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  1. Ours are fully Modded up and we are tearing it up on Venus With the flying mod on I can fly mine from the fire pit all the way to extraction gate on earth. They do a lot of damage with the mauslom
  2. Your reply doesn’t even make sense. This has been a problem for so long it’s ridiculous. It’s like they don’t even care enough to even try to fix this problem
  3. I have a motorcycle sitting in my ship. Every person that has seen it says that de should put it in the game
  4. My wife and her elder sister that she cares for got it. Her sister died the 8th day that she had it and I thought that my wife might die too,but she pulled through. She is still suffering from the effects from it. People need to take it more seriously than they do,it’s a killer
  5. Here we go again with the Warframe is dying. How many times has this been said over the years
  6. I use Loki a lot and consider him perfect. Please leave him alone. I switched to him after they kept screwing up the other frames I thought that he would be safe from their meddling
  7. And they say that De don’t read the general discussion
  8. You know that you don’t pay for it. But people paid for good rivins for it. I try to never give them money anymore
  9. They put out good things as money grabs and then nerf them into the ground to get ready for the next money grab. The way it has always been
  10. They have been this way for a long time
  11. Yes they really screwed up the archwings for PlayStation. Jesus,will they ever get anything right before they release it
  12. Me and you seem to disagree on a lot of things that we agree on. You just have a different way of verbalizing them
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