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  1. I have been here since the beginning so I will not be retiring I will just meta something else up iand the Nerf cryers will continue
  2. I'm not salty I'm just resigned to the fact that this game will never be as fun as it once was
  3. A cure for all the nerfing frustration Make all the guns shoot soap bubbles as they are flowing by the enemy we can blow them up the soapWill blind them then we can run up and tickled him to death we can rename your game to my pink pony war frame
  4. I too was once a newb. Running with the ops made me want to figure out to be the same
  5. Back in the day before the culture of nerfing and destroying our builds,I would have bought every single item that was just released to us. Now that I have lost faith and trust l don't buy anything any more. I miss the good ole days.
  6. After getting 7 statues in a row I got my third legendary core yesterday
  7. 7 sorties in a row,7 statues in a row. 23 radiated runs for Helios cerebrum still nothing. Come on GOD OF WAR
  8. It's just the principle of it now, why waste time on it if they are just going to destroy what you have put into it
  9. Thanks for informing me, now I'm off to sell all 20 of my rivens
  10. Been here since the beginning,just starting to get fed up
  11. I have no tears only anger that they destroy all my good stuff. Balance before release
  12. Auto spell I would guess,sorry I didn't catch that
  13. Is is just the fact that I can't trust them anymore. Make the stuff to where they want it before they release to us, then release it. Seems like a simple concept
  14. Why do they keep destroying my stuff
  15. I don't understand