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  1. Primes Should not be Side-grades

    The better the weapons the faster they nerf them
  2. RNG in Sorties

    I have gotten 2 legendary cores out of it ,but I get the stupid statues mostly
  3. Please nerf or remove Ember already...

    Please nerf the nerf cryers
  4. So this trade just gave me heart burn.

    Just goes to show there is a sucker born every minute
  5. Why is Murkray rare?

    My buddy showed me the hot spot , he tossed out a couple of baits caught 9 of them. I sat there with dye on the whole time, used all 20 baits never spawned 1 single time. What a joke
  6. The Anasa Sculptures Drop Far Too Much

    I agree
  7. Ocean fish spawns nerfed?

    Why do we even have to fish in our game of mass murder
  8. Why did you guys screw up the focus trees

    I still think they suck
  9. Why did you guys screw up the focus trees

    I agree white matter
  10. I don’t like the lotus talking to me I don’t like the operators talking to me as a matter fact I keep them all turned down so I don’t even have to hear their voices
  11. Can’t you ever put something out and then leave it be? At least you gave us our lens and points back, but I will not waste time messing with them again
  12. Fix Lephantis glitch

    Happened to me too, what a waste of time