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  1. This is the way my whole clan feels, the bad thing is that I liked giving them money to help support them but you can only be robbed of your time and effort so many times .
  2. At this point in time I get the feeling that they don’t care about player retention
  3. They know all the tricks to keep the grind going don’t they
  4. I use Loki. They never touch me. I can’t say that it’s fun though
  5. What about continually putting out over powered stuff then coming back sometimes years later saying our bad that wasn’t supposed to be like that
  6. Early in my career I made mistakes,but I paid attention. I learned what works and what didn’t work. De doesn’t seem to learn from their mistakes as they keep making them over and over again
  7. I wonder why De works so hard to destroy our trust and faith in them. Always changing and destroying what we put time and energy into. You would think that they would learn to do due diligence on what they put out. If I ran my company the way they do I would soon be out of business. They should stand behind what they put out. Just my opinion
  8. I can see that it was a mistake to give away all of my extras to clan members over the years that DE let this mistake linger. When will I ever learn that they are not to be trusted
  9. I built my rail jack when it first came out. I still haven’t taken it out of dry dock. I ran a few runs on my buddies ship and thought that it was exceedingly boring I might never take mine out on principle alone
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