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  1. @DE devs, why many hate the Operators (and how to fix it)

    Opie I knew as soon as I read that you did not like something and wanted to change that you were going to get bashed but I agree with you I can’t stand him either
  2. I understand what you’re trying to say troll you just have to remember that no matter what you say in the forums somebody will argue with you about it so take it with a grain of salt
  3. They will probably change this now that you’ve put it out in the open
  4. Im new? What should i know about this game?

    Do not spend real money on Warframe’s and weapons because they will change them on you
  5. What are your reason to play solo?

    One word. Limbos
  6. Something to know for the Stalker

    If you want the war blueprint to drop go buy it first and then it will drop for you left and right
  7. Embers nerf...

    Aren’t we used to getting the middle finger from them by now
  8. Do y'all get mad when a Mesa steals all the kills?

    Mesas steals nothing from me
  9. The relic system is not working

    And anger inducing
  10. Why do they do it

    I guess being called still in beta is a good excuse to keep releasing broken things
  11. The relic system is not working

    I liked the keys better, the relic system sucks. We recently went in with 4 radiants and got offered 4 forma, wtf
  12. Why do they do it

    I was reading about nerfs and someone said that the reason de does them is to fix something that is broken. My question is, why does de release so much broken stuff
  13. Why do you destroy Warframe DE?

    OP you are not alone I feel the same way I played every single day since the beginning and I always feel betrayed when they destroy something I use that’s why I don’t spend no more money with them
  14. You can have more than 60 rivens because I’m sitting on 74 right now
  15. Why do you destroy Warframe DE?

    They have to know when they release something that it is overpowering. I think they do it on purpose