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  1. They want you to spend money,kind of like the rng is set up in a way to frustrate you so bad that you break down and buy what you are after
  2. I am legendary 1 so it’s too late to not care for mastery rank and I do jam to music when I play, I just had a moment and had to vent,I will be fine until the next farm
  3. I got her quick when she came out also. Maybe that’s why I’m suffering now.
  4. I thought that I had better take a short break tonight before I stomp my controller into pieces and throw my console through my tv. What has me so upset you ask,here I will tell you . I am trying to put each Warframe into my Helminth so I thought that I would do a little farming. Tonight’s victim is Equinox,nice easy quick runs,right. Well here is the breakdown so far. 5 day aspects, 7 day chassis,5 day neuroptics,9 day systems,6 night chassis’s,6 night neuroptics,and 10 night systems aaaarrrrrggghhhh!!!!!! I remember now why farming sucks. I keep one of everything in the game but thanks to the suckbutt rng of this game I am fixing to blow that rule out ,so goodbye my regular Equinox rng has done you in. All because apparently DE has ran out of the night aspects to hand out.DE if you read this, make some more night aspects,or don’t be so chintzy handing them out. Now I had better go find myself a Valium and calm down so can get back to the game .
  5. I hit mastery rank legendary 1 and not impressed with the prizes
  6. Yea this is the way that they have always treated us. They say they have to do this to fix broken things,so pretty much everything they release is broken. This is why I have lost trust in de. I think they put out strong stuff just to make a fast dollar then nerf it into the ground to make a fast dollar on the next batch. Too bad that they can’t release something and then stand behind what they release. Feels very scammy to me every time they pull this crap
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