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  1. (PS4)chubbslawson


    I can see it already,we do all of this work and then they come back and say, oh we think that’s broken and nerf it all
  2. (PS4)chubbslawson

    Seal of approval

    I must admit,I’m liking saryn
  3. (PS4)chubbslawson

    R.I.P Excalibur.

    He shall be nerfed
  4. (PS4)chubbslawson

    Why warframe

    That’s what they do best though,fix stuff that’s not broken
  5. (PS4)chubbslawson

    DE, your development process needs a rework.

    I understand what you are saying blade and I agree with you
  6. (PS4)chubbslawson

    Thank you trolls

    They could take limbo out of the game and I would be happy
  7. (PS4)chubbslawson

    Obligatory click bait

    Everything I have is op
  8. (PS4)chubbslawson

    I am sad

    Monkey, I’m truly not pushing anything now,just sad. Thanks zareek
  9. (PS4)chubbslawson

    I am sad

    The son and 2 grandsons deleted the game over the new changes. It’s not the same without them in the clan. Why de
  10. (PS4)chubbslawson

    Did the Rivens just dry up in Sorties?

    I’m maxed out it 90 of them right now got 18 of them left unlocked
  11. (PS4)chubbslawson

    Love Patient Understanding

    I’ve played this game for 3700 hours if that’s not love for a game I don’t know what is so when they start trying to screw the game up I will be one of the first to let them know
  12. (PS4)chubbslawson

    Unfinished Game Mechanics

    It is the warframe way, start stuff that never gets completed, destroy things that aren’t broken, don’t fix the things that need fixing. I don’t understand why
  13. (PS4)chubbslawson

    So I came back after nearly 3month off

    You should have stayed away, it’s not the same game anymore bro
  14. (PS4)chubbslawson

    WTH have you done to Zenistar?

    Maybe they should rename their self broken frame