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Console UI: The Elephant with a Cursor


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So it's been months now since console players had a Mouse and Keyboard style UI shoved down our throats.  The change was met with great resistance, and was generally hated.  Most of us HAVE adapted by now, but regardless of any speed settings, navigating the menus, for better or worse, is still slower than pre-UI update.  That's not to mention we still have a slew of UI bugs as a result.

But there's one thing about this that ticks me off something rotten - I can't remember which dev it was, but during one of the devstreams when addressing the backlash we were told one of the main reasons for this UI update was to close the gap between PC and console updates.  This has been demonstrably untrue.  Nothing has changed.  The waits are still long and clearly the UI did nothing to expedite the process..  It feels like we were lied to so we'd shut up about the horrible change.  

So months later I'm left wondering.... why do we have to suffer through this UI if the gap isn't being closed?  Could we not have our actual console UI back?  Are the gaps ever going to get closed?  Hell I'd be happy to see a week decrease in wait time but we haven't seen that.  

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Yeah it's been how long since Fortuna and we haven't gotten any kind of update about it's console release, yet they're already talking about Fortuna 2.0 or something for PC. Even the 'infinite' gear wheel was a pointless addition tbh because there's nothing much to put in it that we'll use regularly anyway.

As for the UI I have my speed almost at max which doesn't help much because the damn cursor disappears randomly forcing me to open and close a few random screens until it reappears, idk what triggers this so I didn't bother posting in the bug report section since it'll most likely be ignored

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