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  1. Well I have 3400 hours of playtime l own every single thing there is in the game I have every single thing there is upgraded to the max I ranked 23 nothing left for me to do but kill stuff I go through that hard planets it's just as easy as I go through the easy planets
  2. Nerfs don't make me play the game a lot more. Quite the opposite. They tend to steal my happiness away
  3. I like playing with overpowered stuff. Not boring at all for me
  4. Maybe they want us to run around and try to tickle things to death
  5. It seems that nobody will ever be happy since de has trouble getting anything right. Seems like major failure on their side
  6. Those changes meant nothing to me
  7. They should test it and balance it before they release it
  8. I agree with everything you said dragon
  9. I have lost all trust in de. They should stand behind what they release
  10. I agree 100 percent with you dragon. I like using meta stuff, the more powerful the better
  11. I just play with friends and clan members problems solved
  12. I guess you are right
  13. I know that they will I've been playing this game since the very beginning I just don't like it it's getting old The constant changing
  14. I have used the majority of the weapons in the game, it comes down to what you like to use than being forced to change. I hate the forced change
  15. I would like them to get it right before they release it so they would not have to come back and buff or nerf anything. Why is that so hard to accomplish