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Can I run this game decently? (fortuna counts)


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I'd say no, at least in the new open world maps or sanctuary onslaught. There are also instances when the FPS drops a lot even with a good GPU when there are many enemies spawning. I'd say the FPS would be pretty low all around too but you could try.

System requirements analysis:


EDIT: I guess low settings might be "fine" if you're okay with sub 60 FPS. The system requirements really haven't been adjusted to the newest stuff, though.

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Some vids on youtube of that CPU with its on board GPU playing Warframe.  But, they are two years old.  The game has become a bit harder to run since then, esp on Cetus and Fortuna.   I would say it will play it.  But likely will need to turn settings down to keep 30 fps.  As to running it at 1440p, I doubt it.   You can always try though.   Set it up as high as possible and then start turning stuff down until its playable.

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