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  1. dont for that ephemera. players will abort for that if it doesn't show up. had many times where a run was ruined because of a host leaving because he didn't get that "precious" ephemera.
  2. besides the time between sentient ships are long enough that even if you give it a 10% or 25% drop chance even it still won't let you farm it and get it in 30 minutes. without drop chance boosters ps maybe that 25% chance thing might be an overstatement. but still 10% still hardly dents how long you will take to get 1 part from the sentient ship to drop.
  3. ok. good point i can understand how i looked there. but with someone that keeps on saying stuff like and it is very hard for me to think of a reasonable argument if someone keeps on antagonizing me because i prefer to play other frames, and hate to be forced to play other frames to boost a trivial drop percent that should of been improved at least to compensate for the time gating thats already implemented into the dang thing after mind you that they dangled the shedu infront of our dang faces for what feels like years of hype and wait for what ends up with the most annoying way of grinding for something which mind you there are video games with better ways of earning weapons then this, while being in the same farm and grind this one thing till you have enough to build that department.
  4. why should i care about their point of they are not caring about my point in the beginning? my argument is because i can't both accurately join a mission with a sentient ship on it because i am busy playing other games i would like to play so i am not going stir crazy playing on game over and over again and arguing with players that i have trouble easy eye to eye because i feel like they are not caring about my points or they aren't seeing mine. seriously trying to make constructive feedback is a pain in the neck if people are just going to do they "why don't you do this" or "i didn't find it that much trouble" rather then focus on the "oh hey, that could do with a little bit of tweaking" or what not. i did not ask for help i am just trying to point out something that needs worked on. i am sorry if talking to me in this state is a bother to anyone but when i see something that bothers me i want it to get it done and over with and not be prolonged till the next dang 2 years. i am sorry if this is some unreasonable thing to ask but the more i argue with someone about this the more and more likely i'll have a mental breakdown because i feel like i am going no where with an arguement.
  5. this is a video game. not a construction job. and i am not sure if you understand because i said i wanted to earn it. not gamble for it.
  6. see here. things like nekros i just see as crutches vindicate the drop chances being so low. so when i am told to "just use these frames" i get horribly annoyed because i hate those crutch frames.
  7. seriously. why is it so hard for anyone to understand that i want to feel like i am able to work for a weapon like the shedu. the weapon doesn't feel like i am progressing at all the way i prefer to play. when i feel like playing inaros or any other frame i prefer to play on my own terms not the terms of the video game. and drop rates are not a good enough reason to play some other frame anyways in my book.
  8. because the game mode needs to be improved on. the game can not be improved on if we are just looking for roundabout ways to get something. DE will not learn that the game mode needs to be worked on if we keep having to walk around those issues. this is specificlly why i hate the mind set of "just use this so and so frame." i hate those frames because i feel like those frames are just walking excuses for keeping the drop rate at terrible levels.
  9. well i am still not be taking any looter frames because it encourages DE to keep the drop rate at that 4%.
  10. its because of the tenebrous is an aditional pain in hek to deal with on top of all the annoyances i have to deal with. because everyone just aborts when they don't see either of them.
  11. no amount of justification is going to change my mind on the fact it the way of acquiring this weapon needs worked because it requires a dang 3rd party websight for you to catch these sentient ships on time. its just terrible gameplay. on top of the way i am now told is a 1% to 0.1% which is why this is quickly becoming a pet pev of mine. a great minority of weapons can be acquired without this level of time padding and scarcity, to the point where any bonus of this weapon are out weighted by the negatives.
  12. so far with the pace i play warframe with its not necessary difficulty to obtain but its not possible to acquire because the sentient ship only spawns in 2 hours and 30'ish minutes intervals and only stays there for 30ish minutes. now tell me why is there a very very very low drop chance for something thats already time gated to hek and back? sure i don't care if it had 1 of those specific criteria but to have all those and on top of the fact that the game mode is buggy is not that fun. on top of that because they way it is aquired and its involvement in requiring you to jump through unnecessary hoops in order to get it just kills the fun because if you haven't been paying attention because you have made shedu and that ephemera so difficult to acquire when i do join a public instance that has the sentient ship the entire squad just leaves the mission if one of those dang items don't spawn. an honest opinion would be just to have at least 1 of the shedu part drop per sentient ship if your just going to do the whole sentient ship only spawns on these time constraints with only a certain ammount of time. and possibly have that ship stay on the mission node till the mission is finished, or have the sentient ship move between earth, Saturn, or the veil where it is still in circulation. all of this time gating and terrible rng doesn't make the weapon any more better, it just makes the weapon disappointing when you acquire it in my view of it.
  13. fair point. i am still playing warframe just not really enjoying railjack. i am not going to leave warframe because of railjack not being up to snuff. i said my endgame was patience it doesn't mean i am necessary good at it.
  14. my end game is patience and so far despite me blowing my top a few times i have stayed with this game despite its ups and downs. might not be as long as some vets have been but i have stayed in this game because its nice to blow off steam once and a while just mindlessly slaughtering factions. well because i can just turn my brain off and focus on the task at hand. not worrying about difficulty nor worrying about any stress. though i do have to say railjack has been driving me up and down walls because of the bugs, the drop rates, the heat capacity of certain weapons, the shedu farm, the sentient ship only spawning at certain times, host migrations, an almost nearly limitless list of problems. i may still be playing warframe but each time i play railjack i end up really not liking railjack because of the issues with it.
  15. honestly the stats are less then desired. and it doesn't really help when there is someone stirring up trouble. if there is even a slight chance of an mk3 being worse the and mk1 it still needs to be checked. if the key stats that people are more concerned with on a mk3 get lower then a mk1 then it is considered less then the mk1. look everyone in this game should know that most of the player base is obsessed with making their builds more and more efficient. if an mk3 has even a single possibility of not being really better then an mk1 even if it is blow out of proportion, which mind you i doubt its heavily blow out of proportion because this is bassiclly a brand new game play that gots some considerably hefty amount of date that pretty much no human can solve with the giving time. there is bound to be details and things that have issues. and yes i am pretty sure there has been plenty of people complaining about rivens, and maybe kuva liches.
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