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  1. I’ve seen de respond to stuff in general feedback before,so they do read it.
  2. I tried to warn people about this sigil before,it’s a serious waste of money. I’m sorry that you got taken
  3. The motorcycle I built in my ship.
  4. They should have waited until it was ready before they released it. I think they made a poor decision
  5. Believe me, I know how they operate. I wish they were better than this
  6. I guess that short term money increase will always win out over quality
  7. Seems like a screwy way of doing business, releasing something that you know is not ready to be released. Especially after working on it for so long. Bizarre way to operate
  8. I wonder why Sony would keep passing something that is so obviously bug filled And why does De submit something that they knew was bugged. Doesn’t make any sense I wonder why the cert process is even there if they keep passing broken stuff
  9. This has been a problem since the beginning. They know that it’s a problem. They don’t care that it’s a problem or they would have fixed it long ago. We have to cut them some slack because they are working on the game breaking stuff , like blink and important stuff like that
  10. I did too. I bought every prime access pack and every prime accessory packs up until sayran prime. Then I realized that I couldn’t trust them. Everything that I bought kept getting changed,and not for the better The bad thing is that I liked spending my money with them, but there has to be a trust there that they are not selling us broken stuff,that’s not the case. It seems like everything that is released is broken so they will get none of my hard earned money till they get their act together
  11. You said it all. They don’t respect our time or money that we put into this game. So I quit giving them my money
  12. Yes Too bad we can’t get stuff based on skill. Rng is pretty stupid way to earn things
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