anything in this forum if it doesn't bother you either way? i am just asked these questions to at least get an answer out of this. and since you aren't having the answers that helps answer them then i am asking you why are you in this forum.
  9. yes it is not that bad to wait a few days. but do we really need to wait those days to remove something that some if not most of the players react to like a teenager does to a huge zit on their face on picture day? especially when there could be an easy fix that could happen around the same day you get it? heck if arlo is as kind and as nice of a healer that the game wants us to believe him as then maybe he could help us with our cyst problem? then all they need to do is find a way to reclaim a cyst on a frame that you really don't care if it has as much. heck i wouldn't mind it if they cyst was color able because then i would keep it on my nidus, the only thing i would hope for if is if the cyst could have a alt skin to match nidus' deluxe.
  10. heck there are people complaining that chroma's dynasty skin has a lobster tail waist cape. so yes, the cyst doesn't effect the frames directly. but it effects the game enjoyment for some, not matter how ridiculous it seems.
  11. yes visual. and if you looked closely to the game a lot of people are focused on visuals, with half of warframes selling being around visuals. there is several players i see in the chat in game bickering back and forth about which warframe, and which warframe skins look the best, and we have constant people talking about the attractiveness of the frames. some people complaining vermilion ember deluxe looks like kfc chicken, people praising the tennogen skins. and what not.
  12. ok this has probably is the beating a dead horse thing at this moment, but i just saw someone making a video on it and now i think about it. why was the cyst even created? why does it have only 1 set of color so we can't even disguise it? why do we have to wait for 7 days to enjoy playing our frames if we the players have issues with this? why can't we hide it? why was it created when one of the MAIN focuses of this game is to kill several hundereds of enemies while focusing most of your sales on new weapons, new frames, skins, color pallets and fashion for said warframes? it feels like one of those really bad speed bumps or pot holes of the game that when you hit it when playing the video game it either slows the flow really slow or halts it for some. plus for content creators it really messes up with their schedules. especially if they're the kind that pays attention to every detail. considering that this is a mmo and the fact that we bounce around like mix of flubber and pinballs bouncing all over the place in a mission it is kind of hard to avoid it especially when it forces you to stop playing a massive multiplayer online game like a massive multiplayer online game and makes it feel like your just playing a solo game if your too bothered by the cyst. and while i am the kind of person that just prefers to keep to myself and half the time i enjoy playing the game solo myself while sometimes jumping into public and any other group doing a mission, i do understand that this doesn't make sense. especially with the focus on cosmetics for the market place. and the very very very slow crafting countdown for warframes to the point you have to wait 3 days for the frame to build (not counting the farming time), and 7 days for the cyst to mature so we can remove it. so thats about 10+ days including a mix of forma and the farming time to fully enjoy the frame that we want to enjoy. are we able to wait for it? yes. do we have enough options to keep us busy? yes. do really need to have lots of wait time stacked up in order to fully enjoy a frame? no not really. so again why hasn't there been at least a small fix to this issue that several of warframe's players to solve this issue, and to allow us to enjoy helminth chargers at the same time?
  13. well this is just a joke idea concept for a gauss augment for his 4th ability since we got to see it in devstream. and it is basically a back to the future reference that when achives max speeds he does the next thing to being sort of similar to time travel. removes status' on allies and heals allies the only downside is that it uses up all of gauss speed, and gauss has to recover before doing it again. note this is a joke augment concept. if someone thinks that they like something similar to this they could probably make a more reasonable idea.
  14. ok anyone finding an issue with DE leaving out any tweaks or necessary parts that seemed like very necessary involving the frames that have a exalted melee weapon that ends up effected negatively vastly like lets say valkyr's hysteria? honestly i am getting slightly annoyed with this issue of melee feeling like an unfinished puzzle. and slightly annoyed with the gunplay mechanic, and the passive blocking. especially when passive blocking severely skewers some of the melees weapons effects like lets say charge attacks with gunblades. and anything that has to do with charge attacks currently. i mean if they had to include a patch on a augment that already feels moot especially with the melee 3.0 in the far soon'ish future.
  15. that too. but i really didn't care about that. i was more focused on asking about this because those wings chroma has on him is being wasted on a near useless 4th ability called effigy. half the time i feel effigy is more useless the spectral scream. because at least you can choose what ever you want to light up with what ever status element you have. plus that creddit boost that effigy has is practically pointless since we have other means to get lots of credits in a relatively short time.
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