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  1. disregard the energy color persisting on other fashion slots. i temporarily forgot that frame's color is shared with exalted stuff. but still the shadow is not taking the secondary energy color of sevagoth and someone has pointed out that the emissive might be bugged in the same way too.
  2. ok so sorry if this is fixed or not but i remember having issue with sevagoth's shadow not showing the second energy color on my charcter and now any time i hit (copy warframe colors) the primary color is the only thing that is copied down and then the cape stays that bright yellow istead of having that orange color. sorry if this is an old picture but the issue has presist sisce the last time i logged in so i was just checking. ps i don't know if this helps but last time i checked some of my fashion slots for sevagoth's shadow are now stuck with that bright yellow on the cape.
  3. ok. question i forma'ed sevagoth and sevagoths's shadow, do i need to forma the shadow's claws as well to allow for the shadow to have sevagoth's secondary energy color? https://imgur.com/dpgRhne https://imgur.com/4OOB7LM also am i doing this right?
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