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  1. (PS4)chubbslawson

    What happened to my post

    I don’t know what a meta complaint is, but that was it
  2. (PS4)chubbslawson

    What happened to my post

    I’m a life long mason. People skills and their feelings are not my strong suit
  3. (PS4)chubbslawson

    What happened to my post

    I’m civil too, we each have our own way of expressing our selves l guess. I’m sorry that my way doesn’t work for you,but oh well
  4. (PS4)chubbslawson

    What happened to my post

    We can’t all suck up to de
  5. (PS4)chubbslawson

    What happened to my post

    You don’t know me
  6. (PS4)chubbslawson

    What happened to my post

    Just wondering what happened to my Never Again post
  7. (PS4)chubbslawson

    Time to BALANCE Warframe! (May Trigger Players)

    I don’t think that they should ever nerf anything. Make the enemies stronger, and smarter
  8. (PS4)chubbslawson

    DE can we have the Ninja sword now?

    Boy op you really got some people worked up in here asking for a simple sword I better not ask for a light saber or they would really blow a gasket
  9. (PS4)chubbslawson

    Map Clearing Frames in PUBs

    When I play with clan members we play as a team. When I play with randoms it seems as if they are in it for them selves so that is how I treat it. I will take all their kills if they aren’t good enough to take them first. To the strong go the spoils of war
  10. (PS4)chubbslawson

    Easiest faction to figth against?

    I think the infested, and I never get tired of killing them
  11. (PS4)chubbslawson

    Reduce the cost of Bundles If we already own part of it.

    You would think that this would already be a thing
  12. I haven’t used health or shield mods for years and I rarely go down
  13. (PS4)chubbslawson

    Is Loki in a not so good position rigth now?

    We’re not afraid of change, they change just about everything ,but some things don’t need to be changed
  14. (PS4)chubbslawson

    Is Loki in a not so good position rigth now?

    I like using him in arbitration survival