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  1. Crap lenses after crap lenses statue more crap lenses
  2. Do they nerf your stuff on anthem
  3. They would just nerf them
  4. Welcome to aggravationframe
  5. The bad thing is that when you finily get what you want on a card and then they nerf it down like they did on my similar card after9 rolls. No kuva back. Just wasted time. Ridiculous
  6. I finally got some good rolls for my synoid similar and de came back and nerfed it down. What a joke it has turned into. I feel you op. Why nerf a card . It just seems stupid
  7. It seems like de try's to drive people away
  8. How great would that be for one day to have my God Saran or my God nova back it would be beautiful
  9. You should not buy anything in this game until they get done nerfing and buffing everything
  10. I feel you op. They have many bugs on my end too ,the latest for me is not letting me pick second sortie battle. Keeps telling me that I have to complete first battle that I've already completed. I know it can't be anything on their end causing this
  11. That was when I was at work dammit
  12. Did they stop putting the Kavet scans on alerts. Seems like it's been awhile since I saw one
  13. What's wrong with rednecks
  14. They do not foresee a lot of things therefore tons of nerfs and buffs that is too bad
  15. Well people sniveled over nova and they sniveled over Saren and they sniveled over Mirage now I guess that limbo is the snivel of the week