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K-drives controls and trick system feels very bugged


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First let me say its day 1 fortuna on console its expected to have bugs (and fixes).

Now the topic at hand may or may not be a bug, but rather something that I feel is wrong with k-drive mechanics; still  I would like to share he issues I expirience with k-drive so far or rather what doesn't feel right compared to the pc build:

*I must tell Im playing with a brand new dualshock which doesnt present any problems*

1) I don't if this is intended but turning on land its super tight and unresponsive to stick inputs

2) the air controls cant decide if they are too tigh or to loose because in some instances I would turn super slowly while on the air, just to jump again and suddenly, with the same input, do a full 90 turn mid air chaging my direction to an unitended path.

3) Because of what I have written above this also screws trick combos and landings; for example while in the air making a copper turn to the rigth while the straight travel path is unaffected and the doing the same input but to the left just to be thrown out of the desire path. Its also just worth notocing that performing a trick may disable your ability to turn al entirely.

4)  Finally the trick system is registering diferent tricks as the same, giving the copykavat multiplier



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2-3 yea once we are in air we shouldnt be able to turn.  Basicly we can never do backflips or tailgrabs.

Landing on rails is super frustrating.  When we enter grind mode our K drive should be pulled to nearest rail.

Jumping is very frustrating/unresponsive.  We can only charge our jump while on the ground?  We shoould be able to charge again as soon as we release the first time.  Also sometimes prob cuz of that first issue but ill be trying to charge for a jump and i go over a small terrain changel/hill and i release and nothing happens. (I prob just started charge tio early)

Going over vertical surfaces i can see crashing us or making us stop,  but coming to a screeching halt trying to go up a 45 degree incline?  No way.  (aka mountains)

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