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  1. I glad that I ran all the old alerts for them. I’m only sitting on 322 of them but I can see how this is the better way
  2. I’m sorry to hear that another long time player is leaving I hope that you find a suitable replacement
  3. Scary clowns that play scary music
  4. I also like the heretic anthem
  5. I’m sitting on 155 forma what are you trying to say
  6. They love to sit around and come up with things that irks the heck out of us
  7. It seems like like they don’t listen at all or they just don’t care
  8. It will. It took us 27 runs to get it to drop. It is so ugly it’s not worth the effort
  9. Something in Warframe not working right,that doesn’t sound right to me
  10. After years of people complaining about this and De not addressing it it is clear that they do not care at all that this happens. It is much more important to work on the Itzel problem. It’s nice to see that they have their priorities right
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