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  1. It seems rare that they make things better, they have a pattern of breaking things that weren’t broken and not fixing things that are broken
  2. Maybe doing it faster now so we don’t get as attached to things
  3. First rule of warframe is don’t get attached to anything. They will destroy everything. Don’t spend money on anything because nothing stays the same as what you paid for.
  4. This is the de way. I’ve lost count of how often they do this
  5. Loki is easy to get. I’m sure someone will miss you if you leave
  6. I have 150 loaded statues decorating my ship. Another 400 in storage. Yes take them out of please. It’s seems like the only thing that drops there. It’s a running joke in my clan
  7. Which is why they are not implementing it
  8. Warframe is all I’ve played for 7 years , almost 5000 hours. No break. No burnout. I just get sick and tired of them changing my stuff but that’s my ocd I guess
  9. This post is why we can’t have good things stay in the game
  10. This is the way they have always been. It sucks that they feel like they have to screw everything up that is fun
  11. Believe what you want but I’ve seen some of them make remarks to some threads in here
  12. Yes they do. I’ve seen them answer and remark on several things from general discussion
  13. Trust. I want to be able to trust de. I don’t like putting time and effort into something, getting it how I like it,then having them come along saying they screwed that up it has to be changed. Near as I can tell they screw up everything. I lost all trust in them
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