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  1. Loki with 36 second invisibility and hushed mod never fails
  2. That’s on you. Put a radar mod on your sentinel
  3. My fellow warlord in my clan is a retired Vice President of Wells Fargo. He is close to 70. I’m 53
  4. De has always taken fun things that people work to get powerful and destroy them. It’s the warframe way and to be expected
  5. In my opinion just another stupidly thought out and poorly designed warframe that is ranked up and put away never to be used again
  6. More thought put into some of the things that get released with no thought
  7. It sucked when they changed it and it still sucks now. Still haven’t gotten used to it
  8. I agree that they should fix a lot of the half finished stuff that they start but never get back to
  9. Crosses promote the Christian cults so a pentagram that promotes the satanic cults should be no different
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